Happy April!

So because most of the country is still having super ugly weather...and I am now somewhat convinced I am allergic to either milk or flour...I thought I would share some pretty stuff we can look at and it will either
A. warm you up
B. brighten your day or
C. make us all hungry (and I wonder why I am not 120 lbs)

First there are these...yum

and now these because I used to make tutus and people still ask me for them...(tulle and I don't mix...we fight too much) so here ya go because the photo is super cute and the price is fab!

And now these...because I love glitter and I love Martha Stewart...and Martha loves glitter! But this just reminded me that she has not come out with her Martha Stewart kids magazine in a long time...hmmmm...this is quite disturbing to me...I love that magazine!

1 comment:

Emom said...

Sparkly!Silly!Sissy-girl FUN!!!!
Love that!
and those bunnies would never survive in my house!
Thank you!