Halloween 2009 done...sigh.

Words cannot express how tired I am. Apparently a couple weeks ago I made the mistake of telling my children I would make them their costumes. This was not my first plan. My first plan was to buy this cute cupcake fairy costume...which I had...and then got a notice that it would not be shipping until Oct 28th. What???? Who does that? (I see that it is in stock now...great)
So I said, forget it...I will make something. Plus, my girls are old enough to appreciate it when I make them something...I think.

Needless to say, they were happy, comfortable and could twirl all night. Case closed.

My regular programing can now commence.


The Holidays are right around the corner!

So I just saw a Christmas commercial on tv. The first one of the season. It left me with two thoughts.

1. holy crap I better start shopping


2. mmmm...holiday pancakes at ihop (since it was an ihop commercial)

So according to my *calculations (*disclaimer I was terrible at math) we only have about 55 days of shopping until the big day! Yikes. If you are like me...you have 4 zillion peeps on your list and not enough time or money to adequately compensate them all for all their wonderfulness throughout the year. So. We need to get cracking if we are going to make this thing happen.

My first thought. Etsy. Why? Because I flippin adore it. So I am going to just post randomness (ya I know...that is usually how I post) when I come across something cute. BUT. I need something in return. I need ideas back from you. I need ideas for kids, sisters, mothers, aunts, uncles, dads, grandparents...I need it all. So please. Help me out!

Thank you.

Now much like Oprah...I am going to post some of my favorite finds...and that is pretty much where the the similarities between Oprah and I end. We both like "things"...oh and neither of us fit into our good jeans:)

Please keep in mind that I have not purchased any of these items yet...I just think they look real purdy on my 27 inch computer screen.

- This darling doll...I love her...she looks just like my four eyed chick

-these tea towels would be a nice gift for a teacher

-a cute tiara headband for a lil princess

-these extremely cool tattoo pillow needle point kits for the cross stitcher in your life (whom you must really love because they are not cheap)

- some beautiful
because who doesn't like bangles???

-and this farm table because...well...I love it and I got a little kooky in the wish list catagory:)

Now it's your turn. Find me some stuff!


Courtney Courtney

This is what happens when two of my favorite designers get put together for "mix up day" at school. I tell you...our Matilda Jane pieces come in handy more often then not. I love those things. AND. I love Courtney Courtney. Do you know her? Of course you do. I stalk her. Kidding. Well...not really. One has to because I swear to god, her dresses can literally sell out in 30 seconds. It is crazy. She lists 4 or 5 new ones a day and sells 4 or 5 new ones a day.

So if you don't know her...check her out and stalk her with me...however...if you will be looking for a size 6...don't bother...her size 6's suck. Terrible I tell you. You will hate them.

Ok. I was kidding. Clearly I need the size 6's...and mama doesn't need no competition! So hands off! Ahhhh whatever...whats a little friendly competition right? Good luck to ya...! I'll warn ya...I'm quick:)

This dress was a particular hit because little did I know that the bottom fabric actually has a Mickey Mouse intarsia in it...very subtle...but enough that my daughter had to show all her friends at school today.


It's that time again! Matilda Jane time...

...Sparkle Town is just around the corner. Denise should make little countdown clocks like you see at Target for Halloween...or today I saw a giant one for Christmas (did you know Christmas is only 60 days away! Ohmagawd!). Can't you just see it though. Matilda Jane count down clocks...you KNOW there would be cute little office desks all over the country proud to have those ticking away on them. So. Officially you can purchase Sparkle Town in 5 days 8 hours 32 minutes and 8 seconds. Just jokes. I have no idea what the correct time really is BUT...you CAN purchase it from my online trunk show on the 31st. So while hubby is schlepping the kids about the neighborhood in their cute little costumes...you can shop in silence...of course in between "TRICK OR TREATTTTTTTT!!!" But my trunk show ends November 2nd. So make sure you shop early. And if you are attending a trunk show sometime in November...you may still want to take a look and if there are any must haves for you...I would get them asap because you know the best pieces sell out fast.

So if you don't have a trunk keeper or a trunk show you are attending. Feel free to email or call Christy Ingle a true trunk keeper and tell her you are with Cristy Leonard's trunk show:

Christy Ingle
Matilda Jane Clothing
Western Michigan Trunk Keeper/Team Leader
616.891.5153 Home
616.481.1535 Cell

Oh ya...and how cute are those models! Look familiar? Well a couple of them should:)
Lyra Lyra strikes again and man...she blew me away on this one. The girl is amazing. I have said it before and I will say it over and over again...if you live in the AZ area...or anywhere actually, she does travel... you NEED Lyra pictures hanging in your house. Just WAIT until you see the rest of the Sparkle Town shoot. The best thing about Sparkle Town is that it all works back in with Gypsy Blue and any basics from Matilda Jane that you have already purchased. Genius.


Funny friday photo...

If you knew her you would agree that this picture pretty much sums her up. I love her:)


Thank you Bakerella but...

...I did not do your creations justice. Sorry about that. I tried though. My daughter has to go to a Halloween party tomorrow afternoon and we are supposed to bring a treat. So I thought...hmmm...I saw something cute on Bakerella (well THATS the understatement of the year huh). Is it just me, or does Bakerella accomplish what so many fabulous bloggers/experts/fairy princesses accomplish these days, and that is basically make the rest of us feel pathetic? Lol. It is AMAZING what she can do. Amazing is really the best word to describe her. Just fun and funky and amazing. Anyways. I saw that she made these little spider web cookies and I NEEDED an excuse to make them. Bingo. Halloween partay! Yay. Anyways. I cheated. I bought the Safeway brand chewy cookies. You know the ones. They are like the chewy top of a brownie? Yummmm. I just made you hungry didn't I? Don't follow my designs because they suck compared to Bakerella. If I did them myself you might think I was cool. But I didn't...it all is her brainchild. I just tried them and they were pretty easy. Of course my husband said, "you should have bought jelly flies for them...that would have been funny". Ya. Funny. That is about the time I felt like throwing a handful of cereal at him. If you would like the real instructions...check her out here. And if you want a good cry...check out Bakerella's latest engagement blogpost. Cutest. Thing. Ever.


Halloween Sale!

Ok...in case you don't have your Halloween tees or dresses yet...there is still time. Only a few sizes left...but think ahead to next year as well:) I promise to ship it out asap to make sure you get it in time for the spooky day!

Oh ya...did I mention, they are on super sale...BOOOOOOO!!!!!!


I love Erin Condren...

...and I love Lyra Lyra. So when I have the chance to mash the two together...bliss! Look at the canvases that I now get to stare at everyday! I have told Lyra a million times that these shots of my girls just make me smile. I love them. I truly truly adore them. I will cherish these forever.

Erin is my absolute favorite graphic designer. Noone does it like she does...but lots try. I have done Christmas cards with her, note cards, note pads...lots of goodies. I love them all. I am kicking myself for not doing the growth chart. I think this growth chart is the most brilliant thing ever. Seriously. How fun is it for your kids to see the height difference between themselves and Shaq! One day I will order it...and by then, my kids will probably be taller than me! Yikes. I need it though.

I got a fabulous email the other day that Erin is now selling her products through Target as well. Hellooooo...big time! How great is that? I love when mom's with a great idea and a love of design hit it big...and noone deserves it more than Erin...because noone does it like her:)



Look what I got today! How cute is this. My own personalized twitter necklace! And yes...those are diamonds in it as well...MORE FUN! Survival of the Hippest is truly my latest love. They are a funky online shop that only carries stuff for limited times...so if you love my necklace and want one of your own (your own twitter address of course...unless you want to give me free advertising then by all means...order yourself an @paperlili!) Then place your order soon. And if you click on the finch in the bottom of the homepage, you get 10% off!


Dear Santa...

So what if I am starting early...my feet (and back) are killing me. Mama needs a new pair of kicks and well...since I was thisclosetobuyingthem the other day when I actually stopped and thought about the 85 people on my xmas list...I made myself proud and held off. So I will just add them to my own list and heaven help me if Santa does not read my blog! Grrr.

item # 1. Nike Lunar Glide in plum size 9 (no laughing) please Santa....thanks big guy:)


Yay! More cuteness to share.

Thank you Emily for sending me these pics. How adorable is your little man!

I loved that shirt. I almost shed a tear when they quit making the blank for me to use. So sad. Argyle on little dudes is too cute! I am determined to find another "version" of it though.


Little Man Hudson rockin the Kapow tee

Happy Customers...keep the pictures coming! Please. I love seeing them.


Krispy Kreme...mmmmmmm

I forgot to mention that our annual trip to the pumpkin patch also includes a side trip to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on the way home:) To our dismay the Krispy Kreme's in Tennessee have fabulous Halloween-y doughnuts and ours are just...well..all summery looking...they got the job done but my disappointment was voiced...to my husband:)


The pumpkin patch

October in Phoenix does not exactly scream FALL! It actually just whispers, "omg...I can breath fresh air from the hours of midnight until 9 am". But. Since I jump the gun on any holiday. I am the one getting excited when they are putting up Christmas stuff in the stores in September. My favorite fall thing in Phoenix is Schnepf Farms. It is our pumpkin patch. Sure it takes us an hour to get there (of course, 20 minutes of that is us missing our turnoff)...but I lurrrv it. I like to go the first weekend it opens because well...I hate crowds. I like that there is a chance we will be the only ones on the roller coaster. Yup. Our pumpkin patch has a roller coaster...and train and swings...flying bumblebee ride...we got it all.

So if you live in the Phoenix area and have never been to Schnepf Farms...helloo...get thee to a pumpkin patch asap.


Oooooo....Spooky ookie

I love Halloween. My husband makes fun of me...but really...find me ONE creative mom who doesn't LOVE Halloween. Exactly. I have figured it out though. By the time Halloween rolls around it is bam...3 months of holidays. Summer is fun. Summer is easy and nice and warm and popsicle-y...but as mom's...we need a break. We need something different to do...look at...and well...who doesn't love dressing up their kid spookyish? I saw a clip for the new Halloween movie...and well...ewwww. I am not into Freakin' Scary Halloween. I am into "cute Target display" Halloween. Biiiiig difference.

Anyways. Here are a couple quick decorations my girls and I tossed up this weekend. We don't go all out decorating...but it is enough to signal hopefully a change in the weather:)

Feel free to steal my peeps crammed in a jar display. I first tried it last Easter with all the multicolored peeps available...and now...that just carried over to Halloween. Can't wait to stuff it full of red and green ones in another month or so. Good thing I hate marshmellows so they are a safe decoration in my house.


Lunchbox Magazine!

I love the internet...did you know that? lol. Lunchbox magazine is a recently launched internet magazine that is pure eye candy. I love it. I love the colors...I love it all. Click here to read it...then sign up to get it emailed to you free once a month...you too will love it.