Abbey Hill Bling Bling

So the nicest chickie ordered a shirt from my site...and in turned I had to check out her stuff because she likes the Bling. Well HELLO Abbey Hill where have you been all my life??? Actually I have seen her stuff in stores before...like oh...NORDSTROMS! Nice. Anyways...she sent me the best lunch boxes...Helly Kitty and High School Musical all blinged out...she said they were for my girls. Ya...right. She doesn't know me well enough yet to realize that there is no bigger kid in my house than me! She also sent pencil cases all swarovskied (hey I made a new word)...and well...those totally fit my sewing tools. My poor kids. HA.

Anyways...I need this bike bell..but I actually am torn between the rainbow one (because I do love rainbows) the skull one and the heart one...never the less one of them needs to go on my bike. So here are the bells...and this is my bike. Which one do I need? And yes...I totally look like the crazy witch from the Wizard of Oz when I ride my bike...but I LOVE my bike. This is my bike...the orange Daisy one...but I made a combo with the Petro Zillia white one...so I have the Petro Heart seat...the basket and the pom poms...oh ya...ya need the pom poms. You are jealous now aren't you? Its ok..my kids bikes are equally as cool. We are an Electra Bike Family.


Sneak peek time...only because its fun!

Ok...been working on these today...wonder what they are??? They will be on the site soon...!!!!

Jessica Kagan Cushman...In the Halloween Spirit

I love these bangles...LOVE them. I want the "Chanel Ripped me off" one...but I could also quite happily have an arm full of the colored ones because I do love me some colors. But this one is about perfect for Halloween...Are you a good Witch or a Bad Witch. Really it depends on the day doesn't it now?


Shannon Stewart ROCKS!

Ok...another amazing session with Shannon...I truly appreciate how she did it all in pink...with one of my pink tutu's just to match my new blog! Ha. Just jokes. She did work her magic though. Right down to the sparkly eyeshadow. How can pink not make you feel better. These Nie tees will be available through the Nie Recovery site soon I believe. Who would not want one after seeing little Mads in them? All for a good cause. We need Nie back.

Thank you Shannon for taking the pictures.

Etsy Etsy Etsy...

Ok...been a fan for a long time. Is there anything that Etsy doesn't have on it? No. I think not. So obviously I have my own site...which is primarily rhinestoney and glittery stuff. Well I have a WHOLE other side and I love to sew. Since I don't really think the "sewy" (made up word) stuff fits on my site...I now have a reason/excuse to open an etsy store. So I did it...and although I have nothing listed yet (I just opened it like an hour ago) I will have lots o stuff to put up there as well. Fun! I'm excited. As my friend Robin would say...the GOO is flowing and my ideas are pouring out of my head. Speaking of Robin...check out her stuff...it is SUPER cute.


Paperlili Mom tees in Colors now...although black is always good too!

Due to so many teachers wanting shirts for their "grade" I now have the kids tees available for those educators as well as the mom's.


What a cute idea!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a wall papered in this wallpaper?
Just to let the kids decorate it as they wish. Fun! I can only imagine what mine would draw. It would be a masterpiece I am sure.

My NEW favorites...I must have these now!

Just got the new J Crew catalog and I could honestly and quite happily own every single piece of ladies clothes as well as every piece of girls Crew Cuts. Anyways...I am loving the metallic holiday colors of everything these days...they remind me of vintage
glass Christmas ornaments. These shoes do come in a high heel...which I have next to no purpose for since I live in jeans and sweats...BUT...the ballet flats...those I could wear every day!


Everyone needs some sparkle

The Kindergarten Rocks shirt started a craze I tell ya. So we have moved from short sleeve to long sleeve. They go up to size 12. In black, white and Pink...any grade rocks...or anyTHING rocks for that matter. Much more to come this week. The ideas are pouring out at the moment. So much for streamlining and concentrating on a small amount of designs...nah...what fun is that? I like variety!

Because I needed to make cupcakes for someone!

If you know me...you know I love cupcakes...who doesn't though right? Anyways...the girls and I made these yesterday and then left them on a couple friends doorsteps to "BOOOOOOO" them. I hope they were a hit...and I am so back on the diet tomorrow. I swear.

Because I need to share these with SOMEONE!

How great are these??? Thats all.

Kids are funny...part 1

Ok...so I know everyone thinks their kids are the funniest kid ever...and when kids say something cute and funny, don't you find yourself turning around and looking to see if anyone else saw or heard how cute and funny YOUR kid is??? Even in your own house? Ha. If not...well I do. So...I often wonder why I don't write this stuff down because one day I will wish I had...like today...when I wish I had written down the past 5 years of funny...or the past 8 years for that matter. Whatever...never to late to start. So I am just gonna blog about it instead...and often times the "funny" is so random it makes no sense and that is what makes it even funnier right?

Here is one of the zillion "funnies of the day today

daughter : "mom, dad wouldn't let us listen to top 20 on 20 on the radio"

father: "thats right...those songs are not good for kids to listen to"

daughter: "but mom lets us listen to them"

me: at this point I am hiding my head...yet also fighting for my freedom and swearing up and down that I turn down the part in the Pussy Cat Dolls song about wanting Boobies when I grow up...I swear I do

father...sternly:"well mommy shouldn't let you girls listen to those songs"

daughter "ya...and also not to swim with hobos"

HUH??? Exactly...kids are funny


Girls Day Out!

So I got these amazing pics from Amy the other day. How cute. She put my shirts with her skirts and voila...pretty darn cute pics. Thank you Amy! Man I wish I was a good photographer...seriously. I need to take a class. Or read the manual on my camera. Nah...whats that gonna teach me that I don't already know! Ha

For the Love of Nie

Ok...so I whipped up a tee for the Bliss Fest that was today in Mesa. The Nie Recovery team put it up in their auction yesterday and it was totally my fault because I did not get it to them in time for it to be bid on very much. So I may have to do another one soon and put it up for auction. In the mean time...here it is...some lucky bidder got a supa bargain! Its all good though. Every dollar helps the family.


Snowflake Rock

Ok...due to peeps wanting a pink version...I now have both pink and blue Snow Flakes Rock thermals in the shop. http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif


Ok this is me...although I hate photos

Since I never post photos of myself...this is a first and probably a last...however this will put a face to a post! Plus it may get cha in the holiday spirit since we went to Schnepf Farms a couple weekends ago and it was too much fun!

More Matilda Jane

I tell ya...Matilda Jane is where it is at. It looks so great in photos (even if I take them...and I suck...) but you can't deny the colors in the Matilda Jane clothes. They scream "look at me I am the cutest kid here!"

So much to post

Ok...so I have been gone for a few days. Had to go to Canada for my nieces Christening. Had a wonderful time...also had the joy of celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving for the first time in about 15 years. Ahhh...the clear mountain air. I love it. Anyways...have lots to post...so short on words...long on pics...I think...unless I get pulled away to entertain the kids since it is still Fall break.

Here is a shot of my niece in her fabulous christening gown. Nothing like a $500 dress for a 4 month old. lol. She does look like a little doll though doesn't she?


3rd times a charm...yay...Baby Couture Mag again!

Can I even almost explain how much fun it is to just be routinely going to the mailbox to get the mail before sitting in the car pool line for half an hour only to find my favorite by monthly magazine in it. THEN...beyond the mere thought of reading something fun while sitting there waiting...but to get to page 58 and find your shirt right there...now that is FUN! Geesh. This is now the 3rd Baby Couture magazine I have been in! I had no idea. First it was the June/July issue...then the August/Sept issue...and now the I don't even know...the "Display until December" issue. THAT IS FUN! Ahh. Totally made my day. I feel like crap today because I have had a cold for 2 weeks. I have to pack for a quick trip to Canada this weekend...and I have orders coming out my ears. But let me tell you. This was the pick me up to get me through. Better than any cough medicine.


Little Posh Princess

Alright...how great is this outfit Lindsay over at Little Posh Princess put together? I love the idea of the leggings for holiday pictures. In fact maybe I should do a legging with the year on it! Hmmm...that could be cute. Anyways...if you have a girlie girl..you need to take a look at her site because she has great great items...especially if you (like myself) have an older girl. There is no reason why as soon as your daughter turns "tween" that she has to dress in...oops...I almost said it. Nope...not gonna get myself in trouble today!

Oh my god...its the Beast!

Words cannot describe how CUTE Gabe is. Here is "the beast" doin a little paperlili modeling. Do you not just want to eat him up! I am sure you are very familiar with his mom Denise...and her fantastic line of clothes Matilda Jane...if you aren't....where have you been??? Get thee to a trunk show stat! You will buy every single piece I swear to god you will.


Someone please buy this for me...please

Ok...I don't usually believe in love at first sight, unless I am speaking of my children to whom I fell for deep the second I saw them on the ultrasound...BUT...I will make one more exception...and it happened today. In the form of a photo on the back of a catalog that came in my icky little mailbox. Love. True love. Instant. I need it.
Sigh. Is there anyone that does not find a true love while cruising Anthropologie?

Now I totally apologize for the scan being on its side...I have NO idea why it is doing that as it is not like that on my actual computer...but click on the link and it will take you to a far off land of pure bliss and you will forget all about my messed up photo!

Because I promise Whitney at The Silly Wagon

I told Whitney a long time ago I would make her some aprons...and I was swamped and never got to it...but a promise is a promise and I hope she likes em. Personally I think they would be adorable worn as a top over a white tee or tank and a pair of sevens! I am gonna have to try it out on my own guinea pigs and post pictures of it later!

New take on the old number tee...

Dancing in their heads...

Paperlili Thanksgiving...shirts and headbands