Something is wrong with me...I think

am I losing my mind?
I kinda find these interesting.
Not an entire room filled with them.
But one piece?

ok...maybe the sofa is a little much

Happy New Year!

out with the old...in with the new.
10 years ago today I was pregnant with my first child.
Super easy pregnancy.  I was so excited to have a millenium baby.
Why?  This is not a joke...I was excited so that it would always be easy to remember
how old she is. Not kidding. lol.  I am thinking ahead.  For those of you young ones who cannot imagine
forgetting a date or an age or for that matter...how many years you have been married...trust me...it will all happen.  I realize I am not that old (34)  BUT...I do know that in 2067, Peyton will be 67.  Ha. 
See what a planner I am?

Here is that millenium baby now.

and her goofy sister
they look kinda grumpy in this photo...I think they were waiting for me to figure out my camera
(resolution #1...get quicker at the manual settings because people are sick of waiting for me)

a couple in color
I go back and forth...sometimes black and white just doesn't cut it for me...
then I am in a "grungy mood" and black and white is the only thing that works.

and we will finish the post off with a new shirt I just did.
Not listed on the site yet...I need to take flat pics of it...but you can order with
the Best on front and Friends on the back...or visa versa.

ok...off to New Years dinner.


ahhhh...the Beast makes everything better:)

I asked...and I received.
Denise to the rescue.
I needed a photo...and I got a great one.

If you need one of this little tees...you can find them here.

ok. This is both brilliant and sweet.

I love this.

That's all.  Just thought I would share.


Love these

A year ago or so I posted about my Chan Luu Bracelet.
I do love it.
I get so many compliments on it when I wear it.
It's pink.  Pink is good:)
It apparently is also very over priced because I have since seen some pretty
darn good copies of it...and I like them all:)

This one is pretty

I do like this green one as well.
I always like light green.
Now.  I don't know how I feel about these.
Since they clearly are "inspired" by Chan Luu...I have mixed feelings about that
since I seem to have my own growing group of knocks offs out there,
and it feels pretty crappy actually...however, these artists
all put their own spin on the design where as my collection of copycats don't seem to know how to take an idea, and make it their own...instead...they copy the font, the colors..everything.
Pretty pathetic huh.

 I will say that I have not seen any of these in person...and my Chan Luu bracelet is extremely soft leather...not stiff at all.  Plus you can also wear it as a necklace.

I may be tempted to try one of these.  We'll see.
They are pretty.


Christmas card

My friend Anat sent me a beautiful Christmas card this year.  She always does.
She has three princesses that are all stunning. 
I told her not to hold her breath waiting for mine lol.
That was not the right answer.
A minute and 30 seconds later she sent me a photo of her kitchen cupboards.
It had the last xmas card I sent still up.
It was 2 years old...possibly three.
It was cute though...all Erin Condren cute.
The guilt set in.
Enter Tiny Prints and their next day air shipping.
I made the card in literally 8 minutes...it helps when you have fabulous photos all ready to go:)

I wonder how many Holiday Cards went out this year with the kids wearing Matilda Jane?

So this was my card. 
My problem however was that I only ordered about 20 of them.
That covers about 1/3 of my Christmas card list, so basically I was a big Miss Manner's no no and emailed it to the rest.  Yikes.  How terrible, I know...but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Next year...I am thinking ahead...and my heart is going back to Erin
My other friend Lena sent me an Erin Condren card.  It solidified my true love for her designs.

Speaking of.  I need another huge canvas from her...actually...I need two more canvases.
What I really need...is a buy one get one free...yup...thats exactly what I need.

I kinda think one of these needs to be on a canvas.  Not sure why.
But I like them.


Her first time in snow

Some super fun dad in the neighborhood, dumped a truck load of snow yesterday.
We just discovered it this afternoon.
There was enough left to entertain the kids.

This is Kendall, my one and only niece.

This is Bennett...her big brother

This is Bennett's snowman

We had fun.  That is enough snow for us. 


How jealous of me are you now? lol

You see this painting?
It is hanging in my office.
I can see it from almost all angles of my home.
My sister bought it for me for Christmas.
That's right.
My sister.
Clearly she rocks.

Ainsley told me that she is the one in the pink hat with the umbrella (she LOVES umbrellas).
Apparently Peyton is the one in the purple shoes (she is the purple chick in the house).
And I am the one in the front in green.
We are three funky crafty chicks.

I love this painting more than I can express.
Hellooo...it has a rainbow umbrella!

Told you, you would be jealous:)


A little bit o Merry Christmas from our house

I hope everyone is having a nice Holiday Week.  Last minute shopping.
Lots of running around to do.
Just enjoying everything.

Just a couple pics from today.
Yes.  Even one of me:(
There are literally 8 photos of me in the universe...and you have now seen 2 of them this week.
Must mean I have nothing really to blog about lol.

I would also like to make note that these are unedited pictures...why?  Because I am terrible at editing.
I have photoshop (confusing) lightroom (too much work) and well...I am not a photographer so I seem to go right from the camera to blogging...I think it truly is because I am tired and oh so lazy...and apparently 9 and 6 year olds don't need alot of airbrushing.


Back in stock

Just in case anyone was waiting for more stock on my Glamorous and Rockstar tees...
they are back in the shop.  Up to size 12 on both. 

also...think ahead...come February...everyone will want to be an Olympian:)
Of course...the winter olympics does not inspire me as much as the summer Olympics
(hello Phelps!...speaking of...am I the only one that finds it cheesy that Abercrombie named their
cologne Phelps???)  BUT...I bet if I was a skiier...skater or actually enjoyed snow...the winter version would inspire me as well.  I did actually go to a couple events at the '88 Olympics (in Calgary) including the closing ceremonies.  It was cooooold...but it was fun.


6 more days...let the fun begin

I literally only have one order left to ship...and it was placed today.  Look at me go!
So this week I plan on

A. filling my etsy shop with some candy shirts (yes...the m&m's...if you would like a specific size in a specific candy...put it in the comments and I will make sure to list one for you:)

B.  I want to funk up a pair of converse...for myself...I found a pair I liked...they were $128...I can totally do it myself...just watch me

C. I WILL sew something...I need to...not sure what it will be.  Thats the beauty of it.

I wonder how much of that I will actually get to do.  

Today we spent a couple hours at the driving range.
Most of you probably don't know that I used to be a golf pro. 
Shocking.  I know.
I spent my childhood on the golf course.
It was a wonderful life. 
I played golf all day with my friends.
I had a very good childhood:)
I even went to a golf college.
I turned professional.
Married another golf pro.
Had a kiddiepoo.
Painted and sold kids clothes while she slept.
The rest is history.
Here she is.
She has a better swing than I did...and mine was pretty good:)  Just ask my mom.

How cute is she? 
My thighs were never that skinny.
She does not have my body...or my hair.
This is a good thing.

That's my dad in the background.  He enjoyed watching the girls
hit balls.  I hit some good shots.  He was not interested...he said my ship
had sailed lol.  Apparently he is more interested in the next generations golf
abilities.  My mom and dad are golf maniacs.

How about this little one.  She is the competitive one.  We need to reign her in a little.
She got a little carried away thinking that every shot needed to be a great one.
My dad was happy to see she was competitive. 
Since I was not...at all lol.
I don't have a competitive bone in my body.
Never did.
That's not a good thing.  I think a little competition feeds the soul.

She takes a rip at the ball.  She takes a rip at any sport.
She could be a long distance runner.
She is awesome at tennis.
She is awesome at swimming.
She is awesome.

Peyton has the form...she is perfect.
Ainsley has the firey spirit...she wants to win.
I just like to watch.

Check out this adorable tee from Em Tanner.
It is probably too late to get one for Christmas...but we have a ton of her
me 2 a tee items and my kids love having their faces on everything we own.


Advent Calendar

I love this advent calendar from Dylan's Candy Bar.
I don't love the price.
Maybe when it is on clearance.
It is really really cute though.