Back in stock

Just in case anyone was waiting for more stock on my Glamorous and Rockstar tees...
they are back in the shop.  Up to size 12 on both. 

also...think ahead...come February...everyone will want to be an Olympian:)
Of course...the winter olympics does not inspire me as much as the summer Olympics
(hello Phelps!...speaking of...am I the only one that finds it cheesy that Abercrombie named their
cologne Phelps???)  BUT...I bet if I was a skiier...skater or actually enjoyed snow...the winter version would inspire me as well.  I did actually go to a couple events at the '88 Olympics (in Calgary) including the closing ceremonies.  It was cooooold...but it was fun.

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HeatherA said...

ummmm--sooo gonna have to get a few of these!! love!!!!!!