Her first time in snow

Some super fun dad in the neighborhood, dumped a truck load of snow yesterday.
We just discovered it this afternoon.
There was enough left to entertain the kids.

This is Kendall, my one and only niece.

This is Bennett...her big brother

This is Bennett's snowman

We had fun.  That is enough snow for us. 


Anonymous said...

Live in Buffalo so no biggie on the snow, although we did not get a white christmas :(

Love your nephews name...rare to hear it actually! It is my married last name and my husbands cousin named her son Bennett (her maiden name). Whenever my son sees him we always joke..."Conor Bennett say hello to Bennett Socha"!

Amy Bennett

Susanna... said...

i'm a bad "commenter" but here i am for once!! LOVE this...how cute...we live in sunny Mexico, so no snow for us either...my kiddos would've loved it! Also, have to let you know your girls are quite the style icons...this morning my daughter Lily asked me to look on your blog cause there was a hairstyle she wanted me to do! lol...just thought i'd share that with you!

KimD said...

Snow...Schmoe...I am lovin Bennett in his TR jeans. My kinda man. I swear I am going to get my girls faux glasses because they are so cute on your girl. just a little vain:)