Seriously! I almost forgot.

If you follow me on facebook...you know of the exciting news this past week.
One of my tees was spotted on the Bret Michael's show last Tuesday on his darling little daughter Jorja.
How cool is that?
Yup...she is the "Rockstar in the family".  
THAT took away the parking spot irritation as well.
Here is the tee in the shop.
And here is the link to the episode...which is just totally fun to watch because it is BRET MICHAELS!

I have the best customers...

Seriously I do.  In the past couple days I have had these sent to me.
They make me smile.
They make the irritation of the dude at the school parking lot who went allllll the way around me, backed up almost into me and stole my parking spot. 
Did I mention that was at the SCHOOL parking lot?

seriously...the cuteness
This is the 'do I think I had pictured in my head for Ainsley...
this is not what we got...and now I am thinking we might have to head back to the salon.

I love every single picture that you guys send me. 
 I love that you love your items enough that you think they are picture worthy.
I love that you take the time out of your busy day to send me a note saying how excited you were with your purchase.  Honestly...words cannot explain how much that means to me.
I also just realized that all these pictures were sent to me by "Melissa's"  lol...that's kinda crazy huh.
Thank you Melissa D, Melissa P and Melissa H:)
Then I had this one sent to me from Angie...to whom I will be putting to work in the future:)
I am going to need more of her pictures...and what a little model she has right at her fingertips.
Ok...I had about 5 other totally fabulous emails sent to me this week with the most stunning children...and I cannot find those emails!  So please please...resend them to me so I can post them.
I am so terribly sorry.  

Now...I have had several readers email me asking about my gift ideas for the holidays.
I am just glad that you guys enjoy the ideas I have posted in the past.  So bare with me...and I promise to comprise a list this week and post it.  Did ya know there are only 57 more days before Christmas! YIKES!  That makes me feel ill.  I seriously need to get on this thing.


Martha Stewart rocks my world:)

Honestly.  Have you ever seen Martha Stewart do a craft that wasn't good?
Over the past year, I have slowly been collecting her glitter from Michael's.
For various projects.  And because I just like to look at it.
Not.  Even. Kidding.
I really want a big wall cabinet full of every color.
Like a spice rack.  Only.  Glittery.
I would be lying if I said I did not consider seeing what would happen if you sprinkled it on your nails when the polish was still wet.  Daily.
So my november issue of Martha Stewart came last week and in it, she glittered corn husks.
They. Were. Stunning.
I wanted to do them this weekend. I can't find corn husks.  The craft store had tiny little ones.
I want full sized husks.  I may have to glitter real husks and see what happens.
Glitter.  It's my thing.
In the mean time...I needed to glitter something.
So I bought a bag of those tiny pumpkins from Target.

And I needed more glitter.  So I had a 50% off Martha Stewart crafts coupon and off I went:)
Pulled out the handy dandy mod podge.
Voila...fabulous fall.

I swear to you, I sound like a fool when I am doing things with the glitter.  
Ever single color is more beautiful than the next. 
And I feel the need to tell everyone in my house, "LOOK at how beautiful this is!"
I am a fool.
But you NEED the set of 24 glitters.
Google Martha Stewart coupon and you will find one. 
Then buy the entire set.  You will want to use every color.
I bought some clear glass ornaments...24 of them...and I will be glittering my tree in a month.
That's what I do.  I like to sparkle things.

Speaking of sparkly things.
This tee.  I love it.
There is serious sparkle on it.
I will have a couple more Holiday tees soon...but I am not sure you can top this one.
If you are thinking of one for yourself...you need the long sleeved black burnout version.


I heart Photographers

Sarah and Fadia, best friends...both with little chicks who are sure to be best friends as well had some photos taken from a super fabulous photographer in Calgary.
If you are in Calgary...you need some Heather Ward photos.
Thank you Sarah and Fadia for your continued support!
 Kate Bogot is a Chicago Photographer who could quite possible have the most perfect set of kids.
Check out little Ben.
Her photos are so light and airy...and perfect.
Thank you Kate!
Remember to get your Halloween Rocks tee now. 
There is still time.

I had a customer ask me if I could do a chocolate themed tee for her little chicks party.
I think I have just the thing.

How about the new and improved My Girls Rock tee.

And a little bit of fun stuff.
Think Birthday parties...stocking stuffers...or as Sarah from the first part of this post was thinking...advent calendar fillers!
Lilly Plum Charms.
My house is covered in them.  They are all over the 
fridge...my computer...my magnetic chalk board.
They make me happy:)

Check out the selection here
I will be adding many more to them in the next couple of days.


Did you go to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend???

Because Lyndsie (a fabulous customer of mine) and her adorable (and well dressed:) kids did.
And check out Kelly and Lexi!
And we went...in 92 degree heat...but we went:)
In our new Candy Corn Kisses tee.
I promise you...it is not too late to get your Halloween tees.  
If you order a Halloween tee...I make sure it does not get lost in the shuffle.
I refuse to be responsible for missing a Holiday picture opportunity!
 So this next one is a terrible picture...but I thought I would show you Peyton's cute mickey ear ghost tee.  We were going to go on a surprise Disneyland trip this week.  Just a quickie one day sorta thing.
Things came up and we can't do it...but I did have all sorts of fun outfits ready for it:(
So sad actually.  I swear a day does not go by that my kids do not mention Disneyland.
It truly is their favorite place on earth.

Can't you just tell from his picture how hot it was out there.
Gotta love the sweaty hairdo's.
That's Halloween in Phoenix.

Ok...so if you want a Halloween tee...check them out here.


Just a few fun Holiday Items in the shop

I will have Hanukkah tees next week:)
They will be cuuuuute.
In the mean time...I have a limited edition Ladies tee.
Then a cute baseball tee for the ladies (and tweens...the xsmall fits a 12/14 year old chick)

More to come...but I gotta get back to filling orders:)


Wordless wednesday?

Uh ya...I have never been wordless in my life.
So I will just share a couple super cute things that are brightening our house today.
First...Courtney Courtney does it again.
I had a dilemma.  It was in the form of a bright yellow class tee that we were swimming in.
Our class tee is a tee that the kids wear on fridays at school and on field trips.
I needed it cute:)
So I sent it along with last years blue version (that I took right off our fabulous teacher's chalk board) and tossed in a couple of my old favorite Inky Dink tees that didn't fit us anymore yet I was not prepared to give them up yet...and BAM.
I think you will agree with me that noone does it like Courtney Courtney.
Look how cute these little feet are just dangling there.
One day they will reach the ground and I will be sad:(
However...her feet just got THAT much cuter with the help of
I sent them two new pairs of Uggs and had them work their magic.
I am not picky...so I just gave them some rough ideas and let them do their thang.
I love it when customers email me with an idea and just trust that I can make something cute.
Custom items really are custom...no two are exactly the same.  I love that.
I like to be unique.
Which is EXACTLY why I think Courtney Courtney rocks as much as she does.
Anyways...I asked Nikki and Teddi to do their cupcake/lollipops for Ainsley.

And for Peyton I had asked if they could do her guitar.
Ya...check these puppies out:)

I told them it is a good thing we live in Arizona where it is dry. 
It gets cold enough to wear uggs...we wear them constantly for a good 4 months...but it isn't wet out:)  Otherwise...these would be indoor boots.  
I love them that much. 
Maybe I should have done slippers.

OOOOO...that's a good Christmas present idea actually.


Fun stuff

So...we finally got to put up our Halloween decor.
It was still 100 degrees out today.
I hate it.  It is hot and horrid.
I sure hope this is the last 100 degree day I see for a very long time.
Like 7 months.  Please Mother Nature...please.
Never the less...it was funny, we were putting out our Halloween stuff last night and at 8 a lady drove by with her kids all on bikes.  She said, "GOOD...if you put yours up..that means I can turn mine on."
Apparently she was afraid of being the first person to decorate.
I told her not to worry...that I was always the first person to decorate.  
Oct 1st=Halloween
Nov 1st=Thanskgiving
Dec 1st=Christmas
Then I told her that we had moved in the summer and I was trying to get used to our new front yard.
That I had a "spot" for everything in our other yard.
This yard has me confused.  
Anyways...the point of my story was that she said,"WAIT...I know your decorations!" 
Then she proceeded to tell me every Holiday decoration I ever put out and that she was so sad when she saw our moving sign in the summer at the old house.  HA.
Apparently it made her day that we did not go far...but only 2 blocks away.
Sure it's kinda a creepy stalkerish story but...at least someone appreciated all my hard work:)

Wait until she sees our fun new addition this year.
And it is FUN!
Yes...we were also trying on our Halloween Costumes...whatever
This one is fun.  Trust me.

Wonder what our costume will look like by Halloween lol.
Oh...I added one more item to our yard decor this year.
Thought it was funny since we bought this house as a short sale...which apparently ticks off your neighbors.  Fabulous.  Because it is our fault the house is worth half what the dude who lived in it (and most people around us) paid?  Nope. I don't feel one bit guilty.  Sorry.

Gotta thank Kim from TomKat studios for the fabulous free BOO printout.
I love everything she does.
So Ainsley left this for her little buddy Macy tonight.
So a new fun thing that I added to the shop last night was fabulous bracelets
and soon (this week) necklaces from Lilly Plum.
I am addicted.
My kids are addicted.
You will soon be addicted.
Why?  Because all you need is one bracelet and then you just collect the bottlecaps.
They are very very well made.
Super strong magnets and basically...addicting.
Get them here if you would like.
I have more coming this week....and have already started a list for even more.
Halloween...Christmas...Hanukkah...I will have you covered...as well as
cheer...dance...teachers gifts...mom gifts...and basically...every single day bracelets.

Now if you were a fan of paper lili on facebook...you would have seen last night that there was a contest ( a super easy one) to win a free halloween bracelet:)
I like facebook...and I like contests...so...if you like both of those...be a fan of paper lili.
You never know what or when I will feel like giving away something fun:)
Be a fan here.


Fun Friday

Tomorrow is garage sale day here in our neighborhood.
I have a million things I need to sell.
I am not ready for the Garage sale...why?  Because I make sparkly tees:)
So I will catch the spring sales...maybe;)
In the mean time...here's what I just listed today.
For mom's or kids

Or how about this one
I will have more Christmas and Hanukkah tees next week.

Other new items today
A rainbow version of the Toothless Fairy.
And a new one that was the idea of one of my favorite customers.
Oh my...it is only 4 pm here and I swear I could close my eyelids and drift away.
This is not good. I promise my girls I would take them to practice volleyball.
Ok.  Snap outta it lady.

Oh.  I got the best box in the mail.
So the least I could do is take some pics huh.
It forced me to make brownies. 
Well, I couldn't very well leave the plates blank now could I?
Thank you Dacia.

Alright...gotta go Boo Ainsley's little friend next door...and drink a bunch of caffeine!