omg...2 posts in one day!

Ok...so my daughters 8th birthday is coming up. Usually I am all over these things even though I do like to keep it low key and family. At least until they demand that their friends be involved! Ha. Anyways...I just saw yesterday that A. Birthday Express has a Fancy Nancy birthday theme AND... B. Target now carries a whole Fancy Nancy line of dress up clothes and the cutest doll ever. Now I don't know...8 may be a little old for a Fancy Nancy party...but both she and I LOVE fancy nancy and the excitement level over all our findings was so high yesterday that I figured...we can pull it off in a "big girl" way. I think. I do need some ideas...so if you have some...please send them to me. Oh...and one more catch...my nephews will be at the party...so how do I incorporate boys into Fancy Nancy (although they may dig the feather boas.)

I have been tagged!

Ok...so I was tagged about, oh I don't know...a month ago! Ha. I thought about it...and really I am not that exciting of a person. So...I am supposed to write 6 things about myself...quirks I guess...so here it goes...

1. I could EASILY live on fluids alone...Starbucks, Jamba Juice...Diet Dr. Pepper...you name it...if I had to wire my jaw shut...this would not be a problem for me...as long as I had a straw

2. I hate HATE pictures of kids eating! Well in fact anyone eating for that matter (I wanna punch Rachel Ray in the face on that $40 a day show...and my husband watches it all the time) ...if you tied me down and made me watch one of those pie eating contests it would be worse than chinese water torture for me. It honestly makes me feel ill. First birthday photos are never good for me! And I love photos...but anything with food all over the place...noooooo!

3. If I was on survivor and it was week 2...you know the week when they have to eat gross things. Well if that gross thing was either peanut butter, yogurt or jello...I would lose. My gag reflex kicks in and I would literally be unable to eat it...me kicked off the island in week 2. Nice

4. Hmmm...since my first 3 things all have to do with food...this makes me think I have eating issues. But those about cover my food anxieties. I have plenty other issues! Like Claustrophobia and general panic attacks. This is somewhat new to me. I think it started when I had kids and I was on a schedule. So anything...stuck in lines, traffic, airplanes on the tarmac, elevators...you name it...my stress level skyrockets...my heart starts beating super fast and I could literally rip someones face off. It is not good. I have no idea what has happened to me...but it is actually a gross feeling when you just get totally ansy. I probably look like a 2 year old jumping around all itchy or something!

5. The older I get...the less I like noise. I remember being a kid and driving in the car with my mom and dad...a rock song would come on and they would say, "what is this noise!" I would think...man is that what happens when you get old??? Yup...thats exactly what happens. I am only 32..but I LOVE silence. Quiet. I almost cannot think with noise around me. However, if excercising...the louder the music the better...otherwise...I like calm and quiet.

6. I have an identity crisis! Ha. Anyone who actually knows me...already knows this. I cannot settle on one hairstyle...one color...and my clothing style changes with the weather. I have ALWAYS been like this. When I was in grade school I would make sure I did not wear the same outfit in the same month (yes I had alot of clothing...but mixing and matching was ok...as long as it was not the same combo)...plus PLUS...I did not own a pair of jeans in highschool...not regular blue jeans. I did have a pair of bright yellow guess jeans...and my sister had purple and turquoise ones...but that was the extent of my jean wardrobe. And hair...don't get me started...I never understood having only one hairdo...so I would literally make it different every single day...I laugh that Posh spice has had the exact same hairdo for the past 2 years...what is she thinking! Thats a crime in itself!

Ok...so those are 6 things about me...all very true...and probably not a secret to anyone that knows me well! Don't think I am crazy...and if you actually write down 6 quirks about yourself it is rather theraputic...or you realize that just when you think everyone around you is nuts...you are just as whacked out yourself.

Since blog posts are boring without photos...I will include one of my kiddiepoo wearing a new Kindergarten Rocks t-shirt that I will be offering soon...


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