This...this is what my husband came home with today. What. Whatthewhat!! Omg. I don't know what to do about this. Clearly he must like a round ball of goo for a wife. I will be the first one to admit that I have NO will power against a cupcake. None. Not a single drop. I can have a giant candy jar filled with jelly beans and walk past it 85 times a day without even the thought entering my mind of dipping my hand. But this lil beauty in my fridge all chilled right next to the fresh gallon of milk.

There are 6 of them. 3 like the one pictured...and 3 vanilla with white chocolate chips and coconut frosting. Seriously. I'm done. Damn him.

UPDATE: there are now only 5...and I feel ill...happily ill.

Update UPDATE: I still have not eaten the ice cream...thats gotta be worth some sort of prize right?

A couple new shirts.

These can be done on a tank or a tee...in the fall I will add thermals too. Just fun and simple. I realize not every mom wants their kids name splattered all over their tee. So here is another option. Already in the shop.

QUESTION: I usually only have white or black options for tees. They go with everything...it makes it easy. Sometimes I toss in a pink option. Would you like to see more color options? If so...what colors for tees...tanks...thermals etc. Also...if you have a good idea for something else I should offer pattern wise...let me know. My brain is slightly mush these and any help would be appreciated.

I caved...

...I swore to myself after the last 2 pairs of crocs were outgrown in this house...NO MORE CROCS. Seriously. I am not a fan. I realize they are comfy...but I am so sick of seeing my kids all spiffed up to put a couple boats on their feet. I think that is my issue with them. My oldest daughter has big feet and crocs only seem to enhance that illusion. So we had made it this far in our cute Born gladiators. But my youngest daughter wanted a pair of crocs. And in the summer...I have to admit...they are handy when trudging around the pool...or wherever. Sigh. BUT...the only way I would buy some is if they were "funkay"...so we kinda accomplished that. She's happy at least.

For anyone in Phoenix...since I am on a croc post here...if you need some new ones check out the Crocs outlet in Arizona Mills. It is cray-zay. Every color (no not leopard...sorry...those ones are actually kinda hard to find) but walls filled with in a rainbow of crocs. And charms.

Oh and I am loving how vibrant these crayola crayons are...right up my alley.

Is this something my husband should bring into our house???

Hello...can you say DIET...he said, "well I thought you would like it...and its just a little thing". HELLO...it does not matter HOW little it is...when you low carbing it...a LITTLE thing like Java Chip icecream can send you into a diabetic coma. Or just set you back like a week. Geesh. Men. They never learn.

Oh and uh YA I would like it...again...not the point.


Look who turned 1!

I can hear you all now going awwwwww. My niece Kendall is one today. How adorable is she!

Happy Birthday little chickiepoo.


Lyra Lyra oh so fabulous...

...look at these pictures. Can my kids be ANY cuter??? Just jokes...well not really. But these photos are the works of Mrs. Lyra Waggoner of Lyra Lyra photography fame. She is a children and animal photographer in Tucson, however she is in Phoenix all the time doing shoots. Don't these pictures just have a light cotton candy feel to them? I love them! Lyra rocks. And trust me...there are alot more where these came from.

4th of July

In case anyone has a special shindig planned for the fabulous holiday...place your order now. I can do tank or tees. Just let me know which you would prefer.


Do you have a little rockstar in your family?

Just listed in the shop...

Thank you Betsy! Little Miles is always rockin the paperlili goods. So is Mr. Gabe. These little dudes are mini celebrities in their own rite. How cute are they. Omg...I think I should do a "dad" version too! What do you think? We know Betsy's husband Jon would need one...hello he actually IS the music man.

Apparently I cannot avoid the pool forever...wha

Day 2 of summer vacation and my house is still rather quiet. Love that. My kids
play nicely together and they play together ALL the time. We never really have the need for playdates because my kids are each others best friends. I am sure this will change in the near future, but right now...it works out perfectly. Our summer days are filled with a small amount of "homework", reading and then splashing in the pool. Oh and ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, ranier cherries...oooooooo those beautiful cherries and crafts...there is alot of drawing, cutting, pasting, gluing and taping in our house. Glitter glitter everywhere.

My least favorite part of summer is the swimsuit part. Gag. This year really sucks because of my hivey ho (named by the lovely Dacia) issue. But clearly my children could care less about what I look like in a swimsuit (I wonder what age they will be like "ewwww...look at mom in a swimsuit!") We have our own pool and that is wonderful...I think I may hear the odd snicker from a lizard about how my butt is larger than ever this season...but basically our yard is a worry free zone. The problem is the neighborhood pool. We get sick of our pool quickly and need a change in venue. The next step is the neighborhood waterpark and slides. It is great fun there...but the fear of public swimming sets in quickly for me. One must just suck it up and realize that noone really cares...except me. So this brings me to my current issue. Swimsuits. I need a new one. So the hunt begins. Have you seen the new "monokinis" what a stupid idea that suit is. Seriously. Who wears that? Wait..let me correct myself...who CAN wear that? Frightful really. Um..can someone please tell me how a bathingsuit can be $226?

This one
is fairly safe I think...and at $31 it is a pretty good price too! I like this one too. Oop...and this one. Can you figure out my pattern here? Are these old lady swimsuits? Am I getting old? Trust me...if I could cram myself into a little string bikini and not make 95% of the pool population lose their lunches...I would do it.


More cupcakes.

Why do I not just name my blog cupcakes cupcakes everywhere? Honestly. I think next to my family, my blackberry and my new purse...cupcakes could very well be my favorite thing in this world.

I love them.

Did you know that?

I have to head to Scottsdale tomorrow in my 8th attempt at finding my dad a present for either his birthday or fathers day. Gah. He is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. But, I will be passing our sprinkles and it will honestly take ALL the will power in the world to keep me from stopping and smooching a vanilla sprinkle into my face.

If you have never had the pleasure of devouring a true sprinkle cupcake. I will say that the sprinkles cupcake mix you can buy at Williams Sonoma is a very good runner up. I have tried them all. Two very happy thumbs up.

Is it bad that I want to eat this???

This is bath scrub. But I'm hungry...and looking at it made me really hungry.

I hate dieting.

Hello Pinkalicious

How cute is this etsy pinkalicious barrette? Or a guitar! So cute.


The question isn't to buy or not...the question is how many to buy

Once again...super cool stuff on etsy. John Golden. Did I mention my love for Etsy before? I saw these prints one day on the site. Fell in love instantly. I really would like the huge versions...but since there are about 8 that I would want I needed to stick with the small versions. Hello...expensive addiction these could be. BUT...if you want to just make a cute statement in your bathroom...then get the big "wash your hands" print. Oooo...that would be cute in a classroom as well. Now see what I mean...you could literally have the perfect spot for everyone of them. I have 4. I was planning on painting my kitchen a funky color and hanging them side by side. Well. Ha. I don't have enough time to CLEAN my kitchen let alone paint it. Thats a good thing. Not a complaint.

I have also seen that this lucky artist is now offered in either Garnet Hill, Pottery Barn kids...or Land of Nod. I cannot for the life of me remember which one I saw it in. It was a goodie though.

UPDATE: Aha...it was Garnet Hill. I knew I could not rest until I figured it out. Can you say OCD.


Conversations with a Cupcake.

Are you like me in the fact that I will bounce from blog to blog to blog? I do this all the time. I will read a blog then click on a link of something that catches my eye...and before I know it I am like 10 blogs away from where I started. Then a week later I will think, "darnit...I know I saw that somewhere..." and totally not have a clue where.

This week I happened up these scrumptious cookies from Conversations with a Cupcake. And although I am on MAJOR diet right now...I can still look at the pictures right? Oh so yummy looking.

So now, when I see that, "something" on a blog that catches my eye...I am posting it right away so I don't lose my mind over it in a week.

Don't you just wish life was so simple that we could eat everything yummy and still fit into good clothes! Why why WHY has someone not figured out a way for us to do this...other than by running a marathon after eating a Sprinkles?


Billie Beans...

Etsy...go...now...cute stuff.


and omg...Matilda Jane Art Fair sale...

geesh....soooo much good stuff...someone stop me please. No seriously. I need every pair of ruffles. The sale starts friday sometime...and she will be listing more stuff throughout the weekend. Such pretty colors...I feel like an insect flying towards the light...prrreeeeeeetttttyyy.

Billie Beans...

So Robin has started listing new items on her etsy site. Check them out. She is listing new items all the time.



A loooong time ago I posted about the Lululemon Savasana wrap that my sister gave me. I think it was back at Christmas time. Anyways...lots of people asked me where to get it. Not everyone has a lululemon store. We have a "showroom" in Scottsdale but it is not a full fledge store. Just another reason to love my July break when I head to Canada...so many Lululemon stores so little...money. Anyways...Lululemon now sells online! Wheeeeeee. So if you are still on that Mother's Day kick and feel like being nice to yourself...trust me when I say this jacket is the BEST jacket...ever. It is sooo soft...like chamois soft...and you can wear the collar anyway you want. It hides a multitude of sins and it really is beyond fabulous. You will want it in every color...and if you hate it...send it to me then because I really need it in black.

someone stop me please

About a month ago I bought this vest for my daughter. You know...its really funny, but I did not really think I was that into "bling" but apparently I am. And the more I do it...the more I feel the need to bling everything around me. Trust me when I say that when you have "bling" at your beck and call (meaning all supplies are staring you in the face) YOU literally add a little sparkle to everything you own. Now just so I am clear, I do not have pillows and towels and home goods blinged...in fact I don't even have alot of my own stuff blinged BUT...I do find that a little bling can go a long way on kids stuff. I like to think of myself as the non-cheesy blinger.

OK...back to the vest. Bought it...it is cute. Kinda hippie-ish. I am loving the tie dye all over the place. Not cheesy tie dye like when we were younger...but funky tie dye. My friend Robin is the tie dye queen. She can do all those pretty colors that I have never understood how to do. Why do they not all run together? Maybe she needs to give me a lesson one day. I just like to know how some stuff is done. She tells me she has done a pile of new items...so the second I get the go ahead, I will pass along the info.

Wow I have said a whole lot of nothing here haven't I? My point is...I bought the vest...and blinged the damn thing.

I also bought 3 of the cutest 4th of July tees at Target (hello $6 tees) a couple weeks ago and when I have a second to breathe...I will add just a little bit of sparkle.

Oh oh oh...speaking of tie dye...I have 6 "items" that I HAVE to do because I fell in love with them. There are only 6 and I cannot get anymore. Wow, again I just said a whole lot of nothing. I don't want to tell ya more because it is a secret. Ha. Not really, but hey maybe it will make you come back and check. lol. They are really cute. For moms. As soon as I get through this stack of orders I will make them. Oh and when I say "cute" I mean funky cute...not cutsie cute. Man...I need some sleep!



Ok hair update, not that anyone reading this truly cares about my hair. But. I in case you did...I did not cut it...I did not color it...I have done NOTHING to my hair since October gasp!!!!!! Not kidding. It is long and nasty. I am thinking of doing a little permanent home color now and then in a month I will go and get some highlights. There are wayyyy to many colors in my hair right now and truthfully I do not have the time to sit there for 5 hours getting my hair done. I get ansy...real ansy...like jumping out of my skin panic attack when I am there for longer than a hour. So. Fekkai wouldn't do me wrong would he? Ahhh what the heck I will be the guinea pig. I will let you all know. But first I need to order it. So check back at the end of the week. Oh and since I am not really set on any one color...if ya want feel free to give me your opinion on what color I should do. And I don't just mean out of the two colors I posted...I mean out of the 20 colors on the Sephora site.

I totally forgot

Since I was on a "smelly" theme I thought I would share some of my other favorite smells. If you don't like to smell like a cupcake then skip this post...and sorry, we can't be friends. lol. I have always had a thing for smelling like baked goods. And eating them...but thats another post. Years and years ago...like about 15, Victoria's Secret had a line of perfumes that were all vanilla blends...Vanilla Apple, Vanilla peach and my favorite Vanilla Caramel. There were about 10 or so blends I think. Then they stopped carrying them. I am sure I am not the only person that was truly dissapointed. However my search over the years has left me trying several different blends. If anything says "vanilla" on it I will try it. I swear if Sprinkles Cupcakes comes out with cupcake infused perfumes I would probably buy them.

With my hives such a pain this year I stopped wearing anything smelly...but since I have them under control now with my 4 hour around the clock medicating plan...I said...whatever, I need to smell like something other than diet coke.

So here they are...a couple oldies that I like to revisit and my newest one, Gwen, I had the perfume solid of it just because it is adorable and I like to look at it...but the other day I had like 10 member points at Ulta and it only takes 6 points to get a good bottle of perfume...voila...G.


Its beginning to look alot like summer...

Ok so I realize most places in the US may are just greatful to see the sun shining these days...but here in AZ it is already gross...107. So...that means the pool itself has not quite heated up to the 90 degrees that it must reach before my tender tootsies step in it, so every year at this time I end up buying the good ol slip in slide that lasts about 2 weeks before it gets tossed aside for some other sort of water fun. Good thing they are only $9. Anyways...today was the day to slide on down and eat some good old birthday cake ice cream bars. I tell ya...the only GOOD thing I can say about a saturday morning grocery trip to walmart is that they have a very good ice cream selection.

ANYWAYS...when the heat cranks up I like to pretend that I am not in the middle of a desert and that I really am somewhere close to a beach. I know. Its quite a stretch. But the first step is to smell like you just doused yourself in a pina colada...or lubed up with some Hawaiian Tropic. Seriously...find me ONE person that does not like the "smell" of the islands? And honestly...this caress evenly gorgeous body wash has the best smell.


you can call me many things but...

...I hope fun mom is one of them. Tomorrow is "dress like your favorite book character" at school...uhhhhh...ok. Well. No clue. So this is about the only thing I could come up with. Now before you ask..no I cannot make these and sell them (that is in case you thought they were cute...maybe you hate them...I dunno) I would have to pay licensing fees for that...PLUS...lemon tees (which I do adore) makes a purplicious. I am not sure if anyone makes a Fancy Nancy...maybe I should look into it. Nahhh...I will leave that to the big guys. So if you are lucky enough to be one of my sleeping angels tonight, you will wake up in the morning to find one of these tanks waiting for ya.

And trust me when I say...I had NO time to do these tonight...like none...so it is pretty darn impressive that I did them and in record timing...started when I thought Meredith was going to marry my McDreamy...and ended with Izzy having a bald head...but keeping her eyebrows????

Fancy Nancy Shmancy

So I was just doing a quick google search and I came upon these cakes that people had done for a Fancy Nancy birthday Party. I had to share...like right away before I forgot. No I am not doing another Fancy Nancy party...if you were a blog reader of mine last year you would know that we have been there...done that...BUT...we did not have a cake like these. Good lord. They are works of art I tell ya. I have never made a cake with fondant have you? It always looks so pretty...but I have never tasted one either...are they good? Are they as good as they look? Hmm. Ok...I will try to drum up a pic from our party last year. It was Fancy Nancy goes Bowling. I think we only did a cupcake tower. It was cute...but I do like to do a fun cake because really...isn't the cake the highlight of the party? Isn't the cake the thing kids remember? Or is that just me because well...I love cake.