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Since I was on a "smelly" theme I thought I would share some of my other favorite smells. If you don't like to smell like a cupcake then skip this post...and sorry, we can't be friends. lol. I have always had a thing for smelling like baked goods. And eating them...but thats another post. Years and years ago...like about 15, Victoria's Secret had a line of perfumes that were all vanilla blends...Vanilla Apple, Vanilla peach and my favorite Vanilla Caramel. There were about 10 or so blends I think. Then they stopped carrying them. I am sure I am not the only person that was truly dissapointed. However my search over the years has left me trying several different blends. If anything says "vanilla" on it I will try it. I swear if Sprinkles Cupcakes comes out with cupcake infused perfumes I would probably buy them.

With my hives such a pain this year I stopped wearing anything smelly...but since I have them under control now with my 4 hour around the clock medicating plan...I said...whatever, I need to smell like something other than diet coke.

So here they are...a couple oldies that I like to revisit and my newest one, Gwen, I had the perfume solid of it just because it is adorable and I like to look at it...but the other day I had like 10 member points at Ulta and it only takes 6 points to get a good bottle of perfume...voila...G.

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried "Pink Sugar"? I love it, and I'm always out of it because my girls always use it too. (Ulta, of course)