Ok hair update, not that anyone reading this truly cares about my hair. But. I in case you did...I did not cut it...I did not color it...I have done NOTHING to my hair since October gasp!!!!!! Not kidding. It is long and nasty. I am thinking of doing a little permanent home color now and then in a month I will go and get some highlights. There are wayyyy to many colors in my hair right now and truthfully I do not have the time to sit there for 5 hours getting my hair done. I get ansy...real ansy...like jumping out of my skin panic attack when I am there for longer than a hour. So. Fekkai wouldn't do me wrong would he? Ahhh what the heck I will be the guinea pig. I will let you all know. But first I need to order it. So check back at the end of the week. Oh and since I am not really set on any one color...if ya want feel free to give me your opinion on what color I should do. And I don't just mean out of the two colors I posted...I mean out of the 20 colors on the Sephora site.

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Emom said...

Oh heck, I have been coloring my hair for as long as my old brain can remember. Don't sweat it. Just be sure not to go too far away from your natural color, and follow the directions to the tee....really, if you don't you could have real problems.I can't wait to see what you end up with!