More cupcakes.

Why do I not just name my blog cupcakes cupcakes everywhere? Honestly. I think next to my family, my blackberry and my new purse...cupcakes could very well be my favorite thing in this world.

I love them.

Did you know that?

I have to head to Scottsdale tomorrow in my 8th attempt at finding my dad a present for either his birthday or fathers day. Gah. He is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. But, I will be passing our sprinkles and it will honestly take ALL the will power in the world to keep me from stopping and smooching a vanilla sprinkle into my face.

If you have never had the pleasure of devouring a true sprinkle cupcake. I will say that the sprinkles cupcake mix you can buy at Williams Sonoma is a very good runner up. I have tried them all. Two very happy thumbs up.