Happy Turkey day...Black Friday and just general Holiday wishes:)

So Thanksgiving came and went.
My jeans are tight. No joke. I put them on today.
They are usually baggy.
They were not baggy today.  Fabulous.
I will take care of that in the New Year???
Yikes. I can do alot more damage between now and then.

So I was sent this darling Thanskgiving Card from Kirsty.
They were going on a Disney Cruise and I figured she needed the Cinderella Tee for the cruise.
Thank you Kirsty and Juliette:)

Yesterday and Today we put up our Holiday decor.
I seem to have lost my touch.
Seriously. I used to be good at this decorating thing (or so I told myself).
This is not the case any longer. I am a mess.
But I did get the cutest little tree at Lowes today.
It is a real tree...$20...it is only about 2 1/2 feet tall and I needed something for this crazy alcove thingy I got going by our front door. I did a cute Halloween display there in October.  So now it is a Christmas display.  In person...it is kinda cute.  In photos...it is really really boring and washed out.
Heck.  Who am I kidding.  It is not like the photos lie.  So clearly it is boring and washed out in person as well.  But the funniest part is that if you look closely at my "snow"...you will notice something.
There was an accident.
Actually...there was an avalanche apparently and poor Polly...
This house is full of crazy shelves and places that need stuff.  Cool stuff.  Stuff I don't have.
This is the shelf going up the stairs. The stairs curve to the left and well...I have a shelf that I have no idea what to do with. So. I pile stuff there.
You should see my family room.  It has about 15 built in cubbies.
They are all empty.  Someone help me. I am creatively drained.

But someone in my house is not. 
The little chick was busy stamping and drawing today and I could not resist
taking a picture of her cute little colored toes sticking out.

And I will leave you with the best Teacher gift EVER.
Hopefully our teacher is not reading this (but she probably is...Hi Mrs. Ruiz!)
Never the less...I ordered these for all our teachers...including our Music teachers etc.
Even the men...because the men's version is awesome...my husband saw them and said "where's mine?"  So apparently this would make a great dad gift as well.
Erin Condren to the rescue again!
(I got myself one as well...and I LOVE it)
No joke...easy to order...just order all your teacher gifts there and trust me on this one.


What goes up...must come down...

...at the moment...that is my Holiday moto.
It is not good.  But I am so tired...and seriously...I am having the craziest dreams.
Dreams about shipping packages...and messing them all up.  GAH.
This is not good lol.
Never the less...my "thing" used to be that our outdoor lights would be up and ready to plug in on Thanksgiving evening. 
Not so sure that is happening this year.
We will see.  We used to be the Griswalds.
That sounds like alot of work to me this year.
Don't get me wrong...I can snap into the Holiday mood instantly.
I have been listening to "Holly" on xm for a week now.
But I have not had a single urge to peruse the Christmas aisles at Target.
See the problem.  

To help...yesterday we went to the play The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town played the Grinch and seriously...he did a better job than Jim Carrey.
He. Was. Awesome.  
It was soooo cute.  And I think I laughed throughout the entire play.
Even when out of the blue Ainsley had a super crazy bleeding nose.
The dry air is wreaking havoc on the poor little things nose. 
But.  I plugged it with one hand and laughed and laughed with the other.
If you get a chance to see The Grinch play...go.  You will love it too.

We go to the Rockettes in a couple weeks.  That always helps with the Holiday Spirit as well.

Today...the girls grew a tree while I shipped stuff.
um...yes...Santa says there is only 33 days left until Christmas...oooo...emmm...geeee.

One more note...I am in the giving season...so...I think I am going to have some crazy sales coming up soon...but I am only posting them on the Paperlili facebook page. So make sure you are a fan and then keep your eyes out for some fabulous deals on your favorite items.


I am here...trust me I am

Darnit...I did not win the Madsen Bike contest.
So I am stuck driving my Electra (boo hoo:)to the grocery store where I can only fit a bag of apples in the basket and a starbucks in the cup holder.
Where were these bikes when I was growing up?
I remember riding my 10 speed to 7 eleven and getting slurpees...balancing a tray of them in one hand and trying not to crash with the other hand.
Ahhhh...the good old days.
I do think the Madsen would be awesome since my kids and I ride to the park with tennis rackets and volleyballs in our baskets.  Without fail...someone drops something at least once on that journey.
Ok..onto more favorite holiday things.
First...I painted my nails.  I know.  Shocker.
I have you tell you though that I found the best Holiday red ever.
2 coats.
 THEN...top it off with 
Nicole "spark my mistletoe"

and what do you get???
Bam  (please excuse my old dry hands...honestly...I cover them in lotion every night. 
Imagine what they would look like if I didn't.

While I am at it...I will share one of my favorite etsy purchases ever.
I got this a couple years ago.
Love it.
It is honkin big.
Gooood etsy shop. 
Click here to see what else she has.

Alright...back to my list.
Love it...want it...need it...love it.
It looks super soft...the zippers are awesome.
The color is fabulous.
Did I mention I needed it and loved it?

This one is pretty fabulous as well.
I like colored purses.  
I like zippers...studs...and fringe.
I like cross body bags.
I like this one:)

Ok...next...not that I need these...I don't....but I do think they are adorable for little peeps.
If I lived in a cold snowy place...I would be wearing these.
And my kids would be wearing this
I do love this pillow.
We used to have the Arizona version...about 10 years ago.
They have every state...lots of countries...and now...the North Pole.
If the pillow is too pricey...you can get the $20 dish towel which in my mind...is just as cute.
Can't be a post without jewelry.
I love little dainty necklaces. 
I have not removed the one I am currently wearing...in 6 months...maybe longer.
I might remove it for this.
I love these.  They are initial or numbers...on a slant.

This is a cute Kate Spade Calendar. The pictures inside are even better.

And last but BEST...I leave you this evening with the bag that stopped my mom and I in our tracks one day at Nordstrom.
The photo does not do it justice.  This is buttery soft with studs all over it and it is perfection.

Ok.  I am off to list a ton of new lilly plum charms.
I will be back tomorrow with more of my favorite things:)


Love Madsen cycles...Christmas favorite:)

Did you know Madsen is having a "linked in" contest to win one of their bikes?
Love these bikes.  
Another genius idea really.

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes


My girls...

Two girls.  So different...but yet so similar.
They are both creative though.
Very artsy.
Today...we glittered corn...and pinecones.
I think I let Martha down however...my corn just doesn't look like corn anymore lol.
But Ainsley and I had fun glittering away.
Peyton had no interest in glittering...no fear though...clearly she is my daughter.
Who else would spend hours sorting out their plastic beads:)
Ahhh...like mother like daughter.

She loves these things.  Ainsley does not.
Peyton could make designs out of these for days and days.
She can make anything out of them.  

See the similarities.
Her beads...my beads;)
Hmmm...wonder when she will be able to help me out.

So...I listed something new and fun in the shop this weekend.
So so cute. 
The perfect holiday gift sets.
Exclusive to my site.

I really do love looking at my desk all covered in charms.
Get them here.

And then last but not least...one super fabulous new Thanksgiving tee.
Why?  Since Thanksgiving is in just a couple weeks.  Well...why not?
There is still time.


These are a few of my favorite things...part 1

Apparently...there are only 50 days until Christmas.
For reals.
Holy _ _ _ _.
That is not very Christmasy of me...so...I will just say holy...holy.
Better start the list.  Gotta drop some hints.
Maybe just maybe you will see something you like and feel free to pass along the hints.

My favorite things...part 1:)

First thing...the chunky cardigan.  
I loooove me some chunky cardigans.
Here are a handful of cozy lovelies.
 Kinda loving the geek vibe I get from this one.
With some good jeans and a pair of boots.
Can't deny it's style now can you.
This one from Juicy Couture...makes me just wanna curl up and take a nap.
Of course...I had like 5 hours of sleep last night so that might be why I have nap on the brain.

Next up..the perfect pair of boots.

Um...I want these...badly.
I wanted last years version.  I never got them.
I love these.  Alot.
I heart you studded Frye boots.
There is only one size 9 left in these. 
Guess what size my flintstone feet are?

Then we have the Old Gringos that I posted about this summer.

These are serious boots.
Seriously beautiful.

Now...onto accesories:)

Love fringe.

This bracelet is pretty fabulous.
Who doesn't like horse shoes.

I know this is pretty pricey...but I just wanted to look at it...and I am a sucker for Barbie .

A couple weeks ago I got this candle at Anthropologie.
Balsam and Cedar.
Instant Christmas smell.
I have not even lit it yet. It just sits on my desk and fills the air with Christmas.
Since I like to sparkle.
I think this Sephora makeup set is right up my alley.

And this one has to be up any teenaged girls alley.
 Last year I bought everyone in our family one of these stockings and filled them with fun stuff.
I was so proud of my gifts lol.

Ok.  That's enough for part 1.
Stay tuned.  This week I will return with more favorites for...
~ dads
~more for me...I me you;)