Happy Turkey day...Black Friday and just general Holiday wishes:)

So Thanksgiving came and went.
My jeans are tight. No joke. I put them on today.
They are usually baggy.
They were not baggy today.  Fabulous.
I will take care of that in the New Year???
Yikes. I can do alot more damage between now and then.

So I was sent this darling Thanskgiving Card from Kirsty.
They were going on a Disney Cruise and I figured she needed the Cinderella Tee for the cruise.
Thank you Kirsty and Juliette:)

Yesterday and Today we put up our Holiday decor.
I seem to have lost my touch.
Seriously. I used to be good at this decorating thing (or so I told myself).
This is not the case any longer. I am a mess.
But I did get the cutest little tree at Lowes today.
It is a real tree...$20...it is only about 2 1/2 feet tall and I needed something for this crazy alcove thingy I got going by our front door. I did a cute Halloween display there in October.  So now it is a Christmas display.  In person...it is kinda cute.  In photos...it is really really boring and washed out.
Heck.  Who am I kidding.  It is not like the photos lie.  So clearly it is boring and washed out in person as well.  But the funniest part is that if you look closely at my "snow"...you will notice something.
There was an accident.
Actually...there was an avalanche apparently and poor Polly...
This house is full of crazy shelves and places that need stuff.  Cool stuff.  Stuff I don't have.
This is the shelf going up the stairs. The stairs curve to the left and well...I have a shelf that I have no idea what to do with. So. I pile stuff there.
You should see my family room.  It has about 15 built in cubbies.
They are all empty.  Someone help me. I am creatively drained.

But someone in my house is not. 
The little chick was busy stamping and drawing today and I could not resist
taking a picture of her cute little colored toes sticking out.

And I will leave you with the best Teacher gift EVER.
Hopefully our teacher is not reading this (but she probably is...Hi Mrs. Ruiz!)
Never the less...I ordered these for all our teachers...including our Music teachers etc.
Even the men...because the men's version is awesome...my husband saw them and said "where's mine?"  So apparently this would make a great dad gift as well.
Erin Condren to the rescue again!
(I got myself one as well...and I LOVE it)
No joke...easy to order...just order all your teacher gifts there and trust me on this one.


Anonymous said...

great photos :D
don't worry i thing every body gets tighter jeans around christmas haha


kimD said...

Hey Oprah... Can you update your blog with your really hip favorite things? I need some ideas:)

Elsa said...

oh wow....
i really like your blog...
and all the pictures here...

i follow this blog!