Do your kids rock?

Ok...so it is that time again...Limited Edition Sweatshirts.
Why?  Because it is 80 degrees out and I cannot fathom stocking a ton of fleece right now...so I just have limited stock.
I also have a handful of black sweatshirts that I have not listed yet. So if ya want one...email me and I will let you know if I have it in stock.  Currently I have black small through xl.
see them here
Then I have a handful of tanks.
The problem is that I have NO idea what my train
of thought was when I was printing these.
For some reason I only did sizes 8,10 &12.

I think I was just trying them out to see what they would look like on tanks.  Sigh.  It is official.  I am losing my mind:)
Click for the tanks



Baby Chipmunk...awwww

So last night my husband yells from outside "cristy...come here...quick"...and tone he saves for these moments usually means..."yikes...bring your camera".  In the past this tone has been saved for snakes...scorpions or anything else creepy and crawly that may be located somewhere around our home.
Last night...it was this little dude that he had just pulled out of the pool.
He was barely hanging on.
We had no idea what to do.
Steve blew air into his nose.  
His little tummy was going up and down...slowly.  
He was not moving.
Then he started making the craziest noises.
Calling his mum I think.
So sad.
A couple minutes later he lifted his head.
Then plopped back down.
Steve covered him with a blanket and put a basket over him to protect him from some hungry monster.
The girls kept wanting to check on him all night.  I was so scared what they might find.
This morning we went to look and he had burrowed himself a little tunnel in some leaves.
This afternoon I went out again and he was lying motionless on his side.
I started to cry.
I stroked his tiny little head.
He JUMPED up and started to walk around.
It was crazy.
We put him in a box and took him over to a wash where there were other chipmunks and he jumped out...ran up some boulders and he is now back home with his fellow bushy tails.
Is that not the cutest thing ever!


Courtney Courtney IS spring

I had one glitter tee left.
An old orange crush tee and the most obnoxious
pink flourescent thermal that I had no idea what to do with.
I tossed them into a big box of tees for Courtney and voila...this is what came back to me.
I love it.  It may very well be my favorite Courtney Courtney yet.

Words cannot describe how fabulous Courtney's seamstress skills are.
She is a professional.  A true talent.
It is funny.  With every new Courtney dress I think...more more more!



So I just wrote a hugely long blog post and accidently closed it before posting.
Which means two things.
1. this one will not have many words lol
2. I am beyond exhausted
So basically the party is done...my chick is 7 :( and my house is now back to showhomeyness shape.
Because I just KNOW you want a recap of the days fesitivities (right?) so I will give it to you...in pics
First.  The invite.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about the icing girls.
So talented.
From the drawins to the glitter to the customer service.
Please also know that I am so tired...I cannot even dream of editing the pics. So these are going to be straight from camera.  Sorry.  I make tees for a living lol.

Now...the decor.  I wasn't really going to do an Alice theme...but I loved the invite so much...it somewhat creeped into the rest of the party.  Sorta.

Toss in some goody bags...or as we call it in Canada...Loot bags
I got alot of it from Smeeks...a super fun store in Phoenix.
What else.  Oh...maybe the birthday girl...ha

My prediction is that our 8th birthday picture will include some sort of metal wire across those bad boys:)
Now we have the cake.
Yup.  I went with the donut.
It was good.

Toss in an activity
Tons of presents...and voila...a good day was had.
My favorite present.
The American Girl camper.
I know their stuff is a fortune...but in the right hands...it could last forever.
And the camper is 2010's version of the 1979 barbie rv that I cherished forever.
Still have it.  It is at my mom and dad's house.
Good times.
Phew.  Back to normalcy.


Hello Stress...

Its a good thing after this week that I still have my sense of humor.
First...let me just say that I am not usually a stressball.
I don't freak out.
I blame it on my slow reflexes.  Ha.
This week started with issues and has ended with two big dings in my car door from my wonderful 
trip to Wallyworld this morning.  Man I hate Walmart.  Hate it.
My hatred for it was totally sealed 7 years ago when I was super preggos and had a major
blood sugar low while waiting in the checkout line.
I passed out.
The cashier kept scanning my stuff.  I remember her looking over the edge of the counter at me.
She did not say a word.  Just kept scanning.
Then I crawled to the beverage fridge there that they have the checkouts.
I was still lying down...on the floor...in walmart.
I opened a coke to get some quick sugar.
It was then that she said, "ma'am...you cannot take a drink until you pay for that."
Deep breathes.
Anyways.  Today I was reminded of my hatred for it.
I have a jam packed weekend though.
I am afraid my stress level has not hit its peak yet.
Is it a bad thing that I was watching my dog...and my moms dog tug-o-waring and
I thought...that looks like a good stress reliever.

Sigh.  Deep breathes.  The dogs have been pretty funny actually.  Small house.  4 dogs...lots of chasing.  My kids have loved it.  The mail lady has not.

So check these out.  They are "nose cups" that I bought at Homegoods one day.
I have seen them before on the Fred Flare website.

So funny.
This one was exceptionally funny.  
You may or may not notice something familiar on this one.

NOW...she looks like me:)



The incredibly talented Shannon took this tee.

and created this

Are you kidding me???
How fabulous are these?
Almost as fabulous as Madison's haircut...THATS how fabulous they are.

Ahhh...Shannon.  How I love your photos.
This picture right here is the reason why I want to reprint the giggles glitter tees.
Just so I can look at this picture again:)


If you have a one year old...you need to call in sick to work tomorrow:)

How good is Courtney Courtney?
I know you all know of her.
Her quality is unmatchable.
Her combos are beyond adorable.
She is fantastic.
And if you have a one year old chick...you need to stalk her shop tomorrow for this

Look familiar?  I want to see the back though. I wonder what the green is on the back.
Oh I love it.
I need to reprint the girls kapow tees.
I need to figure out the colors though.
Do I do the bright pink again?
Probably.  It was good. 

Know what else I love?
This little number that came in the mail today.
Oh I KNOW people were upset they missed out on this one.
I had the obnoxious flourescent pink thermal here...and one glittle girls tee left.
The rest I left up to courtney.
See the orange peeking out from the back. 
Oh you just wait...you will never guess what that is.
I will take a picture tomorrow.

Another Courtney/Paperlili combo recently was this one.

Oh I love them all.

Easter love...

Easter is just around the corner.
Check out these super cute easter finds.

(I have one of these...they wash up sooo well I love them)

How cool is this?  Tie Dye egg kit!

Ok...you can't actually eat these...but you can buy a super pretty picture of them.
I have never had a macaroons before...but they seem to be popping up all over the place 
and I love the colors.

Don't you feel like sometimes Martha Stewart owns all the holidays?
I am not saying it like it is a bad thing.  
It is a good thing actually.  
I love Martha and her glitter.
My dream is to have every shade of glitter she makes.
Why?  So I can look at it...why not?

These are really quite beautiful.
If you want to make them.  Go here.

 And since Easter is not Easter without a fabulous new dress.
I highly recommend any of the Pink Tomatina dress from little posh Princess.
Or anything in the shop really.