New stuff...finally

Wow.  I have been on a mission today.
I just listed about 10 new designs.
I was so focused...I did not even notice lili loo pulling her tooth out.
No joke.
It was not even that loose.
She was on a mission for some reason.
Apparently she needed money or something.
Anyways.  All new designs can be found here.
I still have more to go...but I am exhausted right now.

Here is a little run down of what I just listed.

This will be my new number tee.  I will offer the numbers in three color variations.
Pink multi
purple multi
and the rainbow mix up.
A girl has to consolidate man or I may loose my mind:)
Next...I thought I would try a few new fun name designs. 
If you have an idea that you think I should offer...put it in the comments please.
I would love some feedback.

Here is something a little different that I am super excited about because seriously...your chick needs one of these.
Oh...and how about this one.

Ya ya...I know.  Finally the birthday tee is listed.

This picture was about 5 minutes before boredom set in and she decided to yank her tooth out.
You see it there in the pic...right next to the huge new front dudes there. 
It is now under a bowl on her night stand.  She set up a trap to catch the tooth fairy.
If anyone has any ideas for me on THAT one...please let me know.


Gina Kramp said...

I love everything! so cute. was wondering, could you make me a shirt that says "queen of drama queens"
Ella really is the queen of the drama queens and I think it would be super super cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your new designs (saw them on FB, too, via Twitter). The skirts are fantastic. Love the "Toothless Fairy" tee too.


Melissa said...

Love all the new designs!!I LOVE the new skirt!! What colors does it come in? How is the sizing?

Also, what about zip up hoodies, drawstring sweatpants and shorts?

Anonymous said...

LOVE them all! Now I have to make some decisions...

mika beth said...

hmmmm I love the tennis one and the daisy!!! Screaming with delight!!! love you!