This could be another one of those all over the map posts:)

Sunday night.
Today...we saw snow. 
It was cold last night.  
And an hour north of our house...snow snow wet snow.
This was the first time Ainsley has seen snow.
She is almost 8...ha!
I grew up in Calgary.
There was alot of snow.
I don't miss it. 
I was not a great skiier.
Nor ice skater.
So um...ya...me no likey.
But today was pretty.
And well...I think she wreaked her uggs:(

Anyways...tonight is the Oscar's.
Color me dissapointed...but I am not loving the dresses this year.
My best dressed list is going to go to:
Gwyneth Paltrow
and Mila Kunis

That's it. 
I did not love any other dresses. 
What's up with that?

What else is new?
Oh...my poor Peyton had her heart broken tonight.
She wants a pet hedgehog.
I was thinking it would be a fun birthday present for her in July.
Apparently not if we are still living in Arizona because they are illegal here.

But hey...since life is still totally up in the air for us...who knows where we will be come July.
Hopefully not in snow.

So a fabulous thing is happening starting tomorrow.
The fabulous Denise is having a fabulous auction for a fabulous woman....who could be any of us.
And there are some truly truly wonderful items up for auction.
And somewhere in there is a little sumpin' sumpin' from me.
A house of Clouds scarf...and it can be yours if you bid here.
I wanted to say thank you to all of you that have emailed me with your thoughts 
and kind words on our situation right now.  
I really appreciate it.  
It's just really lovely actually.
The truth is that this is just a bump in the road.
Sure it is a sucky bump...but it is just a bump. 
Eventually it will be a blip on the radar.
Everyone has issues.  Everyone.
I am facing this one positively.
We are healthy (with the exception of my shoulder/arm/whatever that is still aching).
But everyone else is healthy.
So really.  A job is a job and another will come along.
But for those of you that have sent positive thoughts.
I thank you.
You always find out who your true friends are when you need them.
Even if it is just a kind word.
My heart aches for Valerie and her children.
For little Kate Mcrae and her family...
and for my friend Lisa, who's 12 year old son, who was perfectly healthy before Christmas 
 ...may now need a heart transplant.
Those people...they need love and prayers and well wishes.
Us.  We just need a job.

Alright.  This week I plan on having lots of fun new stuff.
So.  Make sure you are a fan of my paper lili facebook page because well...I usually post new stuff there first.  Sorry.  But I do.  Why?  Because it is super easy. 
Then it makes it over here.
THEN it makes it to my site.
And THEN I forget to list it in my etsy shop.
However...I have a little plan and it will include my etsy shop soon since it will be very limited items.
Like one of a kind items.  But I will make it fair for everyone and let you know when they will go live.
So don't get upset with me:)
Here is my facebook page if you "like" me.



Hmmm.  I can't seem to get warm today...or tonight.
This is not a good sign.
I think I need to go take a hot shower.

I just realized that I have not left my house in 3 days. 
That's pretty crazy actually.
I have been working as usual.
This weekend Steve's mom is/was/is here
...his birthday was on Monday
...major homework day yesterday
...redo major homework today
tonight...I am frozen.

So. I have been debating talking about this.
But it happened a couple weeks ago and well...it is what it is.
My hubby lost his job.
With a company that he loved working for for 13 years.
I worked for them as well before I had Peyton.
We both loved working for them. 
We were a golf couple...he is all about golf...and he is good at what he does.
He was a golf course manager...an extremely hard working one.
To put it mildly...we did not see it coming.
It sucks.
People keep saying it will be a good thing in the long run.
I will revisit that when the long run runs out and we are back on track.
At the moment.  
It sucks.
Truthfully...the job was impossible.
It really was.
He did sooo much good there...he basically lived there...breathed it.
The members loved him.  
Everyone always likes him.
He would come home at 8 or 9 at night...
to emails and calls from people needing more and more from him.
He would then work until 1 am.
Every single night.
He never complained.
So yes...it probably is a good thing in the long run.

Right now...it sucks.
'nuff said.

Anyways. I don't actually like to spread downer news.
But you never know who knows someone that knows someone and well...basically, he is looking for a job and we will move if we need to.
I can do my work from anywhere.
In the mean time.  We will be fine.
Things WILL work out.

I do need help with my work...but uh ya...not from this golfy dude:)
Ok. So there.  That's what's going on over here.
I am officially the bread winner for the time being...and I hate it. HA.
But...I don't hate working...I love what I do.
Here are a couple new items that I sent out today.

Yup...that is a cupcake on the back of a turtle...so what;)
What does one wear to be in the front row of a Selena Gomez concert?

I had more photos to upload...I found some oldies from years and years ago when I first started that I thought you would find entertaining and guess what?  
I ran out of storage space for my blog.  
I just had to purchase more space. 
Apparently it can take up to a day to have access to that space.  
Well that is just wonderbar.  
See...things are already starting to look up.

Off to my warm shower:)


Fun friday?

Not at my house.
Currently my couch has been hijacked by this little person.
Just a fever.  
A big bad stubborn fever.
We started barking like a seal a couple days ago out of the blue.
Now this.
The school nurse tells me that you either get the bark/fever...or the puke/fever.
I will take the bark version.

Speaking of bark:)
This morning on my facebook feed I saw this.
Which linked to this.
Which I then could not find again when I needed it...but then I found it here.
But no worries.
30 minutes later and I had this.

I don't even wanna eat it.
I just want to look at a bowl of it.
Sprinkles are like sparkles to me.
Edible sparkles:)
Because together they all just remind me of rainbows.
You cannot find me one person that does not look at this bark and think, "cute!"
I think this tee would be quite appropriate don't you?
I have to make another batch of the bark for my mom to take to a pot luck tomorrow.
I kinda think it needs more cake batter in it.
The recipe called for only 1 tsp.
I am shooting for 3 with the second batch.
If I am going to put cake batter in my chocolate I wanna be able to taste it.
Thank you Jessica with How Sweet Eats for this simply adorable recipe.
I think it could be taylored to ever single Holiday (think red/green sprinkles at xmas!)
and voila...it is now my go to treat!

Alright. I have some tees to press...and I want to share them with you...
so I will be back in a little bit with more pictures.


Happy Valentines day...blah blah blah

So I haven't blogged in a couple days.
Not sure why. 
So let me find some fun things to share.
First...check out these pillows I sent to Lyndsie today.
Terrible terrible photo...I have no idea what the heck I did...but they were shipped off before I downloaded the photos and realized that I messed something up.
But I wanted to show you a different example of what you can do with the pillows.
The pillows that I need to restock.
If you would like a certain color of pillow, let me know.
I would be happy to make one in any color you need. 

Then check out this tee for Tiffany.
I love it.
I love all the kapow tees actually.
Or for boys.
Because I finally figured out a good way for your little dude rockstars
to sport some bling.
Ok...this could be one of those all over the map posts.
I have a headache right behind my eyes.
I also have a pinched nerve in my arm...and it SUCKS.
No amount of advil is taking care of it.
I can't sleep because I like to sleep on my tummy and my arm is not cooperating.
Did I mention it sucked.
Oh and it is my "blinging" arm.  Niiiice.
Ok.  No more complaining. I will take a couple tylenol to go with my advil and that should take care of it no?  If you have a secret concoction...let me know.

So...let's look at purdy things.
Now, bare with me. I am a child of the 70's.
And I love the 70's style.
I am seeing it's influence all over the place these days.
I swear..if my butt would fit into these...I would wear this entire outfit as is.
and this jacket
It could very well be my favorite jacket ever.
It is green.  I love green.
Green is my favorite color...the brighter the better.
This looks buttery soft and I swear I would have this until I was 90 years old.
Can't you picture it.  A 90 year old grandma wearing this!
Yup.  That would be me.
Hello!  It has a detachable hood.
I know.  I am crazy.  That's what makes the world go around.
Here is my jacket.

This one is a very close second.
But it isn't green.
I remember when I was in 7th grade. I had a bright green
suede jacket that literally said "green" on the back of it.
I have no idea why it said that...but I loved that jacket.
This one is almost as good.
 Ahhh.  Ok.  Enough of my wish list.
I hope everyone had a good Valentine's today.
Personally...I don't enjoy Valentine's much.
I did think our heart shaped pizza from papa johns was cute though:)
So were the chocolate covered strawberries that my mom and dad brought over.
Other than that.  Whatever.
But here is one of my little heart breakers...showing her latest football moves.
No idea where this is coming from...but she is turning into quite the little athlete.
So did not see that coming.  It is a good thing though otherwise it would be a total
waste of height!

This was not her Valentine's outfit.
Nope.  She got all duded up today and asked me to curl her hair.
She looked pretty cute.
Not sure her valentine's turned out exactly how she had planned.
I kinda have to piece things together to get the real story.
She won class president for the second year in a row.
I love that she wants to be president (and wins) every year. 
The kid has "it".  

She did come home with a box of chocolates though.
Not from the boy she likes...but from the boy that likes her.
I was proud of her that she took them from him.
I had a boy in 2nd grade offer me earrings for valentines day.
I said no.
He cried. His mom told on me...my teacher told my mom.
I was forced to take them.
I felt badly about that 20 years later...for not just accepting them at first.
For breaking his little heart.
So today...she just took the chocolates.
His handmade note said," I am giving you these to tell you how much I like you if you don't like me.  I like you because you are the only one nice to me."
How sad is that:(  I wanted to cry for him.
But I was very proud of my "president". 
She is awesome.
I am lucky to be her mom.

And the boy the she likes...he likes her...he wants her to text him.
She said no:)
So far...I am doing something right.


Some pretty things to look at...because we all need it:)

Look what just came in the mail for me from my daily hero TT.
She is my glue these days.
She sent me these cookies that are ALMOST too cute to eat.
Almost I said.
They came from Bees Knees Creative.
hmmm... I got a new mouse and keyboard yesterday for my mac...and I cannot remember how to program the stupid mouse to right click copy paste...blah.
So.  Go to www.beeskneescreative.com for your own cute cookies:)

Hmmm...this post could be quite annoying without my right click.
I need to call my brother in law who can remind me how to set it correctly.
In the mean time...here are a couple new items from this week.
Here is a new skort that I will have...and I will also get a better photo of this afternoon when my model comes home from school.
Oh...here is my model.
And here are some super cute tanks I am stocking from Glamour Toes.
And my favorites these days...

The pillows...there are so many possibilites for the pillows.
Ok...enough about me:)
All these items should be listed already in my shop.
Annnnd. I can't link to them right now...so please go to
www.paperlili.com and check them out.

Now...some fun things with Valentine's themes.
These Valentine big ruffles from everyones favorite...Matilda Jane.
These are from the Platinum Collection.
(bet you wish my mouse was working now huh)
What are your kids giving out for Valentines?
I have to say...I was out of ideas this year.
I wanted to do something cute and yet...I have no time...so instead, we have these.
Cute enough.  They come with chains to wear the hearts as necklaces.
I love smencils.
I know I have mentioned that on more than one occasion here.

Alright...my kids just walked in the door from school and now I have lost my "flow" so I may be back later this evening with more of my favorite things.

OOOOO.  I do know two more things that are on my ipad at any given time.
Angry birds Valentines:)
And my little smurf village.
I have to admit...I was pretty excited when the snow melted in my village and smurfettes house was decorated for Valentine's day.
Is there anything cuter than Smurfettes house all valentiney?
Look at all those cute little smurfs.
And one smurfette.
That was like when I went to school at the golf college...my roomate and I were the only 2 girls there.
Not as fun as it sounds.
I can't believe my parents were ok with that.
Clearly they trusted me...and I never gave them a reason not to.


Rainbows make me happy...but I love Pom Pom's even more:)

Man I love Glee.
I am sitting here trying to write a post and I am stumped because I can't quit watching Glee.
I think I need to make myself a Cheerios tee:)
Or maybe I am more of a Gleek.

 I wanted to share these super cute tutu's that I am now going to carry.
No I do not make them myself.
 Been there done that...here was my attempt.
This was Peyton's 8th birthday.
Almost 3 years ago I guess:(
Fancy Nancy-ish.
Never the less... Lisa does a far better job of them than I did...so she is my new Tutu chick:)
How cute are these?
Happy Birthday Confetti mixed in with the Pom Pom's.
I love these.
Because I love pom pom's.

I could fill jars full of pom pom's actually.
Hey.  I just might!
Even Crewcuts loves pom pom's.
So there you have it.
I you need a pom pom tutu...
Get them here.
Right now I just have pink and purple.
I am sure I can get other colors if I need to:)
Ok...back to Glee.
I really need more Darren Criss on there though.
I do feel less icky knowing he is 23 in real life:)
He is a ka-ute!

WAIT...I almost forgot to share my new tattoo.
Just jokes.
They are Fingerstache tattoos:)
 Fun for the whole family.