I promised I would take some pictures...

So here is our impromptu shoot.
"Shoot"...I say that like I actually know how to take photos.
I have no idea how to take pictures.
Or edit them.  Lawdy I have no idea how to edit.
My brain cannot handle photoshop.
I have tried.
But.  Here are a shots from this afternoon.
I believe that the love print is a Courtney Courtney screen original:)
So...dress by CC
Bling by me
and the rest is sweetness between a girl and her dogs:)
Do you see how these animals love her.
She is the dog whisperer.
They are lucky to have her I tell you.
You see him smiling:)

And last but not least...this one make me laugh.
Look at his eyes.
Can't you just hear him say,  "hey...whad up?" and then expect him to nod at you?

Thank you CC:)