Rainbows make me happy...but I love Pom Pom's even more:)

Man I love Glee.
I am sitting here trying to write a post and I am stumped because I can't quit watching Glee.
I think I need to make myself a Cheerios tee:)
Or maybe I am more of a Gleek.

 I wanted to share these super cute tutu's that I am now going to carry.
No I do not make them myself.
 Been there done that...here was my attempt.
This was Peyton's 8th birthday.
Almost 3 years ago I guess:(
Fancy Nancy-ish.
Never the less... Lisa does a far better job of them than I did...so she is my new Tutu chick:)
How cute are these?
Happy Birthday Confetti mixed in with the Pom Pom's.
I love these.
Because I love pom pom's.

I could fill jars full of pom pom's actually.
Hey.  I just might!
Even Crewcuts loves pom pom's.
So there you have it.
I you need a pom pom tutu...
Get them here.
Right now I just have pink and purple.
I am sure I can get other colors if I need to:)
Ok...back to Glee.
I really need more Darren Criss on there though.
I do feel less icky knowing he is 23 in real life:)
He is a ka-ute!

WAIT...I almost forgot to share my new tattoo.
Just jokes.
They are Fingerstache tattoos:)
 Fun for the whole family.

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Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Love the tats. And I'm obsessed with Glee as well. And nailpolish, so I bought the Glee for OPI set at Sephora. You need it too. Just got a pedicure and have "slushied" on my toes.