Some pretty things to look at...because we all need it:)

Look what just came in the mail for me from my daily hero TT.
She is my glue these days.
She sent me these cookies that are ALMOST too cute to eat.
Almost I said.
They came from Bees Knees Creative.
hmmm... I got a new mouse and keyboard yesterday for my mac...and I cannot remember how to program the stupid mouse to right click copy paste...blah.
So.  Go to www.beeskneescreative.com for your own cute cookies:)

Hmmm...this post could be quite annoying without my right click.
I need to call my brother in law who can remind me how to set it correctly.
In the mean time...here are a couple new items from this week.
Here is a new skort that I will have...and I will also get a better photo of this afternoon when my model comes home from school.
Oh...here is my model.
And here are some super cute tanks I am stocking from Glamour Toes.
And my favorites these days...

The pillows...there are so many possibilites for the pillows.
Ok...enough about me:)
All these items should be listed already in my shop.
Annnnd. I can't link to them right now...so please go to
www.paperlili.com and check them out.

Now...some fun things with Valentine's themes.
These Valentine big ruffles from everyones favorite...Matilda Jane.
These are from the Platinum Collection.
(bet you wish my mouse was working now huh)
What are your kids giving out for Valentines?
I have to say...I was out of ideas this year.
I wanted to do something cute and yet...I have no time...so instead, we have these.
Cute enough.  They come with chains to wear the hearts as necklaces.
I love smencils.
I know I have mentioned that on more than one occasion here.

Alright...my kids just walked in the door from school and now I have lost my "flow" so I may be back later this evening with more of my favorite things.

OOOOO.  I do know two more things that are on my ipad at any given time.
Angry birds Valentines:)
And my little smurf village.
I have to admit...I was pretty excited when the snow melted in my village and smurfettes house was decorated for Valentine's day.
Is there anything cuter than Smurfettes house all valentiney?
Look at all those cute little smurfs.
And one smurfette.
That was like when I went to school at the golf college...my roomate and I were the only 2 girls there.
Not as fun as it sounds.
I can't believe my parents were ok with that.
Clearly they trusted me...and I never gave them a reason not to.

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Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Shut it down with the MJ heart ruffles. Ordering NOW! I went to a trunk show on the day HOC came out and did some damage (even got something for myself!) Love it all. On Monday my hubby is teaching a class, so I'll take the girls to Build A Bear and let Leila make something cute, and get Gianna the mini version of whatever Leila makes. I also got the girls some cute spring clothes. Mostly from Baby Gap, but I got Leila a lot of things from Target - they have some really cute stuff right now. Also some necklaces from Forever 21. And just so my husband doesn't freak out I'll probably take off all the tags and put 90% of it in their drawers and act like they've had it all along.

The Wonderland shirt would have been perfect for the birthday party Leila just had.