Not only does Halloween Rock...so does Betsy!

Betsy and Miles...pure adorableness. How cute is he? Seriously. Don't you just want to squeeze his lil cheeks?

Betsy King is a fabulous photographer in Indiana. If you are in Indiana...you need to contact her to get some pics taken. Her photos are fabulous and she is even more so. Clearly she passed down her "glow" to Miles.

My Halloween Rocks shirt is selling out quickly so if you need one, you had better order it fast as I will not have time to do another printing before Halloween:( I only have a couple left in some of the sizes. Remember...this is a unisex shirt and it is super duper (ya I said duper) soft. I should have printed some mom and dad versions...that would have been cute!

...and the wedding was wonderful

We are back from our whirlwind trip to Nashville for my sister in law's wedding. It was lovely. My chicks were the flowers girls and I have to say...they were fabulosity! The little outfits I put together were so cute.

Dresses were Flowers by Zoe...super soft and comfy from Best Dressed Kids

Headbands were crewcuts

Leggings were Mim pi from Little Posh Princess

and the shoes were from Payless...and surprisingly comfy...noone complained and there was alot of dancing.

The wedding was at Union Station which is also where we stayed. Super cool hotel. I highly recommend. Only wish I was a better photographer who could take super cool pictures to show you just HOW cool the hotel was. Sorry. Guess you have to go there yourself to check it out:)


I would like to introduce the new love of my life...

...are you starting to get the impression that I am nuts? If so...and you are still a reader...then thanks! Clearly you have good taste lol.

Yes...they are green...yes I probably should have stuck with brown but I am never one to shy away from color. Words cannot express how buttery soft these puppies are. I may just put the on a shelf above my computer desk and stare at them.

They are already broken in...worn looking...perfection. If you love cowboy boots...put these on your list...you will not regret it. They are so taking me to Nashville tomorrow:)


Ahhhh Target...you get me everytime.

My mom is coming into town tomorrow to be my dog sitter this weekend while we take a quick trip to Nashville. Yes. I am very hoity toity...my dog sitter is flying international lol. For those of you that don't know...my mom and dad live 3 blocks away from us 6 months of the year. We love having them so close. My kids literally see their grandparents every day for 6 months.

Anyways. I ran to Target today to stock up on some munchies and stuff for mom. Nothing like a shelf full of cold frappuccinos awaiting your arrival (no...the apple does not fall far from the tree...we are all starbucks addicts...whatever!). Needless to say...my quick trip at Target was not so quick. Is it ever? Who IS that woman that is always either in front of me or behind me buying 2 things at Target when I have a cart full of $250 worth? How is that even possible to buy only 2 things at Target?

Today. I got suckered into the Hollywood Intuition line. I love Intuition. Such a fun store. But I even love it more when it is available 10 minutes from my house. Today I bought the bracelets because they make me look like I am cool enough to mix a bunch of bracelets together. Oh ya. Its all me:) Next trip...I need the necklace. I even daydreamed for a split second that I could make the hat work...that hat is fantastical! I may need it just to toss on my hippie chick for a good 70's looking picture. We'll see. There was only one left. If it is still there next trip...it might have to be mine.


Another cute new dress.

I am off to list these in the shop now. So cute! Again...this is something I will only have in my shop...very very limited quantities...and trust me...even cuter in person (if I don't say so myself lol!)

I have another cute dress that I somehow forgot to photograph...so I will have to do that tomorrow...guess you just have to come back to take a look!

Happy Halloween from Lima Bean Kids

So yesterday a big fun box came from the post lady. Poor lady actually...you should see what she has to put up with me everyday. Yikes. I should make her something, shouldn't I? Anyways...big box...super fun. Dacia from Lima Bean kids sent my chicks a couple Halloween tees and an extremely cute pail for our Halloween goodies. I love pail's! Anything cute that I can put stuff in...love it! Check out all Lima Bean kids goods here.

Thank you Dacia!


I love this...

I realize this may be totally gaudy and huuuuuge. But I still love it. I love color...I love flowers...I love it! No I am not buying it...but admit it...it is purdy to look at.


Oh how I love Halloween

Couple new items in the shop. First...just a fun halloween cupcake tee that I can of course make with or without your chickies name on it. Maybe you want a word instead of a name...hello Boo-tiful!

Next is the CUTEST dress. Currently these dresses are only available on my site. And they are very limited in availablility. So if you love it...get it now because they will not last. I will have a Christmas version available and a couple just super fun everyday ones. My dear friend Robin...THE tie dye queen died these for me. I can do lots of things...and have been known to tie dye in the past...but NOTHING like these. This is professional tie dying...seriously I have no idea how she gets all the beautiful colors to not mess with each other. Just WAIT until you see the other ones. Anyways. Like I said...these are only available in my store...so don't bother looking for them elsewhere:)

Check out all the fun Halloween stuff I have here.


Gotta follow THAT gross picture with something cute!

Alright...so...my new peace love happiness leggings were for a customer who wanted a happy face. I took the liberty of making it a cutesy happy face. Hopefully she will like it:O Anyways. This is MY DESIGN...so if you see it anywhere else...clearly it was stolen...as usual. There are soooo many designs out there...and in my head. Why peeps cannot just think of their own is beyond me. Inspiration is one thing...down right copying is another.


this little dude was right outside my patio door this morning. He is crispy but still..ewwww.

Time out for a little something

So I was hungry at the grocery store the other day (as usual...don't judge) and I thought it would be fun to make some little homemade ice cream sandwiches with the girls. We have the Williams Sonoma sandwich makers at home that are super fun and easy to use. Then all you need to do it make some cookies...grab your favorite ice cream and smoosh away. I apologize for the horrible fuzzy pics. Ya gotta move kinda fast while you are making these and in the middle of it all we had a leaking sprinkler issue in our front yard...one that 2 neighbors came to report on. Clearly they did not stop and smell the yumminess going on inside:)


When Matilda Jane and Paperlili smash

...add in a crewcuts bracelet and we would have all my favorites covered!

Check out Ella' first day of school outfit.

Remember, send me your happy customer pictures and I will post them.


ok...I'm back with a couple from tonight

The Halloween shirt is a unisex shirt so trust me...it would be adorable on a little dude.

New shirt new shirts...yay!

Alrighty...because of the success of the ROCKSTAR OF THE FAMILY tee...I decided to make it a collection. So I have added 3 more styles to it...and will eventually add more when I can think of other cute "family members" to add. If you have a good idea...let me hear it...if I use it...I will send you a free shirt.

Also...new Halloween shirts for boys or girls. I will try to get a mini photoshoot in for this one with one of my helpful models running around my house.

AND...I realize school has already started for most of the country...but hello...they are in the grade all year long!! So now...kindergarten and preschool rocks screen prints for both boys and girls.

Check out the new boys tees here

and the new girls tees here.


Grab your wallets...

ok...Gypsy Blue is up and omg, personally I think it is the best collection Denise has done yet. Seriously. I love it ALL!

So...what do you do next? Check out the line...then email

Christy Ingle at christyi@matildajaneclothing.com with your order. She will get you hooked up.

Please tell her you are part of Cristy Leonard's online catalog show.

So go...whatcha waiting for? You only have until the end of the weekend to do it. And you know the best pieces sell out fast...then you are forced to stalk ebay and pay 3 times the price.


paperlili goes to Waverly Place

Check this out. The beautiful chickie in the hot pink is Jordan. Her mom is the brainchild behind one of my all time FAVORITE kids tee lines...Crib Rock Couture. I love them. Genius. Tracy is also the author of a fabulous blog...Hollywood Mom because she is a Hollywood mom:) Jordan has been in all sorts of shows and movies...most recently she was a flower girl in the Hangover. A couple weeks ago she shot an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place...and this week she got to go back and watch the filming of another episode. How fun is her life? And is Selena Gomez not the absolute cutest thing ever? Did you know she was on Barney? So was Demi Lavato. Cracks me up. You tube it...its funny.

Oh...I think my point was, check out Jordan's leggings...nice huh.



Gypsy Blue launches...I keep getting little hints in my inbox and well...save your pennies ladies because I think you are going to need them on the 4th! Online catalog show for anyone needing some Matilda Jane to add to their closets.

I will give you info on who and when to contact in a couple days to get the goods. In the mean time...here's your sneak peek for the day...

Ok...I just got an email from Christy (not me...clearly) the trunk keeper and she said orders can be placed on the 4th. Geesh...I knew I was losing my mind. I tell you, I am lucky to pick up my kids from school on time somedays I am that messed up lol.