Gotta follow THAT gross picture with something cute!

Alright...so...my new peace love happiness leggings were for a customer who wanted a happy face. I took the liberty of making it a cutesy happy face. Hopefully she will like it:O Anyways. This is MY DESIGN...so if you see it anywhere else...clearly it was stolen...as usual. There are soooo many designs out there...and in my head. Why peeps cannot just think of their own is beyond me. Inspiration is one thing...down right copying is another.


Emom said...

I know...been there, stinks....but your ideas are great, keep at it!

Anonymous said...

I think she'll love them. : ) They look awesome. Sorry about the copcat. :( Her photo's suck and she isn't as fabulous as you are.


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Cute! I love the colors of "Hayden"