New shirt new shirts...yay!

Alrighty...because of the success of the ROCKSTAR OF THE FAMILY tee...I decided to make it a collection. So I have added 3 more styles to it...and will eventually add more when I can think of other cute "family members" to add. If you have a good idea...let me hear it...if I use it...I will send you a free shirt.

Also...new Halloween shirts for boys or girls. I will try to get a mini photoshoot in for this one with one of my helpful models running around my house.

AND...I realize school has already started for most of the country...but hello...they are in the grade all year long!! So now...kindergarten and preschool rocks screen prints for both boys and girls.

Check out the new boys tees here

and the new girls tees here.


Tiffany L. said...

I'm throwing Drama Queen out there, lol...

Katie said...

Ha! Tiffany and I are thinking along the same lines-

I was thinking DIVA in the family. I need one of those.

Birdie said...

I was thinking maybe "I am the comedian in the family." or "I am the artist in the family."

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH! I love the rocket scientist one!!!! You are awesome. : )


dch1155 said...

I am the spoiled one in the family. Or how bout mischievious (spelling off) one or--and LOVE this--the sane one in the family (LOL) sad but true.