My littleist chick is 8

Today...we had a birthday.
Lili Loo turned 8.
8 years ago she came into this world in Savannah, Georgia.
She cried from the moment she came out...until her 1st birthday.
Wheeee.  She was not an easy baby.
I held her for that entire first year.
Sometimes holding her would stop her crying...sometimes it would stop mine.
I would hold her for the rest of her life if she needed me to.
She is my buddy. 
We have been attached to each other for 8 beautiful years.

Hmm...rhinestone tank...check...bottle cap necklace...check...somethings never change:)
Yes this cupcake tee was a paperlili original:)
You see this skirt...I used to make them.
I made everything at one point.
Ok...well enough of memory lane.
My "baby" is now 8.
I just put her to bed...she was sad that she is 8...she is sad that she is growing up.
I am sad too...but I love her dearly and nothing would change that.
On to the birthday.
It was a simple affair.
You will probably be dissapointed in my lack of everything...but she had a good time.
That's all that matters.

Some balloons.
Actually there were a ton of balloons that Steve blew up all night and
my photos were terrible of them.  

Next...the goodie bags:)
Or...as we called them in Canada growing up "loot bags" 
because you SHOULD get some good loot.
Keep in mind...there were only two kids at this party;)

How cute is American Girl...stuff?
Everything they make is just stinkin' cute.

Next...I realized that my giant ice cream cone lamp matched the ice cream 
cone in the Target Paul Frank party supplies.
Clearly this was in the back of my head somewhere...I think.

Next...the attire.
Skirt by Dancing Freckle on etsy.
Tank by me of course.

I just had to throw in Peyton's footwear for the day.
Actually...not all day. They both rollerskated around the house for literally 4 hours today.

Next...the craft.
Make your own cupcake purse.

Get it here.

Patiently waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive for breakfast.

Our new blanket specially made just for us out of our old tees by 
our favorite upcycler...Courtney Courtney.

New gift from Grandma and Grandpa...the new Nintendo 3DS
Insane it is.  SOOO cool.
It literally came out today.
That's what grandma's are good for...lining up at 8 in the morning for the newest and best.
It honestly is crazy 3D.  It works.  BUT...they also say it is not for kids under 7 because it
is not good for their eyes.  I can see that.  I don't think it would be good for anyones eyes.
However you can turn the 3D back into 2D if you would like.

Getting some birthday calls:)

And working off some energy.

Of course...we had to have a fun cake.
And thanks to Kids Cakes on Etsy...my cake actually looked cute!

Check out our cake cutter.

I was afraid the cake would taste terrible with all that food coloring.
8 colored layers for 8 colorful years.
It was actually pretty good.
I think the key is to use good Wilton Food Coloring.
Not the cheap stuff from the local grocery store.

And then tonight I had to make cookies for the birthday celebration at school tomorrow.
Now...back to work.
My real work:)


Wordless wednesday...kinda

I have a problem.
Ainsley's birthday is on Sunday.
I don't have anything planned.
Can you say sucky mom?
See...you probably think I am a good mom (or maybe you don't?)
But I really have nothing planned.
Truth be told...I don't usually plan much.
It always comes together in the end.
This year was going to be a big fun shindig with her buddies.
Then life got in the way.
Or...current events I guess.
Thus...things got pushed to the back burner and now I've got nothing.

This is not entirely true.
A last minute etsy purchase (after a helpful hint from Bridgette) hopefully will take 
care of the cake and such.

Then I have this little diddy on it's way from Courtney Courtney.
My original plan was to redo her room.
I have not painted a single thing since we moved last May.
Now that I have no idea if we will have to move somewhere for a job...
I am not touching anything.  

I had big plans:(
But I do have this...

Yup.  A giant ice cream cone and a blankie:)
Random I know.
Good thing she is only 8.
OOOO...and this.
What is it you ask?
Why it is a giant cupcake chalkboard:)

And I got her something that I never had as a kid (can you believe it!)

Although...I kinda think maybe my sister had one.
Why don't I remember this? I remember everything.
Anywho...I literally drew a blank while walking the aisles at Target...so...
she is getting something that she has never even asked for.

Hmmm...can you see a food theme here?
Clearly I was hungry while shopping.
Hungry for either giant food or miniature?
Go figure.

So I guess the moral of the story is that this birthday may be coming together after all.
Perhaps I need to get some decorations???

So I leave you with this.
The views from my desk in the morning.
This one was yesterday:
And this was my view today...which is becoming more and more common around here:)
Rolf Bleu bracelets available here...and her collection will be 
growing soon as I will have new ones in the shop this week.


Is it still spring break?

So the kids are off school this week.
The hubs is still home.
I still have tons of work.
I am tee-red.
It was 91 degrees out today...
good thing my mom and dad heat their pool so the kids have a way to cool off.
Tuesday we went to the zoo.
The animals were very cooperative.

So, I need school to be back in session.
And I need hubby to get a job please.
Because I need to work.
Right now...I am a chicken without a head.
I wake up...press shirts...package shirts...ship shirts...entertain family members...return home...make shirts...etc etc etc...and repeat.
Chicken...no head. 
I think what is throwing me off is the addition of the big dude here.
I have my system down pat when it is just the girls and I.
They are not the demanding ones.
They do not need to be entertained 24/7.
The big dude...I need him to quit asking me, "what are we doing today?"
(and I know he is reading this)
Well...here is the answer, "I am working!"
The girls will be fed and exercised at some point...no worries...it all works out.

Alright...time to look at cute spring stuff.
It is already quite warm here and well...I ditched half of my closet
(literally...pitched it into bags and gave it all to a friend).
I feel better. 
I did each of the girls closets as well.
Pack away winter...and onto summer. We always seem to skip spring here.
It goes from 60 degrees to 90.
The good thing about summer clothes are that they take up way less room than sweaters and jackets huh.
So here are fun springy finds that I would like in my closet.
My clean closet.

The maxi dress...because I like to hide in dresses:)

Cute shorts...although these might be a little short for me...not sure.
 I LOOOOVE this skirt.
Again. I like to hide in long skirts and dresses.
Swimwear..unfortunately...we all need it so we might as well look as cute as possible:)

and of course...a cute pair of sandals
Born always make your feet swoon so I am going to guess these are like
wedge slippers

Ok...I am off to try this It's a 10 combo in my hair as my last lightening left me a tad
broomstick-ish...so here's to deep conditioning.
I have done a little research and apparently the two together make a great mask.
I will let you know if they help.