Sparkle Holiday Jars

The other day I bought these at Anthropologie.
I can't find them on their site, but I purchased them in the store.
I love them.
I like to add to my Christmas decor every year with something from Anthro.
Last year I bought this Merry Christmas banner 
and the initial ornaments the year before.
So...back to the jars.
These were the only three sizes available.
I wanted more..more...MORE!
Hobby Lobby for some good variations in mason jar sizes.
Martha Stewart (at Michaels) for the glue, glitter and flocking.
And both Michaels and Hobby Lobby for the mini trees and deer.
It was really just as simple as coating the trees and deer in glue 
and sprinkling glitter or flocking on them. 
Then I just hot glued them to the lids.
Poured in more glitter (for snow).
And bam...a little sparkle village.

And then I plopped them in my window sill by my kitchen sink (and apparently my very dirty window) and now I have something pretty to look at while cleaning up everyones plates that can't seem to make their way into the dishwasher:)
(sorry about the terrible photo)


My favorite things for ladies

Ok...so clearly Oprah I'm not.
BUT...I still know what I like.
Wish I could give one of everything to my readers (or me for that matter!)

First...makeup for mama.
This is such a great idea.
I love mirrored jewelry cases.
I have 2 as a matter of fact.
This make up set has a second life as a jewelry case after you are done with the make up.

How about these Ugg Slippers.
Love this color.
These won't last long in stock...I guarantee it.
Since I seem to be on a cozy kick (go figure).
How about this thermal tee gift set from Splendid.
Loooove me some splendid.

 Speaking of Splendid.
If you need the perfect top. 
Wear it with jeans, leggings or dress pants...here it is.
Perfect fit for everyone.
Comes in about 20 colors.
 So personally I sent my letter to Santa for a pair of boots.
Not just any boots.
Now. If the temperature dips below 65 degrees (not even kidding) I am frozen.
Especially my hands.
So they are covered up with gloves all the time.
HOWEVER...I still like to do my nails a cute color.
Love it.

Ok..for those Holiday festivities check out this skirt.
And the price! $39.  Can't beat that.
 Ahhh...Anthropologie never lets me down.
I would really love one of these charm necklaces.
Ooooohhhh...how I love this sweater.
It's expensive though.
But it just looks. So. Cozy.
Wouldn't it look good with my boots and my charm necklace!
Oooo...I need a hat.  Ok...hang on. I am a hat expert:)

I am thinking leopard. 
I need a leopard beret:)
Like this one.

Holy expensive outfit I have concocted.
There has to be a less expensive version.
This is better.
Maybe.  Not sure.  I want the other one.
I need my mom to knit me one.
Ok...so I happen to think Halle Berry has the best style in Hollywood.
I always love what she wears.  Sure it helps that she is walking perfection.
BUT...she is also awesome at putting together outfits.
Last year...she was rocking this Rick Owens jacket all over the place.
Oooo...what I would do for that jacket.
Love that jacket.
That jacket I believe was around $2500.
No joke.

Anywhoo...fast forward to this year and although I don't actually like
to be a year behind in anything...I think this jacket is pretty classic (in my eyes) and
I still love it with all my heart.
Luckily...there are a few inspired versions of it that are not thousands of dollars.
Like this one (although it is not lined...but it does drape like butta')

aaaaand...even better (and I can't believe I am sharing this find!)
I have it.  It. Is. Fantastic.
I do recommend it...especially at that price.
So yummy.
 Alrighty...I think that is it for now. 
I am half asleep and have another long week ahead of me.


Ideas for t'weens and teens:)

Alrighty.  I am back with some fun finds for teens and t'weens (and me because I refuse to grow up).

This pretty much covers it...Sephora of course.
I have to confess...I would SO rock these Uggs.

Pretty much any jewelry from Forever 21.
Cheap and Chic.

Something fun and sparkly from Kitson:)

and since you are already at Kitson...how about a scarf as well.

If money is not an object...then by all means...THESE are a necessity.
 Gotta look good while listening to music!
 How about a super cute iphone case.

Colored jeans are HUGE right now.
My sister and I had the best Guess jeans in high school.
I had yellow.  She had purple and turquoise.
Her turquoise ones matched her Suzuki Sidekick....it was awesome:)
And now...you can find just the right shade in case you want to match your car as well:)
Joes Jeans 55 colors.
 Ok...so this one is tough.
I don't know where you get it...but it is super cool!

aaaaand...what teen/t'ween wouldn't like one of these
a storage lap desk.

I apologize if you guys are looking for boys gifts.
I am terrible at boys gifts.
Unless he likes sparkles and glitter stuff:)
So...I suggest a gift certificate to
- itunes
-best buy
That pretty much sums up boys right? 
If anyone has good boy ideas...please email them to me and I will post them.

I'll be back tomorrow with finds for Mom's and Dad's.

I'm back...because people need shopping ideas!

Ok. So I have had a ton of people emailing me (disappointed in me) because apparently...
some like my shopping finds.  
I'm back...taking a break from pressing and shipping and actually 
on another note...if you can hold off from sending that, "just checking on my order status" email...
I would truly appreciate it.  
I promise if you ordered by December 1st...you will have it in time.
I can't promise that you will have it in time to turn around and ship it to Australia...or Germany...
but you will have it in time for your Domestic Celebrations:) 
And I also guarantee that I have no life at the moment (not that I usually do) 
and that I am working day and night to get everyone their sparkles in time.

And also please note that I am EXTREMELY grateful for each and every single sparkle ordered.
I really have the sweetest customers.

Back to Christmas.
Back to shopping:)

Here are some good finds for kids...

A favorite around here.
Especially the Yummy collection.
I think we have all the pillows.
The best ones are the pancakes and the pizza.

(truthfully...these freak me out...I would hate them....but I bet boys like them)

 little missmatched jammies

little missmatched nail art

mogo flip flops with funky charms

can't go wrong with nintendo games
and if your kid is as obsessed with Toms shoes as daughter is...
then she probably needs a new pair (because they last us maybe 3 months tops)
So I got her this pair and they have sherpa in them.
Like slippers really.

Alrighty.  That's it for now.
I will be back later with a list for 'tweens...mom's and dads:)