Sparkle Holiday Jars

The other day I bought these at Anthropologie.
I can't find them on their site, but I purchased them in the store.
I love them.
I like to add to my Christmas decor every year with something from Anthro.
Last year I bought this Merry Christmas banner 
and the initial ornaments the year before.
So...back to the jars.
These were the only three sizes available.
I wanted more..more...MORE!
Hobby Lobby for some good variations in mason jar sizes.
Martha Stewart (at Michaels) for the glue, glitter and flocking.
And both Michaels and Hobby Lobby for the mini trees and deer.
It was really just as simple as coating the trees and deer in glue 
and sprinkling glitter or flocking on them. 
Then I just hot glued them to the lids.
Poured in more glitter (for snow).
And bam...a little sparkle village.

And then I plopped them in my window sill by my kitchen sink (and apparently my very dirty window) and now I have something pretty to look at while cleaning up everyones plates that can't seem to make their way into the dishwasher:)
(sorry about the terrible photo)

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AZconservativeMOM said...

So that's what you were shopping for at Michael's! Great to meet you and your mom, too! Those jars are gorgeous...