Ideas for t'weens and teens:)

Alrighty.  I am back with some fun finds for teens and t'weens (and me because I refuse to grow up).

This pretty much covers it...Sephora of course.
I have to confess...I would SO rock these Uggs.

Pretty much any jewelry from Forever 21.
Cheap and Chic.

Something fun and sparkly from Kitson:)

and since you are already at Kitson...how about a scarf as well.

If money is not an object...then by all means...THESE are a necessity.
 Gotta look good while listening to music!
 How about a super cute iphone case.

Colored jeans are HUGE right now.
My sister and I had the best Guess jeans in high school.
I had yellow.  She had purple and turquoise.
Her turquoise ones matched her Suzuki Sidekick....it was awesome:)
And now...you can find just the right shade in case you want to match your car as well:)
Joes Jeans 55 colors.
 Ok...so this one is tough.
I don't know where you get it...but it is super cool!

aaaaand...what teen/t'ween wouldn't like one of these
a storage lap desk.

I apologize if you guys are looking for boys gifts.
I am terrible at boys gifts.
Unless he likes sparkles and glitter stuff:)
So...I suggest a gift certificate to
- itunes
-best buy
That pretty much sums up boys right? 
If anyone has good boy ideas...please email them to me and I will post them.

I'll be back tomorrow with finds for Mom's and Dad's.

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The enchanted home said...

GREAT post!!!!!! That first makeup kit my niece would love since she said makeup is a big thing on her list (10 going on 18, scary but shes sooooo cute she gets away with it) LOL...and those UGG boots what tween wouldn't flip over them!
Love all your wonderful ideas.....