Wow...the Gap done good:)

I don't know what is going on at the Gap over there but they have had some great pieces in the last year or so.  I will admit...I think a couple years went by when I did not buy a single kids item there.
Now...I am impressed.
This will be Peyton's winter Jacket.
I love it.  I would wear it.
Yes...tuxedo leggings!
I have been so over skulls...for a good year now.
Enough with the skulls...until this tunic.
I kinda love it with the tuxedo leggings.
Oh...I lied...we have a skull "halloweeny" little fox tee that is pretty cute.
But that is it for skulls...I think.

By the way...if you have not tried the Gap 1969 jeans...you are missing out.
I have owned pretty much every brand of designer denim and I love the gap jeans just as much...if not more. I am not kidding.  They are so soft and really great fitting jeans.
Just go try some on...I guarantee you will find a pair you like.

Two must haves from crewcuts.
And I would know...because they arrived today and well...even better in person.
I love this little dress.  So cute with some funky tights.
And comfy.  That is what I truly love about crewcuts.
It is all so comfy. 


I think my kid is obsessed with me...

...and I her.  But seriously...she LOOOOOVES me.  I get on average...2 of these notes a day.
Not kidding.  She was extremely colicky for the first year of her life...extreme.  Ever since...she has been the most huggy, lovey, clingy...lovey...smooshy kid ever.  Has not missed a single day in 6 1/2 years...(and yes she is 71/2...but she was not huggy lovey for the first year lol).

So...here is today's example of how she stalks me.
So instead of love letters back...I hug and kiss her constantly...and make her tees:)
and then one for the big chick
she loves me too...she draws me the best pictures and leaves them an hour after I sent her to bed...just when I think she is sleeping...all of the sudden some fabulous picture of her and I appears on my desk.  
Now...no...sorry...these will not be for sale.
But...you can make one yourself:)
All you need is some transfer paper, a printer and an iron.
Seriously.  You can do it.  Trust me.
Michaels or Joanns would have the paper.
I use commercial quality paper but I bet you get the same result from the stuff at the craft store.
I took pictures of cereal boxes for these...but you can just get an image off the internet.
Remember to FLIP your image so you are printing the image in reverse.
Print...then follow the ironing instructions  and voila.
Of course...the bling was a very tedious additional step...but it is super cute without it as well.
Trust me.  Try it.  Your kids will love you.
You will be obsessed and before you know it...you will have tees with all sorts of images on them.
So do it...and send me a picture.


loooong day

I swear every monday I think the same thing...this day kicked my butt.
I have alot going on on Monday's and Tuesdays....and now fridays and Saturdays.
The girls are both playing volleyball and so I have four different practice days plus their games on Sat mornings starting this week.  Then we have music lessons for both of them mixed in there.
I honestly don't have a clue how people with 3+ kids do it.
And there are alot of people with 3 or more kids. 
You are my heros.  I could not do it.
Not kidding.

So today was monday and monday's kick my butt.
Today was an extra difficult one...just dealing with some other tough peeps.
Never the less...I am working with someone who makes extremely cute stuff and I will soon have them for sale on my site:)  I think they will compliment my goods nicely and well...you will love them.
I know you will. I have never sold other people goodies on my site...but I would like to start.  Just with some fun stuff that works with my items.
SO...stay tuned...should happen soon.

Ok...back to my crummy day. Well...how crummy could it be when I started it with this fabulous Courtney Courtney dress.  Ooooo yaaaa.  
She rocks.
I have to admit...our Courtney Courtney dress collection is pretty darn impressive...I think they could go into the CC Hall of Fame.

THEN...I what did I just see??? But this little diddy she whipped up today.
Notice anything on there?  Oooo ya...the made a sleeve out of one of my tank tops.
How cute is that?  
She is so good.  She has her knockoffs and seriously...they don't even almost hold a candle to her.
They can try all they want...they would never make a sleeve out of a tank top.
Speaking of cute...look at the designer extrodinaire.
Hmmm...wonder where she got that top?  
So if that was not enough to brighten my mood...how about this one...
Seriously Denise?  How cute are your kids?
I need to make the Rocket Scientist tee in adults for David.
Wonder what Denise is in the family...oooo too many options really.

I decided it was time I made my girls a couple tees tonight...yes...I took a break from the regular...only because I am waiting for my shipment from AA...BUT...I needed a break tonight. 
They aren't done yet...but lets just say I was inspired by some Halloween cereal I saw at Target.
Any guesses:)

Um. I am so tired, I guarantee there are a million typos in this post (yes I know...there usually are) but I don't have the oomph to reread it...sorry.


Sunday funday

I dunno.  Running out of titles. 
But...not fun ideas.
So...here are a couple new things.
First...the "traditional" colored Dreidel tee.
The blue name version of the ring pop
The blue version (yes...I am on a blue kick) of the initial tee
A rainbow name for the bubblegum machine tee.
I think I like the rainbow name better than just silver.  Not sure.
And it would not be a Sunday without me keeping up on my "Halloween Sunday Craft".
Look at me go...three weeks in a row:)
Um...ya.  Ainsley did the haunted house...Peyton did the graveyard.
I now get to look at it on our counter for the next Month:)
I'm sorry...but I think the award goes to Ainsley for making eye lashes out of bones:)
Ok.  Off to ship a TON of items.
Then catch the premier of Brothers and Sisters...although I don't agree with it at all after they killed off my Rob Lowe:(  How does he not age yet I am now older (looking) than him?
I don't even care...look at him!


Cute Customer Friday

Did you know there is a Paper Lili facebook fan page?
Did you know that I always post new stuff there first?
Did you know that I am going to do some limited edition items 
that will be posted on the facebook fan page first?
So you had better join:)

Click here to take you to the page.

And please...if you have cute pictures of your kids in paper lili goodies...post those pictures.
You never know what it will get you:)
Come on...there has to be some sort of benefit to joining the fan page:)

It is never to early to start sportin your bling on the treats tees:)
If you would like one...there is still plenty of time.
And this picture from Michelle.
I am not certain if Michelle is a professional photographer...if not...she needs to be:)
Can you believe this little super hero!!!  Those blue eyes.  Wow.

Ok.  Stay tuned.  I have stuff in store.


I seem to be obsessed with Halloween this year

I have always loved Halloween...but seriously...it is only Sept 19th!
I kinda think the heat is getting to me. My car just said 111 degrees and hour ago.
I am so over the heat.  We can't even swim anymore because the pool is only 75...and noone in this family goes in 75 degree water...so pool season....done.
Still redonculously hot out though.

I warned you that I would be doing a little bit of Halloween each weekend. 
I have to do it this way.  If I want to do a good job of it.
I have little moments of time to do any sort of decorating.
Like...10 minutes on Sunday afternoon.  
I probably should start on xmas soon since that will take me forever at this rate.
Anyways. I have a display area by my front door. It is a strange shape.
I have not found anything that looks good in it...so...for the next month (and a half lol)
it will be a Halloween cubby.

Then another strange landing area going up the stairs.
It seems to be a good place for me to just place loose things from around the house that need to go back up the stairs.  This is usually a lovely area for hair elastics...baseball caps and silly bandz...(shhh...the baseball caps are usually mine).
So maybe our glitter skeleton will keep us in check.
I am so happy with Target this year.  I swear they have had the same Halloween "theme" for the past three years.  I am onto them.  They do that with xmas stuff as well.
They just bring out what did not sell the year before.  But this year, they have a new theme...cute new characters and I love them all:)
Way to go Target:)

Ok.  Back to work:)
Oh.  If you are looking for a way to get your kids to shower more often.
Here ya go.

When Gracylu met Paper lili

So the beautiful and extremely talented Tristian of Gracylu fame made me a couple hair pieces to go with some of my shirts.  I tried to take photos this morning and

A.  it was already 90 degrees outside on it's way to 108 today


B.  I was more excited about the hair bands than the "collaboration" HA

I suck.  I am going to have to try again so you can see that the pieces match the tees perfectly.
If you are not familiar with Gracylu...get familiar...she is taking over the world one head of beautiful hair at a time.

Join the Gracylu fan page here.

Or head straight to her page here.

Do you see the crystal spider on her head!  How fabulously creepy!!  I heart it.

Um.  This is the only shot I got that you can tell there is actually a matching tee.
Ha. I'm such a loser.  It is the snowman tee.  We were going for non traditional 
holiday colors.  Whatever...LOOK at the hair lovely!
Isn't it amazing how kids faces morph from 1st to 2nd grade...all because of the teeth.
First you have the baby teeth...then no teeth...then the two huge teeth...then finally the other dudes start to creep in and it all makes sense again.
Unless you are us, and you have to have either 2 or 4 teeth pulled in a couple weeks.
Yippee...bring on the fun:(
So I tried to make the pumpkin with the metal studs.
I can't feel my thumb now. It was that hard.
Stick with the glitter glue and the rhinestones.


Did...done...now we grow it back

well...it's healthy
and bouncy
and swingy
and she is happy
me...I wanted to gather all her hair off the ground and knit a sweater out of it

Feed Bag Unicef:)

I love the "feed" bags.
If you are not familiar with them...go here to read.
Basically...the Feed Project makes these bags...and each one benefits a different charity.
They get the money...you get a cool bag.
This morning, I saw that there is a Feed Unicef trick or treat bag that is going to be on HSN tonight and tomorrow.  Now.  I can honestly say I have never watched HSN let alone buy something on it.  Not that there is anything wrong with HSN...which is exactly why I don't watch. I do not need to be making spur of the moment purchases at midnight after staring at rhinestones all day.  Those thing can hypnotise ya.
BUT...I was going to make an exception tonight.
So a simple HSN search and low and behold...you can buy the bag right off their site...now!
I love it.

Feed Unicef. 
The beauty of this bag in particular (other than the fact that it is the perfect trick or treat bag) is that part of the proceeds goes to Unicef USA.

You know you want one;)
Go here to purchase if you do.

Little 'dos

So yesterday I posted on my paper lili facebook page 
(if you are not a fan...why not???  Ya never know what you can win on there;)
I posted a picture of my chick. She needs a hair cut...or a hairdo I guess.
I asked peeps to talk me out of it...or prove to me why it is a good idea.
What happened?  I got pictures of the cutest little chicks with the cutest little 'dos.

Here are just a handful.
Lisa and her little funky gal.
Seriously...this is the funkiest/funnest kids hairdo I have ever seen.
She said people stop them all the time to take pictures and ask where she got it done.

Hang on...I think I should post the before and after.
Here is the before.
and now the after
Now that is funky hair.
Lisa (the mama) is actually a fabulous jewelry designer. Check her out here.

Then Joanne sent me one.
Joanne was at the library with her kids...being super mom.
I honestly don't think I have ever taken my kids to the library.
How terrible is that!
Do libraries these days have Starbucks?  Or is that just Barnes n noble?
Ha.  I'm awful. And totally not kidding.

Leisha just sent me this one...which is a double whammy because
A. it is a fabulous haircut!
B.  they did my pumpkin craft and they did it even better than ours!!!

Thanks Leisa...now AFTER we leave the salon, we have to head BACK to Michaels...get another pumpkin and do a batty one;)

So if your cutie pie has a must see 'do...email it to me please

Now...yesterday I did a post and I am not sure what I was thinking...but I did not post my "sources"...sorry.

So...if you are looking for the I Like tee...you gotta call
Hipster Kid , Tell Elizabeth I sent ya.

And if you too need to make your own salon
(I am so glad noone told me that I was beyond tacky for hanging a polish rack in my office lol...mind you...I guess many of you probably think so...and you didn't wanna hurt my feelings ...which is ok too:)
The rack came from this dude on ebay.
Now...it took a good 3-4 weeks to get...I am most certain you can find one quicker...however...this was a good price and well...we weren't exactly in a rush...as in, our salon did not have a grand opening date set lol.
So here is the rack

And if you have a little dude that likes to collect hotwheels...I think this is an super fun way to display those too!  Of course...you would need a wall full...that could get pretty pricey.

I will be honest.  I had more polishes than what fit on the rack.
I may need another one.  The biggest problem with the rack...is the fact that my kids won't leave my desk area, so we may have to move the salon:)


Baseball tees are in...and up:)

Ok.  So I listed the baseball tees.
I have lots of new baseball tee designs that I want to do...but for now...I 
listed it and you can choose what you want it to say. 
It is the perfect mom/cheer tee.  Unless you don't want peeps
asking you where you got your tee.
If you don't mind that...then by all means...order a school version
to sport from the bleachers:)

Get them here.

I have SO much work today...I gotta get to it.  So I will leave you with a couple pics.

Her shirt pretty much sums her up.
In fact...the nail polish part is well...this should sum it up...
Uh ya...this is directly behind my desk.
Which apparently doubles as a salon.

Ok...that's all I got right now.  
I'll be back:)