Now...what should I put on them?

So I have these 5 new pieces soon to be in stock.
I just need to figure out what to put on them.
Any ideas?


AnnieMac said...

I just received a "soccer rocks" t for my daughter. Loved it so much, that I just ordered her a "Wildcats Rock" t also.

The baseball t's shown here are darling.........love them. I am sure whatever you come up with to put on them will be great!

MeredithM said...

I think you should put Team Edward on the baseball shirts! or Vampire Baseball Rocks!

Anonymous said...

*love* the new shirts...and I WISH i looked like the model in those pants :D

Lauri E said...

Oh I love the Team Edward shirt idea. But just a hot mommy shirt for Halloween would be awesome. Maybe "Witchy Woman"!!!

Anonymous said...

How about "Witchy Woman" for a smokin' hot Mommy Halloween shirt!

mika beth said...

Cheer mom!