Wow...the Gap done good:)

I don't know what is going on at the Gap over there but they have had some great pieces in the last year or so.  I will admit...I think a couple years went by when I did not buy a single kids item there.
Now...I am impressed.
This will be Peyton's winter Jacket.
I love it.  I would wear it.
Yes...tuxedo leggings!
I have been so over skulls...for a good year now.
Enough with the skulls...until this tunic.
I kinda love it with the tuxedo leggings.
Oh...I lied...we have a skull "halloweeny" little fox tee that is pretty cute.
But that is it for skulls...I think.

By the way...if you have not tried the Gap 1969 jeans...you are missing out.
I have owned pretty much every brand of designer denim and I love the gap jeans just as much...if not more. I am not kidding.  They are so soft and really great fitting jeans.
Just go try some on...I guarantee you will find a pair you like.

Two must haves from crewcuts.
And I would know...because they arrived today and well...even better in person.
I love this little dress.  So cute with some funky tights.
And comfy.  That is what I truly love about crewcuts.
It is all so comfy. 

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