Taking a break...

....from candy!!!

Guess what is shipping in your packages starting today???
Don't curse me if 

A. you hate these crazy colorful bandz that everyone is wearing
B.  if you totally cannot figure out what the heck the band is...some of them truly don't look like anything to me...but still look cute all matchy matchy on the arms...and ankles.

So.  Keep your eye open.  I have all the holidays covered;)  

ps.  Do you have any of the silly rings?  
We have just a handful...they are about the cutest thing ever.  
I need more *cough cough* my girls need more I mean. 


Kimd said...

I need to send you all of ours to recycle. My girls collected them for about a year and now have moved on to Bracelets by Jac Vanek...well mommy has moved them into it:)

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh...We have tons! ANd my girls always want more...We just bought 2 more packs yesterday at Fred Meyer. Why do they have to put those at the ENTRANCE of the grocery store??

Anonymous said...

We Have millions!!
Plse feel free to send me just a square piece of toilet paper. TIA ;)


ps. have you purchased the scented ones??