More Halloween Finds

So I just had to order a million dollars worth of tees and stuff.
Stock was low...I was missing odd sizes all over the place.
But I need a break from "studding" so I am back for more Halloween finds.

How about this apron

I am so sad...last year I had a screen door this would have worked on.
This year...I have just a plain door:(
Mr. Bones here would have been so perfect on our house when we lived in Savannah.
Man that is a fun place to live from October-December.  They know how to decorate!

This is a good site.
The Afternoon.  I have never seen it before.
It has lots of fun stuff.
Like this cake plate.

Target never lets us down now does it?

This is a fun take on the "boo" halloween fun.
It is only available online though.

This tee from Em Tanner is darling.
I need it for myself I think.
Ladies is not an option...but I need one. 
Em.  Print it for the ladies please.

Fun!  A cauldron punch bowl.

How about a cute hair doodad:)

Wow...I am all over the map tonight aren't I?
Well...then I might as well toss in my new favorite find.
I mentioned that I "accidently" colored my hair dark dark brown a couple weeks ago.
Ya.  It was semi permanent...it has not budged at all...BUT...I will say, that for a chick
with blonde totally damaged hair...I am now the proud owner of super shiny healthy...dark brown hair.  Ha.  Why is it super healthy and shiny all of the sudden. I am not really certain.
Maybe because dark hair is not as pourous as blonde hair.
For instance...you know it kills Jennifer Aniston that Courtney Cox's hair glistens:)
Never the less...here is my new favorite shampoo.
I had a bunch of ulta points so I went crazy in the shampoo section and I found my new true love.  It works.  Totally works.  No blow dry...no flat iron.  Just smoothy shiny...ironless hair.

I should try it on Peyton's hair...the will be the true test.
But I don't wanna share this one.  
Did I mention that she got contact's last week?
Not that I don't love her glasses...because I do...she is super funky in them.
But we start volleyball this week and well...I didn't want her to take a ball to the face with glasses slipping down her nose.

Did you know that contacts might actually be better for kids than glasses?
Apparently they may slow down the progression of their eye failure.
Since I am basically blind as a bat and so is Steve...clearly our poor children don't stand a chance.  So far...Ainsley is ok...but it is only a matter of time.

In case you were worried about my eye site and all those rhinestones...you should lol...at last appointment...my contacts were a -8.75.  In case you don't wear contacts...that is really really bad.  If you do wear contacts...you just felt sorry for me;)

Night night.


Khris said...

Yay for the contacts for Peyton! My contact rx is -10.00! eeek! I started wearing them when I was 10 years old, and I've never had any trouble. Thanks for all of the Halloween links!

Pamela said...

I am a contact lens wearer...as I was reading your correction you finished my words. I think I am bad at 2.75 and 3.25, that is just a little blip on the screen. You should think about lasik!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, I am loving all these Halloween things you are finding! So cute. That cake plate is awesome!! I love that website too!!
And of course, Peyton, is lovely as always-even with her contacts! Love that she plays volleyball...what a great activity. I wish they had that in my daughters school!