Feed Bag Unicef:)

I love the "feed" bags.
If you are not familiar with them...go here to read.
Basically...the Feed Project makes these bags...and each one benefits a different charity.
They get the money...you get a cool bag.
This morning, I saw that there is a Feed Unicef trick or treat bag that is going to be on HSN tonight and tomorrow.  Now.  I can honestly say I have never watched HSN let alone buy something on it.  Not that there is anything wrong with HSN...which is exactly why I don't watch. I do not need to be making spur of the moment purchases at midnight after staring at rhinestones all day.  Those thing can hypnotise ya.
BUT...I was going to make an exception tonight.
So a simple HSN search and low and behold...you can buy the bag right off their site...now!
I love it.

Feed Unicef. 
The beauty of this bag in particular (other than the fact that it is the perfect trick or treat bag) is that part of the proceeds goes to Unicef USA.

You know you want one;)
Go here to purchase if you do.

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