When Gracylu met Paper lili

So the beautiful and extremely talented Tristian of Gracylu fame made me a couple hair pieces to go with some of my shirts.  I tried to take photos this morning and

A.  it was already 90 degrees outside on it's way to 108 today


B.  I was more excited about the hair bands than the "collaboration" HA

I suck.  I am going to have to try again so you can see that the pieces match the tees perfectly.
If you are not familiar with Gracylu...get familiar...she is taking over the world one head of beautiful hair at a time.

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Do you see the crystal spider on her head!  How fabulously creepy!!  I heart it.

Um.  This is the only shot I got that you can tell there is actually a matching tee.
Ha. I'm such a loser.  It is the snowman tee.  We were going for non traditional 
holiday colors.  Whatever...LOOK at the hair lovely!
Isn't it amazing how kids faces morph from 1st to 2nd grade...all because of the teeth.
First you have the baby teeth...then no teeth...then the two huge teeth...then finally the other dudes start to creep in and it all makes sense again.
Unless you are us, and you have to have either 2 or 4 teeth pulled in a couple weeks.
Yippee...bring on the fun:(
So I tried to make the pumpkin with the metal studs.
I can't feel my thumb now. It was that hard.
Stick with the glitter glue and the rhinestones.

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Anonymous said...

where did you get those metal studs for the pumpkins and what are they?! too cute...