Something sparkley for today...or a couple things that is.

Just listed

Halloween for Mom
 Then we have the kids pumpkin and spider web without a name

Bling on the treats in purple

We then move to Thanksgiving for mama
Then a lil bit o christmas

And in case you needed early xmas ideas for yourself
The fall 2010's comfiest shirt ever!

To go along with my favorite scarf ever

And then because I have been promising this tee for 2 years now...yikes...

So it is now available for mom's and kids.

Me...I'm exhausted and off to a parents volleyball meeting. 
Hope you see something you like.  All should be listed:)


mymomshops said...

I *must* get one of those Mummy tees- my kids would love it since Mommy is a Halloween baby herself! Love all of your designs and have featured you several times at my blog. Keep up the great work.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

oh my gosh, i need that scarf!! off to beg tony....

Fruit Punch Tulip said...

How can I decide when everything is so super cute? Love your Bling - Love your blog - Love it all.