New Today...

My Team Rocks!

So the school tees have been a hit.
I love that.  Not sure why it took me so long to figure that one out.
Let's just chalk it up to bling brain...as in...I was blinded by the bling:)
Never the less.  They are available now...so keep those schools coming.
And to all those mom's that like to keep their little chicks shirts a secret from the other mom's at school...no worries...I totally understand;)

So today we have...bling your team!
Oh yaaaaaah.  Bring it.  Everyone has a team.  So wear it.
Yes...I will have ladies tees up soon for both the School and the team tees.
If you need one now...just email me and I will set you up.
If you need a kids one now...click here.

Tiffany...if you are reading this...what do ya think?
I think your mini cheerleaders will make those Viking Cheerleaders proud:)
Make sure you send me a picture to post.

Ok...what else this week.
Hmm.  Well...a couple days ago my roots were SO bad.
Like this bad.

Actually...they were worse. Since this photo was from the beginning of June and I got my hair done the next week...so that would put me at about 9 weeks of regrowth and my hair is growing like wild fire...sooooo...you know where this is going. I took matters into my own hands.
All I can say is that my hair is basically Megan Fox color now.  Oops.
Ya.  I do that.  It really is my natural color...but I just don't suit dark. 
However...it is what it is and I am now dark again. 
I really have no time to ever get it done...who does? 
I also don't suit brassy either and that seems to be the shade my hair wants to go these days.

This photo was from a million that Lyra took in June.
Here are a couple more from that fabulous shoot.
The shoot was at the Garage.  A fabulous kids store in Scottsdale.
Katie the owner has the uncanny ability to find every single fabulous thing that a girl must have.
From candy to clothes to bling.  She carries Dior and Galliano and Paper lili...wheeee.
Gotta love that.
Seriously...how cute are my kids. Ha.
Check out this dress...it is made entirely out of candy from the store.
Katie made it.  I believe it has been to a couple proms.
How cute is that!
You see what happens when Lyra is involved?  You end up with literally 300 photos that you cannot pick a favorite from. No kidding.  I have a disk with probably 300 photos.
I now have 300 new favorite photos.

Oh I could do this all night.  I tell you...I love them all.
Ok. I will stop.  Wait! I have two more.
Ok.  That is it.
Lyra.  We love you. 


New tees on a rainy friday:)

Oh it was POURING this morning.
It was wonderful.
My tree fell down. It's totally worth it.
The temp dropped about...5 degrees. I will take it.
I think it is only supposed to be in the 90's for the next couple of days.
Trust me...it will be like spring outside.  Everyone in Phoenix will be out 
pretending like it is 70.  You can actually breathe in 90 degrees...110 sick...
and it will be back there next week:(

Anywho...just listed three new tees for the boys (or girls;)
I can see the this one on a funky little chick.

Next...just in time for football season
and for the little ones that insist on wearing their super hero capes to the grocery store...bam!

get there HERE

Then...I wanted to offer another option for our Hannukah friends:)
I also wanted to post an example of some "fundraiser" type tees.
These are all adult tees...but they can be done in kid versions as well.
So many options:)

Ok...that's all I have for now.
Happy Friday


Couple new holiday options today:)

So thanksgiving tees are hard for me.
I really draw a blank when it comes to this holiday...sooo....this is all I came up with.
The pilgrim tee is a  Paperlili.com exclusive.
Why? Because if the stores sold it...I would have to charge a crazy amount  as there are 4 million stones on there.  Ok...maybe not 4 million...but alot of stones.
Available in Mom versions as well.

Then...how about a fabulous candy cane inspired tee for those Holiday pictures.

Or...we have the Halloween version...for those Fall chicks.

And if neither of those two options work for you...then you pick your own color combos.

Click HERE if you wanna shop:)


School does rock!

In the past 2 weeks I have done a zillion and one school designs.
Which is great, because peeps are realizing that I can do custom tees for 
any organization.  Since I never really listed that option before...it is about time huh?
So if you want a school tee...easy enough.
Go here.
I can do leggings as well.  Very cute for leggings.  Or headbands.
I am working on screen prints...which may be a great option, however you must order 20 or more of the screen prints.  Never the less...all can be great fundraisers. 
I will work with you on pricing for orders over 12 pieces.
All ya gotta do is ask:)


This could very well excite me more than Knuffle Bunny Free...maybe

Available on Tuesday:)
Which leads me to ask you...have your kids seen Grease?
Mine have not.  We watched about 20 minutes of it in the hotel room while driving back from Calgary...but if you recall...I had a kid with a 104 degree temp sleeping in a bed that apparently had not had a visit from housekeeping yet.  EW ew ew ew.

So...that was as close to Grease as we have gotten yet.
I saw it when I was about 5.  I turned out ok.  I think.  
Am I too much of a prude?

Never the less...this will be in our Wii Library hopefully by Tuesday afternoon:)

Yipppeeee...I will never grow up

So I was just online checking when the next Diary of a Wimpy kid comes out.
Those books just crack us up.  Such original humor. I love it.
But look what else I found!!!
This made my day.
Coming at the end of September...
Knuffle Bunny Free!!!
OMG...the name alone makes me smile.
These are by far my favorite books...ever.
No joke. If you asked me what my favorite book was...I would say 
The Knuffle Bunny Books.
They are so spot on...every single mom that reads it says," That's me".
I will buy these books until Mo Willems stops writing them.
I don't care if my kids are 30 when that time comes.
Never the less...I was so excited that I have now forgotten when Diary comes out.
I think it is November 10th or 9th or somewhere in November.

If you love Mo Willems Like I do...tell me you have my second favorite book.

You just try to say Reginal Von Hoobie Doobie without smiling.
Mo Willems...you are my hero.


Yes! The Holidays are coming the Holidays are coming.

Ok...so it is only August 18th...but truthfully...they are right around the corner.
So.  Time to start thinking pictures!

See them all here.
I am going to start offering all my designs with or without names.
So peeps don't want to put their kids names across their shirt.
Older kids might not think it is cool.
So.  Now, you can get any design without the name.
The site might look a little funny until I get photos of the designs by themselves...so if you don't see that particular option on there...let me know.

I did a candy corn as well...but truthfully...it is not half as cute as these three.
If you want a candy corn...email me...I can do it...but is it cuter than a spider with a heart on her back?  You be the judge;)

Thanks Giving.  It is coming.  It was done...and honestly...there is soooo much bling on it...it would not fit on a tee smaller than a size 6.  So hang in there.

Now we have Hannukah:)
A very colorful one at that.
And of course...Christmas:)
The snowman face...is my favorite.  I love him.
And for the older chicks...or the young ones..
Fa la la la la la la la la
You pick the color for your last "la".

I have a couple other cute new regular tees.
I have not posted the gumball machine yet as I hate this photo...and I already sent the 
tank off to it's new owner. 
She will have good pictures though:)  
I have wanted to do a gumball machine forever. I had done one in the transfer version and I have been meaning to do the all blinged one.  I never got around to doing it.
That was until a special request from a great photographer for her daughter...and voila.
So stay tuned.

This last one though...it is up on the site.
It is by far my favorite shirt I have ever done.
Why? I have no idea.  Because it is big and pink and sparkley.
What do you think?

If I am missing any designs that you had wished I would do...please let me know.
Sometimes the obvious designs totally slip outta my head.
And like the gumball machine...I don't get around to doing it until it is requested.


Yup...still here:)

Blah blah...been a bad blogger...blah blah...whatever.
I will make it up to you tomorrow.
As soon as the sun rises:)  I can take pictures.
Pictures of what you ask?  Pictures of Holiday stuff silly!
O.M.G. I have to tell you...I do love my new designs.
Noone can accuse me of cheaping out on the bling.
(not that anyone every has)
So.  Tomorrow...new goodies:)
Tonight.  Just fun stuff I have come across.

First I have to tell you.  I hate hate hate chipped nailpolish.
Now, of course I sport it from time to time...didn't say I didn't.
What I said was that I hated it.
I also seem to be a nail polish hoarder.
Yes.  I have enough nailpolish to stock one of those nail salons.
In fact...I was at one the other day and I thought to myself, I have a better
selection at home...why do I not bring my own color?
I work with my hands all day long. Looking down at them...all day long.
If they are a fun funky color...I swear to god, it makes me work faster;)
Right now...I am loving greens and silvers.

Seriously.  How can you not be happy looking at those?

Next I love all the jeggings I see everywhere.
Why? Because I so wish I could wear them with a regular tee and not make people wanna vomit.  So...since I can't do that...I will put my kids in them.
But again...not until November...when I don't have to worry about them passing out from heat.
These jeans from the gap...soooo cute.
I have to return Peyton's pair because apparently she is a stick bug and a regular skinny jean is wayyyyy to large on her.  No way is that child mine.

Next...this week...I love Halloween:)
Wheeee.  Love it.
And I love all the adorable costumes.
Peyton wanted to wear this with her best friend.
That was until her best friend wanted to drip blood on herself.
She is one of those kids that NEEDS to be scary on Halloween.
That is not Peyton.
A cute heart with little red converse...that's Peyton.
This costume...this is Peyton.
Who knows...maybe by Halloween she will have a new best friend!
Yikes.  Just jokes. I hope not.  We do adore the one she has now.
But creepy halloween costumes...we don't do.
For instance...this is what Peyton wants to be now.
No joke.  She wants to be big bird...but with pink converse.
Um.  Ok.  Ya.  

Ok...what else am I loving this week?
Actually...I have been loving it for the past 6 months.
I even took in some fabulous photos to my hair chick last time.
She told me that it is a stylists nightmare as they are trying to get rid of roots.
I think she isn't hip enough for me.
Sorry hair chickie.  I enjoyed talking to you...but when a stylist talks me out of what I want them to do...I don't like that.  If I say...chop it off and make it platinum (cough cough) I mean it.  I am a big girl...if I hate it after...it is my own fault.
So when I say give me 6 inch long roots...I mean it.
I will try this...probably sooner than later as I am bored.

Sure I don't look like Camilla...but my hair is about that length and well...ya never know.
The is the beauty of hair...if you hate it...change it. Plus, honestly...this is the perfect hair do for me...I wouldn't have to get my roots done for a year!

So it is now 10:15 and if I am not snoozing by 10:17...I am hooped in the morning.
I NEED my 8 hours to get me through my days.  I just do. I don't like to drag...I hate that feeling.  So I will leave you with these. 
Yup.  Miss Lyra lyra strikes again.


Happy customers=Happy me

Seeing kids in your creations never gets old.
I love it.
It truly brightens my day when I get emails with pictures.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Just darling.  

Also...here is a fun lil' thang.
Alison Tyler Jones is a photographer in Mesa.
She did the most amazing photoshoot at the Garage...a beyond amazing kids store in Scottsdale.
This was a major major photo shoot. If you want to see more of the pictures...
you need to "like" the garage on Facebook.  You will love them all.
Never the less...Alison took this picture.
Katie, the owner of the shop, used the photo on her private label water bottle.
Me.  I just love it all.
Look at Alison's blog here...she could very well have the coolest studio I have ever seen.
Like the garage on facebook here.
Those are all the "family" tees.
I plan on growing the line...and actually have three new versions in the works.
Should have them in a week:)