Just had to share

While we were in Calgary, I found my old bag of legos that I played with as a kid.
I played with them for many hours by myself since my sister was older and she was not into legos.
It was funny to find the bag and see some of my creations still put together.

I have never even concidered buying my kids legos.  Not sure why.
I guess because we are in the Nintendo age and I did not think it was worth it.
Lego sets are not cheap.
Well much to my delight...the girls, especially Peyton, played for hours with my old pieces.
Then even more exciting...the first lego store in Canada happened to open up literally the day we went to the mall there.  I had no idea.  Devine intervention.
Ok.  Maybe god did not really care that my kids did something creative...but it was pretty darn good timing.

Now.  Mr Lego...if you are reading this (ya ok) PLEASE would it kill you to invent a purple lego?
Or a couple more girlie sets.  Not super girlie...just I don't know...something a little more fem than a pirate ship?

We now own all the girl lego sets.  
My kids played for HOURS and HOURS.
I loved it.

They cracked me up.
First we had Peyton's lego Starbucks.
(don't judge me)

Then we had Ainsley's hot tub

Oh those little heads just crack me up.

Here we have mixed my old lego men (the huge head dudes) with new legos with Toy Story 3 Kindersurprises.  Kids make me laugh.

Lego.  Worth every dollar...trust me

That should be their moto.

I know...your kids probably already own every pc of lego already...but if you have only girls...did it ever cross your mind to buy legos?  Not me.  Glad I found that old bag of toys though.


Amy said...

Devon is apparently a Lego historian and says that they really tried to market to girls back in the day by teaming up with Matel and Barbie, but the efforts failed and they more or less abandoned the idea. He also says that they did once have purple legos, as well as pink and lavender.

Anonymous said...

We bought a set for Nadia last Christmas and that was it. lol I would love to see purple!

I love that 'mom' and 'dad' are laying in bed. cracks me up.


stacy said...

That's funny, we bought Lily a set of Legos the other day.. at first she brought them home and played with them but was cautious, telling me she's not so sure girls play with Legos. After I told her I lOVED Legos as a kid she popped right up and built anything she could think of.. my favorite creation was her name as the Hollywood Sign and a ladder to get to the top of the "I" so people can climb it.. I wish I took a picture of it!