Whaaa...I want fall weather

I was just dipping my feet in the pool.
The water is 92 degrees.
The air temp...blah.
Everywhere I look there are cute fall clothes.
We don't have fall here.  
We have summer...and winter.  We skip spring and fall all together.

I want these.
Those Missoni looking leggings. 
My favorite Matilda Jane print so far.
Oh I really want that one for myself.  I am afraid it would not be even a quarter as cute on me though.
But I love it.  If you do not own a pair of big ruffles for yourself...you are missing out.
The swish when you walk and you then know why your little chick always insists on wearing her Matilda Jane...because she swishes:)

Kids like to swish.
Lili loo swished all day yesterday.

I think that is one of our favorite skirts ever.

It is going to be 112 today.  That sucks.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
That sucks too.
I hate hate hate my birthday.
Seriously.  I hate it.
I have no idea why...but I do.
Maybe because I still feel like I should be 25...and well...as of tomorrow, I will be a decade past that one.
Whatever.  Good thing I get to spend the day with the Direct TV man.  That should make it about as uneventful as can be. 

Off to the grocery store...then back to the grind.
I have almost almost caught completely back up.
I have it under control...even with the 3 huge special orders from yesterday.
I got this;) 


Soapylove said...

I love how you still know how kids feel, especially "swishing!" Now I want a swishy skirt. Swishy skirts plus biker boots might be the best combo I know of. Swishing and stomping!

Khris said...

Happy Birthday Christie! Loev the pics of A with the glasses - hilarious!

Emily said...

OMG!!! I am glad I am not the only one who thought of Missoni the first time I saw the new MJ leggings!!!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!