Yipppeeee...I will never grow up

So I was just online checking when the next Diary of a Wimpy kid comes out.
Those books just crack us up.  Such original humor. I love it.
But look what else I found!!!
This made my day.
Coming at the end of September...
Knuffle Bunny Free!!!
OMG...the name alone makes me smile.
These are by far my favorite books...ever.
No joke. If you asked me what my favorite book was...I would say 
The Knuffle Bunny Books.
They are so spot on...every single mom that reads it says," That's me".
I will buy these books until Mo Willems stops writing them.
I don't care if my kids are 30 when that time comes.
Never the less...I was so excited that I have now forgotten when Diary comes out.
I think it is November 10th or 9th or somewhere in November.

If you love Mo Willems Like I do...tell me you have my second favorite book.

You just try to say Reginal Von Hoobie Doobie without smiling.
Mo Willems...you are my hero.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh...I have never heard of these books!!! But I am going to have to get them now. :D And no, I could not say that name without smiling....Thank you for a new read!!! How totally fun.

Anonymous said...

Seriously!1 this is exciting news!!
I love to read and Im so glad this is on your blog.
I love reading so much that I have to finish my husbands because I think it's a waste of money. OH!! the last book was a golf book if his.