I'm baaaaack

Wow.  It feels good to be home, not because I don't love Calgary. I do.  How could I not? It is the home I grew up in...but the ride inbetween there and Phoenix...
in the freshly popular words of Usher..."oh my gosh!"
I have no idea what happens to us when we travel.  Germs happen I guess.
 I can count on one hand the amount of times my kids have puked in their lives...
all of them have been while travelling to Calgary.
We even projectiled once on the plane to Calgary.
This is when my slow mom reflexes actually come in handy.
I think I have mentioned before that I have very slow reflexes.  Not when it matters...like driving...or dropping something...those times I am very quick actually.
But if someone falls in front of me...or say, a child pukes all over the airplane seat in front of them...it takes my brain a second to fully grasp the severity of the situation and really...I can honestly hear my brain say, "seriously???!!"

So, once again...we got sick.
It WAS Peyton's turn...and it was not fun.  No puking.  Not like her car trip home last summer...and no, she is not car sick.  I don't know what she is.  But for some reason, we spiked a fever of 102+ and it made for some good times.
It was gone by the next morning and has not returned since.  
If you can explain this one, please...let me know.

But we are back.  Everyone is back to normal although Ainsley had really stinky armpits this morning.
Is that normal?  Can 7 year olds get stinky armpits?  Well actually, I answered my own question...yes, yes they can...I smelt it for myself. 
We are so going organic.

School starts tomorrow.
I am already sad.

I heart them.
I heart lyralyra too.  
Her photos just make me smile.

I could fill up my entire house with canvas' of these girls.
Is that strange?  If you walked into someones house and it looked like an art gallery exhibit of their kids, would you think that was a little nutty?
I am asking this honestly.  
Maybe just a couple more...then I will stop.
Or not.

More pictures that I love.
These pictures are from a Calgary photographer.
I do not know her, but I love her pictures.
And I have been friends with Chris, the dad of these two little beauties, since 2nd grade.

The craziest thing is that I was reading her blog and if you notice something on this post
you will notice a couple things.
A. the kids are all decked out in Matilda Jane....but really...who isn't right?
It is not like it is a shock that kids are looking fabulous all across the globe in Matilda Jane.
B.  if you look closely at little Marlow on the tire !
Guess who made her tee!
I wish it was in color so I could see it lol.

It made me feel good.  Just randomly seeing your tee on a cutie makes your day.
Trust me. It makes mine every time.
Especially when I think about the process mom's go through planning the photo outfits.

So my darling children have interrupted me 8 times while I was writing this(...hmm...maybe school starting tomorrow is not such a bad thing) and I have not lost my train of thought.
I should probably end it here.

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Anonymous said...

That is so odd they get sick there?? Maybe someone will have the answer for you.

I can't believe they are back in school today! We have another 2 weeks. Im one of the few that wish my kids had more time off. My girlfriends are counting the days. lol