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Every summer when we head to Calgary I get to have fun the first week or so...then it is back to the daily grind.  However...the daily grind is alot more work when you don't have your regular stuff with you.
I make due though...with lots of nice breaks sitting on the deck watching the disney animals bounce around the yard.  Today we discovered that there is an angry squirrel making a nice home on the roof.
Angry squirrels = scary sounds
However there was a giant jack rabbit that just ran past the girls and I while we were on the front step.
We put out a handful of oraganic carrotts. Why organic? Because that is all that was in the fridge.
I am determined to get a photo of the furry dude...but I cannot guarantee anything.
Instead I got a picture of my sick chick.
Every year we get some sort of communicable disease while visiting Calgary.
We are generally a pretty healthy bunch.
Maybe one bad cold a season...sometimes none.
But when we come here...we catch the nastiest of the nasty germs.
It usually ends with everyone getting some sort of poltergiest that forces goo out every hole in our bodies.
Seriously sick.
This year, I thought we were in the clear.
With only 5 days before departure...bam. Tummy cramps.
Thank god it has ended with just the tummies...but still...we are now 10 for 10 summers of sick.
Peyton has not had it yet.
It should hit her about 10 minutes before we pull out of the driveway on sat.
Please please please let me be wrong.

So here is my sickie.
Yes, I am a mean mom for snapping pictures of sickie chickie.
But the lighting was good...and well...she is cute...even when she is sick.
I can't help it if she follows me everywhere even when she is sick:)
Poor chickie.

Another poor chickie is poor little Kendall who did a face plant into the train table the other day and well...
I have to admit...it was really really gross.
Her nosey was complety mushed.
Like...you could not feel the bone.
I am not sure if there is a bone or cartilage there yet in 2 year olds...but if there was...
it was not there for long. She didn't much care however.

What else have we been up to.
Well...while I was nursing my version of the tummy flu...the kids played in the freezing cold water.
They didn't mind.

As usual...I snap pictures of anything that will stay still long enough for me to make camera adjustments.
Someone...anyone...please tell me how you professionals take photos so quickly. Seriously.
By the time I make the adjustments...I have missed something cute.
Oh and here is a little snippit of Peyton's favorite new clothes from lululemon.
This is actually a tennis skirt I think.
Ok.  Now that I have bored you with my personal photos...
I promise to get back to regular programming come monday. 

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