Stampede pics...5 pin bowling and other fun stuff

Finally downloaded some pictures from the Stampede.
Nothing great...and since we won the two best prizes there in the first 10 minutes...we could have turned around and gone home right after lol.
Does it get any better than Papa Smurf and Smurfette?
Um...someone is into coordinating their clothing and accessories these days.
That was SOOOOO me as a kid.

Ok.  Enough carnival pics.
Yesterday we went 5 pin bowling.
It's hard.  Yes, we have 10 pin bowling as well here in Canada...but for some reason, we also have 5 pin, which is easier for kids because as you can see, the balls are alot smaller and lighter...the problem is that there are only 5 pins and it is omg frustrating. 
Today was a lovely day and so we went to the golf course and hit some golf balls.
This is basically where I spent morning noon and night from 14-18 years of age.
It was a tough life;)

I tell ya...as sad as it is when your kids are not little kids anymore...it is a whole lotta fun when they can do "big stuff" with you.

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