Ok...a couple more pics from yesterday

I ran out of time this morning before I could post some pictures of my super cute nephews and nieces.

My sister tells me I take pictures too close.
She is probably right.  But truthfully, I could care less what is going on behind them...I just love their little faces so much...I can't stop myself.
Here is an example of me not caring what is behind them.
Great huh.  Wasps!   Good thing Lili Loo didn't read that sign.  She FREAKS at bees and wasps.
We are working on it.
Seriously, how cute is Kendall?  Look at her little Oilily boots. 
She is so so cute.

Speaking of good boots...check out this random lady that I snapped a photo of yesterday.
Why? Because those were the best cowboy boots ever.
After some sleuthing...my mom found out that they were Old Gringo boots.
I need them.
I truly could have a cowboy boot problem. I love them all.


Lisa Lee said...

I don't think taking pics too close is wrong, I do it and love it myself! Oh and problem and cowboy boots do not belong in the same sentence. You can never have too many...my problem with them is I feel I can't wear them in the summer. But clearly that chick has got it going on, those are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You and your whole family are beautiful!


kimD from SC:) said...

OK...Niece and Nephews are ADORABLE!!!! Home Girl is rockin those boots!!!!! I must have those!!!!!! Found some at 6pm.com Love Ainsley's shirt!!! You gotta keep this SC girl hip so I need to know brands:) Hope you have a wonderful time!!!! Jealous of the long sleeves and jeans. If I weren't so fat I would be wearing bathing suits only....although I highly doubt they would let me in church:( xoxo

Oh yeah....You and P could be sisters!!!!!!!

Lisa Lee said...

Darn you, I've been thinking about these boots all day! I found them and some other beautiful ones on Zappos. So tempted....