And just like that...a decade flashed before my eyes

Well...my big girl is 10.
I can honestly say, that the last 10 years has been a breeze.  Seriously.
This is one easy cheesy kid.  And funny.  Oh how funny she is.
We have no issues.  There is no strange phase that we need to grow out of. 
She is just herself and I would not change a single thing.
Ok...maybe I would make her try a little harder at Tennis lessons because seriously...we have lead feet some days.  But whatever.  I don't care.  In the grand scheme of things...she is perfect.
And she is 10.
And I love her.

It was a simple birthday.  Some family came into town.
We ate at her favorite restaurant...Smash Burger (we are high class here) and now we are off for a swim.  But first...I must share with your my cake creation.
Sure I could have done layers of different colors.  I have done that before actually.
I did not do the fun swirled colors...I just did different layers of colors.  It worked.
This time...I decided to do different colors of icing.
10 different colors of icing.
It worked too...and it was probably way easier.

Ahhh...rainbows make me smile.

I tell you...the cake is the most important thing to me at a birthday party. Why? 
I have no idea.
But I do remember my cakes that I had. I do not remember the presents.
So if there is a chance my kids will remember the cakes I make them...it was worth it.
Not that this one was alot of work...clearly it wasn't.  But it makes for fun pictures.

And finally I will leave you with this beauty that miss lyra lyra sent me this morning.
We did a shoot a month ago...she probably took 1 million photos...and yet...I swear she never gets tired of trying to get the perfect shot.  She just never loses her cool.  She needs to be a mom.  She is beyond great with kids. Shhh. I am not pressuring her at all.  Just sayin'.

The shoot was at the Garage so if you want that Jottum dress...call them.  It is sooo worth it.
I put a pettiskirt under it to make it extra oomphy (real word) and then we stole Katie's (the owner of the Garage) necklace.  I love it.  I love that my big chick looks like such a big chick...yet the balloon in the background and then the funky polish bring her back to 10.  Yes she is as sweet as she looks.

Did you know that Lyra will travel for pics:)  She is in Chicago today.
She is a hot commodity.  Call her.  You will not be sorry.
I let lyra take some pics of me too.
I am not prepared to share;)
I have only seen one so far.  
It was Lyralyra good...but I cannot STAND to look at photos of me.  I am not kidding.
You would think after 34 years I would be used to looking at my face.
I am not. I don't enjoy it. 

But I enjoy the fact that Lyra took a picture of me and my girls...for my girl's sake since getting a photo of me is like getting a photo of bigfoot...a pretty rare thang.


Leslei said...

Happy Birthday Peyton...I can just tell that you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! We almost share a birthday...mine is the 4th. I hope you enjoyed your day!! Must be so fun to have such a creative mom...I would love to wake up on my birthday to a row of rainbow cupcakes!!


Leslie (Little Posh Princess)

woodwhat said...

Happy birthday, PeyPey! That dress is SO cute. And Cristy, your face is so lovely, and you've just gotta learn to love it. <3


Heather Lay said...

She is stunning! My babe will be 13 in August and I am soooo stealing the cupcake rainbow idea! Best Wishes!

Bridgette said...

what a beautiful girl! and I LOVE her glasses...so fun! both my girls wear glasses so I respect sweet eyewear :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Happy birthday!! She is absolutely gorgeous! Love the pictures, and post one of yourself, lady!!