Just in time for xmas baking.

I won't be baking anything just yet. 

A. I don't have time yet...chipping away at the holiday rush


B.  If I started now...I would eat it all now. If I did that...I would be a snowman shape by xmas

but it is never to early to dream about what to bake:)

Lets start with these.  I love Layer Cake Shop.  I want everything in the shop!

so I want to make something with these

and these

then...top it off with a lil bit o snowy glitter
and then put one of these on the box and wow everyone...
who cares what the actual baked good tastes like...how can these not impress!


and a very...

to you and your family:)

And a special thank you to all my blog readers and wonderful customers.

Thank you


oh my word...I LOVE these...

These wreaths are so pretty and different.  Such wonderful colors.  Every year I think I should go back towards traditional holiday colors...green, red...nahhhhh.  I like the pink/robins egg Martha Stewart colors...and boy these are just about perfect.  Martha needs this chick on her show to show us how to make them.  Have I mentioned before...ok...have I mentioned yet today how much I love Etsy?

the real question is...which one to get?


Christmas music always helps...

Saturday I was working (go figure)...and I am not sure you have ever noticed but Saturday television really rather sucks.  It is terrible.  I was a news junkie.  For years and years...news news news.  Then I found that it is just way too depressing to get that much news every single day.  So I have turned to recording some cheesy tv at night and watching it during the day while I am working.  What I have found though...is that the news, I can drown out and work work...the cheesy shows actually require me to kinda pay attention.  This is not good.  I don't have time to pay attention.  So my latest is music.  And you know what?  I am a blinging machine when I just open the itunes and go.  LOVE IT.  Oh and the holiday music channel on our tv.  Wayyyy up there in the 800 numbers or something crazy like that...it got me through saturday and through about 20 orders.  Whooo hooo. 

I think my point was holiday music. I love it.  Last year I discovered this Christmas Remix cd on itunes and I could literally listen to it over and over again.  There are two cds of it...I picked the songs I like from both of them and you need to just trust me on this one...you will love it too. 



I know we have not even had Thanksgiving yet but...

...yes, I can taste the fried turkey already.  Yum.  However it is never to early to "prepare for the Holidays"...or at least that is what Fancy Nancy told me in her latest book.

So first on the list...the advent calendar.  So many to choose from. 

There is this one.

or these cute date bags
Helloo...cute Matryoshka doll funness

how about some cute mittens

or hey...how about a cute metal calendar with bottle cap magnets to help count down the days?

whatever floats your boat...you can bet you can find it on etsy.  


This is funny

Let me just start by saying...9 year old girls are tough to dress.  Especially mine.  I have no idea why.  She is a bean pole...and very long legs...rather gangly.  Abercrombie and I have a love/hate relationship.  So here are my lists of loves and hates that I have for Abercrombie...lets start with the hates

  • the super duper shorty short shorts
  • the tees that have some reference to kissing...hugging...etc (hello...they are for preteens and teens) like the (meet me in the woods) tee.  Ya.  Not on my kid
  • posters of half nekked dudes that hang ceiling high in the store 
here my my loves
  • their cotton...super soft
  • quality is there
  • they hold up in the zillions of washing
  • their sweaters are good enough that I often question weather or not I would fit into the xxl:)
  • they don't make my kid look like a dork
Now...back to one of my hates.  The store itself.  It is dark and creepy and well...I get a headache by overting my eyesight from the posters of the 18 year olds (I hope) in the posters with the washboard abs...eyeye.  So I choose to do most of my shopping online. Plus I don't let my kids go in there.  Yup.  I am a prude and I will fight it until there is no fight left in me:)

This brings me to a funny purchase.  Well kinda funny. Only funny because I actually purchased it. 
Not funny that they actually sell tees with half naked guys on it for little girls.

Here is the original tee.  Keep in mind. I thought it was a cute enough tee with sunglasses on it. I DID NOT zoom in online and see what the reflection was in those sunglasses.

Ha.  Just imagine my surprise when I got it.  Funny.

Anyways.  Instead of sending it back (it was on clearance...go figure) I just got out the bling and decided to fix it.

So now...in person...you would never know what is under that bling.

Let this be a lesson to all mothers shopping at Abercrombie online.
  ALWAYS zoom in to see what you are actually ordering.


Because I needed a break...

It is only 10 pm.  I am exhausted. This has been a terribly long day but I think I can crank out a couple more hours worth of work.  I needed a break though.  I don't have much to post. Actually I do have some new designs.  Super duper cute ones...but I don't have pictures yet.  Ha.  How is THAT for a tease.  So.  I will post a little something that I asked Lyra for help on the other day.  Editing photos.  I suck.  I have photoshop.  I have lightroom.  I have lots of fun stuff.  I suck at it all.  So here was my experiment.

It started with this picture I took

Then I attempted to edit it myself

Then I sent it to Lyra and asked her to edited it...so keep in mind that this was my crappy picture that I took (actually no picture of my sweet darling could be crappy...what I mean is my crappy picture taking skills) so this is all Lyra had to work with...and this is what she came up with

see the difference between a professional and a picture happy mama.
Lyra turned in into a piece of fluffy cotton candy.  I love it.

Ok.  Back to work.

update:  I notice that all my pictures are being chopped in half...and this is driving me mad.  Apparently they are not the correct size for my silly blog.  I know I need a new blog.  When I get some free time (ya right) I will start one.  In the mean time...if you just click on any of the pictures on my blog...they pop up nice and big.  If you know how to fix my blog for me....let me know.  Clearly I need the help.

Another Update:  Okeee...so thanks to my very helpful blog reader Amber (Amber you rock!)...I have kinda figured out how to make my pictures bigger.  But I have totally squished all my links to the bottom of the page...oops.  Sorry.  And my over all blog is kinda boring to look at...however...my pictures are not cut in half and I think I prefer that.  Eventually I will figure this all out:) 



I was never good at homework.  Perhaps that was part of my problem lol.  Never the less I think I would be much better at it as an adult...and an adult with time.  At the moment I don't have time...but I want to make it because seriously...I need to do something other than stare at rhinestones all day long.  And I do.  I stare at them all day and all night and I work like a fool.  If you saw what I do you would shake your head.  Well.  Actually.  Just think about it.  Look at some of those shirts.  It is ALL by hand.  There are no premades for moi.  So my eyeballs are starting to cross and I need another creative outlet.  Cue my teacher.  And Sat I was given homework.  I was told to take a photo of each of my chicks...and a dog.  Well.  My "chick" photos did not work so well because I was too tired to put in the effort really...but the dog.  The dog one is ok.  Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know...I make rhinestone shirts for goodness sakes.

If you want to look at purdy pictures...check out my teachers blog.  She usually only updates when I shout at her...but when she does...it makes me smile:)


Does anyone have this camera?

If so...do you love it?  If you don't...then send it to me ok?  Thanks


The day nothing goes right...

Not sure what is going on today but I can't seem to do anything right.  Either it is a full moon or I am losing my mind. 

For example. You see this shirt?

Well it is adorable (if I don't say so myself).  Actually it is really cute in person.  However, I have not listed them for sale yet because I have since lost my touch and everytime I try to recreate it...I have messed it up.  I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong.  And it in turn, is driving me mad!!  So I attempted it again today for a customer who is patiently waiting for me to figure it out...and guess what.  Another shirt bites the dust.  I also had a cute christmas version...HAD apparently is the key word here.  Bare with me though.  I will figure it out.

Ok what else.  Not much.  So I will post a picture of my daughters hair.  
The funny part of is that SHE did it.  She is 6 and she is better at hair than I am. 
I am actually pretty terrible at it.
So thank god she has the touch. 

She has always been good at hair.  I recall 2 years ago she was doing her American Girl dolls hair in all these fancy twists and knots.  She has taught HERSELF how to braid...and last week she taught herself how to tie her own shoelaces.  I know...she is 6...she should know how to do that...but I haven't actually got around to teaching her and apparently she was sick of waiting for me to.  So.  She took matters into her own hands.  I wish for a half a second I could see into the future because I cannot wait to see who this one becomes.  Kids are amazing aren't they?

And last but not least....this is what my husband and I put together last night.  It arrived at 7:45 and since I have some crazy obsessive "omg I need to unpack everything immediately" disorder...we had it unpacked by 8:30 and finished by 11:30pm.  Yup. That was about all the time I had free...then it was back to work.  Not bad huh? 

ok..that's all I have.  Just watched Private Practice and omg...I now feel ansy.  


Why is it still 90 degrees out?

November is SUPPOSED to be my cheapest utility month of the year.  My electric bill in the summer is easily $450 a month.  The best month of the year in Phoenix is November.  Temps hover around 75.  It is lovely out.  No heaters no air conditioners...just ahhhh.  Open windows.  Fresh air FINALLY.  Nope.  Not this year.  We are in the second week of November and it is going to reach an all time high today for November 10th...92 or something stupid like that.  Sick really.

I do realize there are parts of the country that are rolling their eyes and had to layer their kids in 5 different layers of clothes to send them to school today. Yup.  I get it.  Remember...I grew up in Calgary.  I SOOO remember piling on the layers and waddling to school...BUT...also remember that while the rest of the country is enjoy nice summer days in August..we are literally melting here and pretty much live indoors from April-October.  November-March is OUR time to bask in the warm (not melting) sun.

What I really want, is this jacket...and I want to have to wear this jacket.  Only two issues. 

1. I don't own this jacket so I have to daydream that I do


2.  It is too flippin hot out to wear it anyways:(


New Holiday Shirt

You pick the shirt...and the name...and the colors for the flake...it's all you:)


Hey...I came up with a recipe myself...for once:)

Ok.  Well you cannot actually concider it a recipe.  Or maybe you can.  Since when are there ingredient restrictions on what constitute a recipe?  Ha.  Basically what I am trying to say is that I came up with my own dessert.  And beyond being delicious and a huge hit.  It was so super cute that I just have to once again pat myself on the back.  PLUS...my kids could help make it...and I mean...they basically did the entire thing without me saying..."ewww...ya ok let me help you with that."

Yes.  I know.  Two posts ago I was spouting off about my diet.  Well guess what.  I have not totally fallen off the wagon.  Just momentarily because my parents came back into town and they came over for dinner tonight.  I cannot very well serve them a piece of cheese and 2 slices of deli turkey can I?

So this is what the girls and I came up with.  We used the adorable mason jars that we have left over from...yup you guessed it...our cupcakes in a jar from Bangarang Bake Shop.  In case you think I am under contract or something to keep talking about these things. I am soooo not.  Wouldn't know the cupcake chick to walk into her at the grocery store.  I just like her 'cakes.  AND her jars came in super handy tonight.  So here is what we did.

1. Whip up some fresh whipped cream.  No cool whip...no ready made...FRESH

2. Buy some fun thin cookie wafers.  Any kind will work really.  Yes I know.  Usually ice box cakes are made with chocolate wafers, but hubby could not find any at the store so we got chocolate chip/vanilla...mmmm (hungry yet?)

3. start layering.  Cookie.  Whip.  Cookie.  Whip.  See how easy for kids.  They think they are actually making something.  And they are.

4. Top it off with one more dollup of cream. Sprinkle a lil sumpthin sumpthin on top

5. put it back in the fridge for a couple hours to soften up the cookies and...

voila.  The cookies soften to the perfect texture.  So good.  Sooo fattening.  A hit.

ok.  So before you email me telling me I am no genius...and clearly everyone knows how to make an ice box cake...save it...I am fully aware of that...BUT...not everyone has made an icebox chocolate chip in a jar cake so there:)


Someone please teach me how to take photos...

I was combing the community college catalog today.  I seriously want to learn how to take photos.  Not just wing it anymore.  AND...I need to learn how to use my photoshop program.  I can kinda mess around on it...but honestly...I have no clue what I am doing.  Criminal really.

In the mean time.  I will just keep posting pictures of my attempts.  If anyone reading this has helpful hints...please send them my way.  Seriously.  I need them.

Helllloooo Ms. Lyra.  Can you say workshop?  Please.


Because it is 3:30, I am on a diet and I am hungry...that's why

I have been on a diet since monday. I have done a pretty darn good job too! (pat pat) I even went to Safeway yesterday and did not get a starbucks on the way out. How's THAT for self control. I cannot make any guarantees that I will make it through the weekend and not have a cranberry bliss bar...BUT...so far I am ahead of the game by not having any Starbucks during the week. Trust me when I say this is a great improvement. Plus I feel better already, and I wasn't even a cranky pants all week...I think:)

Since I am not eating any of these beautimous wonders...I will post pictures of them, drool and hopefully that will satisfy me...but probably not.

~ Monster Cookie Dough. ohmagawd! My mom used to make monster cookies when I was a kid. Even seeing that scoop of dough makes me feel all gooey (literally AND figuratively) inside. I loved being a kid. Good times.  I want some. Lol.  I bet Paul Deen has a good Monster Cookie recipe.  Hang on. HAH...go figure.

-Cute Thanksgiving cookies.  These would be a fun treat for the class party.

- of course you can't forget the Holiday cupcake from Bangarang Bake shop.  If you have never sent these to a someone as a gift...you are missing out.  They make the best surprises...just remember to give yourself a couple weeks to order them...these can not be placed last minute.

Ok.  Now I am officially hungry.  It is a good thing Starbucks is 15 minutes away otherwise it would be tooooo convenient.


Fun Thanksgiving party ideas

I was trying to find some cute Thanksgiving crafty ideas for kids. I am Canadian. Our Thanksgiving is in October. So I am kinda torn between holidays...and somehow I get lost in the middle. My kiddies were both born here and so, at the moment, they only know one Thanksgiving (because I am a tired and sucky mom who has not explained everything to them ok!). So. I was trying to find some cute Thanksgiving projects we could do to make our house a little more festive. If you have come across some of your own...please link to it in the comments...I would love more ideas...Kim (hint hint).

Cute melon Turkey

Teepee Treats

Give Thanks Banner

Thanks Giving Table

M&M Acorn Cake