Because it is 3:30, I am on a diet and I am hungry...that's why

I have been on a diet since monday. I have done a pretty darn good job too! (pat pat) I even went to Safeway yesterday and did not get a starbucks on the way out. How's THAT for self control. I cannot make any guarantees that I will make it through the weekend and not have a cranberry bliss bar...BUT...so far I am ahead of the game by not having any Starbucks during the week. Trust me when I say this is a great improvement. Plus I feel better already, and I wasn't even a cranky pants all week...I think:)

Since I am not eating any of these beautimous wonders...I will post pictures of them, drool and hopefully that will satisfy me...but probably not.

~ Monster Cookie Dough. ohmagawd! My mom used to make monster cookies when I was a kid. Even seeing that scoop of dough makes me feel all gooey (literally AND figuratively) inside. I loved being a kid. Good times.  I want some. Lol.  I bet Paul Deen has a good Monster Cookie recipe.  Hang on. HAH...go figure.

-Cute Thanksgiving cookies.  These would be a fun treat for the class party.

- of course you can't forget the Holiday cupcake from Bangarang Bake shop.  If you have never sent these to a someone as a gift...you are missing out.  They make the best surprises...just remember to give yourself a couple weeks to order them...these can not be placed last minute.

Ok.  Now I am officially hungry.  It is a good thing Starbucks is 15 minutes away otherwise it would be tooooo convenient.

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