Because I needed a break...

It is only 10 pm.  I am exhausted. This has been a terribly long day but I think I can crank out a couple more hours worth of work.  I needed a break though.  I don't have much to post. Actually I do have some new designs.  Super duper cute ones...but I don't have pictures yet.  Ha.  How is THAT for a tease.  So.  I will post a little something that I asked Lyra for help on the other day.  Editing photos.  I suck.  I have photoshop.  I have lightroom.  I have lots of fun stuff.  I suck at it all.  So here was my experiment.

It started with this picture I took

Then I attempted to edit it myself

Then I sent it to Lyra and asked her to edited it...so keep in mind that this was my crappy picture that I took (actually no picture of my sweet darling could be crappy...what I mean is my crappy picture taking skills) so this is all Lyra had to work with...and this is what she came up with

see the difference between a professional and a picture happy mama.
Lyra turned in into a piece of fluffy cotton candy.  I love it.

Ok.  Back to work.

update:  I notice that all my pictures are being chopped in half...and this is driving me mad.  Apparently they are not the correct size for my silly blog.  I know I need a new blog.  When I get some free time (ya right) I will start one.  In the mean time...if you just click on any of the pictures on my blog...they pop up nice and big.  If you know how to fix my blog for me....let me know.  Clearly I need the help.

Another Update:  Okeee...so thanks to my very helpful blog reader Amber (Amber you rock!)...I have kinda figured out how to make my pictures bigger.  But I have totally squished all my links to the bottom of the page...oops.  Sorry.  And my over all blog is kinda boring to look at...however...my pictures are not cut in half and I think I prefer that.  Eventually I will figure this all out:) 


Amber said...

This may help. I usually have to go in and edit the HTML code. Sounds scary but pretty easy when you know what to look for.

KimD said...

I am right there with you sistah!!!!! Photoshop makes me question my ability to read, think and even understand the English language. I think my IQ has dropped to 45:)