Open Sundaes

Ok...since I am now going to post about my favorite things I am going to start with this. Open Sundaes. First of all...she got me with the logo...how great is that logo? I really need a t-shirt with it...I wonder actually if they sell tees with the logo. Anyways...then there is the site www.opensundaes.com cruise that site...and look at the shops...I could die in there...just looks like the most fun shop ever! Anyways...great Canadian company (yay canada!) and the products are honestly as good as they look. My favorites are the cotton candy body lotion and the lemonade hair powder...I even put the hair powder on my kids and then I sit with my nose shoved in their pony tails! This stuff is awesome...go order some now!

A new look around here

Ok...so I get bored easily. I never thought I had ADD in school...however I find the older I get...the more cuckoo I seem to get. I get all "panic attack" like in traffic...and lines...and anywhere with more than 5 people...ha. Needless to say I have another birthday (oh goodie) coming up this week and well...I could care less except for the fact that that means I can have a cupcake! Ha. And I do love them cupcakes. Ok...back to the boredom. My blog which I am terrible at updating...needed a face lift because although I only look at it every once in a blue moon...I can't stand to see it look the same everytime. When I started doing this blog I automatically figured it should be about my paperlili stuff...but I think and talk about it all day that perhaps this needs to be a place to put my favorite findings of the day. Or week...or whatever. So...that is the direction we are going in...of course...there will also be updates on my "stuff". Anyways...since my birthday is coming up and I will have to make a decision on what cupcake to gorge myself on...perhaps I will post my options and you can help me pick. One will be a sprinkles cupcake...which of course would be the vanilla...yum...and the other option will be the "party animal" cupcake from Cupcakes in Scottsdale...again...yum. Since the two bakeries are only blocks from each other and I do have to head that direction to see if cupcakes needs any more tees (which by the way...my new cupcake expert header on my blog is from one of the tanks I do for cupcakes...can be purchased at The Silly Wagon as well...or by calling cupcakes in scottsdale...they have all sorts of colors of it). Anyways (maybe I do have add)...ok...help me make a choice and put it in the comments section.

On a different note...I will be working on my paperlili website soon to make it user friendly (even I get confused on the silly thing.) There will be more bling and less confusion...if that makes sense. Ha.


Duck Duck Goose Boutique

Yay! I am in Duck Duck Goose Boutique...so great. I love every single thing Stacy has in her shop...and I am so happy to be in there as well. www.duckduckgooseboutique.com


The Fancy Nancy Party was a hit!

All decked out...I think the girls had a good time!