Diabetes Girl to the Rescue!

Man I am getting some cute customer photos this week:)
Little Miss Diabetes girl is the daughter of a very very good customer of mine.
I LOVE this photo. 
She is about the cutest thing ever.
I think Diabetes girl needs to be a character in a kids book...hint hint Tiffany:)
Man...I think I went a little crazy on the bling in GIRL...lol.


Well here is something I don't do often...SALE TIME:)

Ok.  Some of the tees that I have used are no longer available:(
So although these are very good sellers for me...I am missing sizes and numbers
and well...I might as well just start fresh and reprint on different tees in different colors.
Lots to pick from.
Who doesn't love a sale anyways.
I have alot of odds and ends that I need to list as well.
This is my goal for the weekend.
I think they will end up in my etsy shop as it is alot easier to list there.
Plus, like I said, I need new stuff to look at...and I am changing...lots.

Mishmosh Friday (should be monday...but whatever:)

Alrighty.  Since I am totally flighty today.
I have nothing really to say.
I am preparing for a deep depression come Sunday evening.
Why? Because the Olympics will be over and I love them.
Have I mentioned that?
I think I did...one or three times.
I especially loved them this year because I truly love Canada.
So now I am homesick a little.
Which is funny, since my parents live 2 blocks from us here in Phoenix.

So today I will post a Seinfeld sorta post.
Basically a post about nothing really...just things I love.

First...I love this picture that Tracy sent me of her daughter in a lil sumpin'. 
How great is it that little Esther insisted on pink hair to match her pink bling.
Tracy is also a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper...so if you cannot figure out how 
to order something from Hammond Bay...I bet Tracy could help you.
just email her at tracym@matildajaneclothing.com

Next. I know I am not alone in my excitement for the upcoming
collaboration between Target and Liberty of London.
It is the largest collaboration Target has done to date.
In stores I believe March 14th.
So SO exciting.
If those two outfits don't excite you enough (they do me however)
check out a little peek at some other goods to come
cute huh.


Things are a changing...

In order for me to grow as a "company" I need to make some changes around here.
I am to scatter brained these days to keep it up the way I am going.
I have new stores emailing me daily asking for wholesale...and they are not happy with me when I
turn them down.  Its funny because really...do they think I am turning them down because I want to?
I am turning them down because I literally cannot handle anymore at the time being.
I currently still have total control.
I can count on three fingers the amount of orders I am messed up.
This to me means I still have control.
I do however need to find a better way of juggling everything I do.
The good news is that I have found a way...kinda.
The bad news is that it is going to take ALOT of work relisting items
on both my site and the sites of the stores who carry my goods.
There may be alot of cursing being hurled towards me soon lol.
I hope not. I am just trying to improve things.

Never the less...here are a couple new items that I listed in my shop today.
The first...is my funky take on Easter:)
I will have another Easter tee coming up soon...but here is today's version.
Next...I did a new legging with my own cupcake in the logo.
You can check it out here.
Then we have a super cute pink hoodie for that little "sweetie" in your life.
I only have one of each size...so act fast if you likey:)

Now I can't forget you moms can I?
I have had these tees for awhile and could not figure out what to put on them.
I am glad I waited until I figured it out because I LOVE this.
The colors are awesome.

Oh wait. I almost forgot to mention that I now have pink cap sleeves in stock
all the time as well. I was only doing white and black and really...I like the pink the best:)
You can also do any of the grade rocks tees on the pink cap as well.
I am no longer doing the kids burnout tee...it was only available in limited sizes and 
I have since switched to the purple and black super soft blend tee that goes up to size 12.
That way...you can order the exact size and everyone is happy:)

ok.  That really is all I have for now.  More to come later.
Remember...the hoodie and the grey dip dye my kids rock tees are 
very limited...so grab them fast.


I had to share

Ok.  One more thing before I go and drift off to sleep while watching the Olympics.  
Which is probably why I have a headache...I have not slept in a week 
watching all our coverage so late at night.
Anyways.  My girls are a tad addicted to the Just Dance wii game.
It is pretty hilarious.
And clearly it is good exercise because I had a "dance off" of 3 songs the other day and
felt like I had run 3 miles.
Rediculous I tell ya.
So here is one chick.
and the other

and her feet...being cleaned by the dog that adores her...while she dances
see his tongue sticking out
so if you have a wii...and your kids like to dance
get the Just Dance game
So much fun

Just a couple more hours...12-24 that is...

So I am pouring sweat.  I have been hunched over my heat press for the good part of 2 hours.
I have a screaming headache and to top it all off...my husband decided to install snow leopard onto our
computer in hopes of it improving the computers functioning.
I think it gave my computer a big tummy ache.
I now want to punch my husband in the tummy and give him a tummy ache.
It's ok.  I can't post anything tonight anyways as I need some daylight to take pics:)
I do not even almost have it all done yet though...but I do have a couple more limited edition pcs that 
came out really really cute!  So come back tomorrow and check them out.
I promise to post on my blog when I list them.
In the mean time...check out these pics from Heather...a very good customer.
I love how girlie she made the heartbreaker tee.


Sorry...still waiting

Wow.  Where do the days keep going?
Not sure.
I have been told that I have peeps patiently waiting for the new spring items.
Just a couple more days.  I promise.
I had no intentions of it taking this long. None. But I should have lots to show you this week.

In the mean time all I have is a couple pics from today.
We had a nice day. It was my husband's birthday.
I will not confess to all I ate today because it would make you both jealous 
and nauseous. And since I am supposed to be low carbing it...I have alot
of work to make up for after today.
I have two chicks.  One wants to help with EVERYTHING....the other not so much.
This is the helper.  If you were building a fence she would want to help
...and she would be good at it. 
She also helped me make this.

However, while we were out today...we went here...and saw this cake...
we have never had a cake with fondant on it and since we are avid Cake Boss watchers...
my mom decided that we needed one.
So we had two cakes.

Oh and these...because they were so pretty:)
In my defense...I did only have one piece of chocolate cake.  And since I have not had alot
of chocolate lately...it was wayyyy too much chocolate...so I had no room for anything else.
But I do like to look at pretty things, so I may have to take my little chocolate ganache and laquer it and put it on a pretty plate.
Just jokes....I think.

Ohmy...my tummy hurts now.  But it was a nice day.

Another birthday being celebrated today is my dear friend Robin.
So please go to her shop and buy something to make her feel good:)


bad blogger baaaaaad

Where have I been?  Not sure.  Right here in fact.  Just not much to say or post this week I guess.
Did I plan on having all my spring stuff ready to post.
Why yes...yes I did.
Do I have it yet?
Nope.  Sure don't.
BUT.  I promise to make it good when it is ready to go...which I hope will be 
by the end of the weekend if not sooner.
Here is a hint of something to come...something I said would not be coming...but
I decided to do it anyways... and the hint is


See...now you can't be mad at me for not blogging:)

So since I have nothing good personally to show you...I will show someone elses pretties.
Things that I would like to decorate with...but have no money to do so:)
Like this chandelier which I find kinda cool.

Or this credenza...I love the colors
I am not a "modern" person at all...however I appreciate it and if
the Extreme Home Makeover people were to come and demolish my home
leaving me with a rectangular shaped funkified one...
I would gladly spend the rest of my days walking into cool pointy coffee tables.

Staying in the Valentines spirit...I am rather loving these hand printed tea towels .

And since I am starving at the moment.  
In my quest to rid my body of all evils...aka carbs...I am HUNGRY.
I have been doing so well.
I have managed to kick my starbucks habit.
I can even walk into a starbucks...buy the rest of the family something yummy 
and walk back out withOUT my 500 calorie green tea w/ rasp frappy.
BUT.  Tonight. I am hungry.
Apparently I have more control than I think however, since there are 3 fresh
boxes of samoas on the counter from our favorite girl guide and I have not touched them.
If they were a cupcake laced in purdy sprinkles...now that would be a different story.
So I leave you with this photo. Unfortunately I have no idea where I got it from which
means that I also have no idea how they managed this rainbow icing. 
All I know is that they are pretty.


And the winner-zzzz are...

So I did not think it was fair for me to change the rules in the middle of the contest.
First I said you had to guess what song.
Then I changed to just guess your best guess:)
So I have decided that there should be two winners.
My next problem however was getting my daughter to decide who wins.
The chick takes 10 minutes to pick between strawberry or chocolate milk.
Asking her to pick out of all the wonderful readers who had nothing but nice things
to say about her...that could take until the middle of May.
(I will say...you guys all rock, such nice words of encouragement...it did wonders for her confidence)
So I used an online random integer picker.
Here are the two winners
The first winner was choosen out of the 5 correct answers.
Yes it was Taylor Swift "You Belong with Me"
and that is 
Pookie Pot Pie!
The second winner was a random pick from all the answers and it is
Lisa Lee!
So both Pookie and Lisa...please email me at customerservice@paperlili.com
and let me know what item you would like from the site:)
Thanks everyone for playing.  It was fun.
I think I need to do more giveaways...so I will be on a hunt to find some fun stuff.
Maybe I can track down some of the goodies from my favorite things that I post (who do I think I am...Oprah??).
 Photos by Lyralyra


Contest time:)

Ok.  This may be super simple or totally impossible.
This video is my daughter playing guitar.
She is pretty good when noone is watching.
When I am standing there with a camera...she turns into a nutter.
Never the less...if you know what song she is playing...put your answer in the comments.
Saturday, I will let her pick from the correct answers (if there are any lol) and the winner will win...
any one item from my site.  
Yup.  Now is your chance to get a free My Kids Rock tee...or a pair of leggings.
Any one item:)
So listen carefully and put your best guess in the comments.

UPDATE:  Ok.  I am thinking this is going to be more impossible than simple.
However...when you know the song...it will be very obvious.
Never the less...I will let her pick from ALL the guesses, correct or not:)


Matilda Jane...Hammond Bay

I realize with the amount of "finds" or "favorites" I post on my blog you probably think I spend all day 
surfing the web...and/or shopping.
Truthfully I spend maybe half an hour a day. My surfing time is very limited.
Gone are the days of reading Perez:(  There was a time when I was very up to the moment with my gossip. Heck, I was one of the original readers of Lainey's weekly gossip email.  Now...all I know is what my US magazine tells me in the hour I spend rifling through it while waiting for my kids at tennis.  
My days are currently being spent whipping out bling as fast as I can.
Clearly this is a much more productive way for me to spend my time anyways.
So my surfing/shopping list is also very limited.
But one of my daily reads is always Denise.
And her new line just came out today.
I am not having an online trunk show this time.
I have no idea why I didn't because I actually really need a couple pieces.
Like this outfit.

And check out this picture from Lyra . Love it.
You can see her Matilda Jane slideshow here.

I love the tie:)

She and I need to do another "shoot" (she shoots...I watch in awe) soon.
Currently she is not happy with me because I am wishy-washy on doing a big
shin dig for my daughters birthday party.
I had big plans...and she wanted to shoot an over the top party.
It would have been over the top.
I have no time to plan it though.
Ahhhhgggg. Pressure.

On a different note...stay tuned because I am going to have a contest coming up.
A fun one...as soon as I figure out how to post it;)
Stay tuned.


Spring is in the air...

I have a TON of new Spring designs coming. 
I need new stuff to look at.  So I will be changing things up a bit.
No worries...the leggings will always be available.
So will my staples.
But I cannot make any guarantees on other items.
I do think/hope/wish you will like the new stuff.
I hope to roll it out in the next week or so. First I have to make it:)
Then take some pictures...but it will be fun and colorful...and springy.
I know.  Hard to  believe!

Now...what do you think of Miss Sofie!
I love these pictures so much.
Can you believe she has two equally as beautiful older sisters?
Well it isn't hard to believe when her mom is Miss Mika Beth!
Of course they are all beautiful.
Sigh...I hope her girls appreciate how many fabulous photos
they will have to look back on.  Everything Mika Beth shoots is canvas worthy.
I wonder if her walls are covered in canvas'...they had better be.
I am waiting for my tutorial from her on how to do hair.
Not only does she take the best pictures but she can do hair too!
Really really good hair.

Do you know how many times I have tried to do this hair?
I have even watched videos on youtube explaining how to do this hair.
I cannot do hair...and there is ALOT of hair in my house.
Never the less...good hair...great photos...BEAUTIFUL Sophie...Thank you Mika Beth
ps...Mika Beth...I think YOU should do a hair video for me...so I can post it:)
p.p.s  I am not kidding
Ah I thought for posting purposes I would show you what happened when I 
tried  (for the 1000th time) to do my hair.
If you knew me...you would realize that 95% of the time I am under a cap and my hair is in braids.
Sad I know...you don't have to tell me.
So here was a documented attempt at doing my hair.
Uh...ok...it may actually appear better in the photo than it did in person.

I just realized what a big forehead I have.
I think it is time to chop some bangs.
They really hide a multitude of sins.
Bangs do not really work on me without effort as I have very thin hair.
But.  They do take a good 10 years off when you have them.
I think.
Ok...one more picture...from the last time I chopped my bangs.
You decide. Yay or nay on the bangs?
(how the heck did this post just turn into a hair post?)

Ok.  Now I am cracking myself up because I just breezed through our "photo booth" and it is insane the amount of different hairdo's I have had (in a very short amount of time).
So since I rarely EVER post photos of myself.  Here ya go.
This literally is a span of my hair in the past 2 years.
First I had this...which was a total disaster...not only did it look horrid...but it was like a broom.
So I had to do this.
Chop and color...again. 
But really...what color is this? I think at that point I was just happy to have hair in my head still.

Look...I was trying the wave then as well.
The funniest thing about these pictures (other than my goofy face I seem to make) 
is that they are the only pictures, out of the 16,000+ pics on my computer...of me. Ha.

Wait...this doesn't even make sense to me.  Apparently I went back to that blonde again.
Ahhhh.  Whatever. You get the point.  My hair is a disaster now and my salon chick is very wealthy.
Plus I have alot of points at Ulta:)