And the winner-zzzz are...

So I did not think it was fair for me to change the rules in the middle of the contest.
First I said you had to guess what song.
Then I changed to just guess your best guess:)
So I have decided that there should be two winners.
My next problem however was getting my daughter to decide who wins.
The chick takes 10 minutes to pick between strawberry or chocolate milk.
Asking her to pick out of all the wonderful readers who had nothing but nice things
to say about her...that could take until the middle of May.
(I will say...you guys all rock, such nice words of encouragement...it did wonders for her confidence)
So I used an online random integer picker.
Here are the two winners
The first winner was choosen out of the 5 correct answers.
Yes it was Taylor Swift "You Belong with Me"
and that is 
Pookie Pot Pie!
The second winner was a random pick from all the answers and it is
Lisa Lee!
So both Pookie and Lisa...please email me at customerservice@paperlili.com
and let me know what item you would like from the site:)
Thanks everyone for playing.  It was fun.
I think I need to do more giveaways...so I will be on a hunt to find some fun stuff.
Maybe I can track down some of the goodies from my favorite things that I post (who do I think I am...Oprah??).
 Photos by Lyralyra


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I didnt play cuz I couldnt get the video to work on my OLD stupid Mac, but I bet it was awesome :D-I do however love those new pics of your daughter, they totally ROCK! She is so beautiful. Hopefully I can play in the next one. Have a great Valentines Day...I am loving watching the Olympics and today I am off to a Mardi Gras parade :D Yippee!!

Anonymous said...

your kids are gorgeous.
Love that she has more than one guitar. Congrats to the winners! :)
Happy V-day.


ps. i hope you got the coach bag you wanted. ;)